Roger Dubuis 520 Selection Of Extraordinary Beloved Timepieces, Fake Watches For Sale

Love is the company of the sun, moon, and stars; keep moving forward.

Love is the moment of falling in love at first sight; chase it bravely.

On the occasion of 520, Roger Dubuis, the extraordinary master of Geneva watchmaking, inherits exquisite traditional Swiss watchmaking skills, integrates pioneering modern three-dimensional design, and always adheres to the watchmaking concept of bold innovation and subversion of conventions to select the favorites on the wrist. The gift freezes the moment of love and interprets the true meaning of love.

Love is unburdened, but it protects with perseverance.

Love is a light companionship that does not need to be burdened and is a steadfast waiting in the years. The two watches are made of grade 5 titanium. They are slim in appearance, comfortable to wear, and versatile. This space-age metal is 33% lighter than stainless steel and is known for its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. It is naturally soft and hypoallergenic, maintaining high corrosion resistance and anti-magnetic properties. The brand’s iconic five-pointed star element floats freely above the barrel. The classic hollow design deepens the sense of perspective and depth, creating a three-dimensional architectural beauty. The King series single-flying tourbillon titanium alloy watch is equipped with the RD512SQ manual winding movement, composed of 194 parts. The single flying tourbillon is located at 7 o’clock; the King series interstellar hollow titanium alloy bracelet watch is equipped with the RD720SQ automatic winding machine. The core consists of 178 parts and has a built-in micro-oscillating weight. Fake watches for sale.

King Series Single Flying Tourbillon Titanium Alloy Watch (left) King Series Interstellar Skeleton Titanium Alloy Watch (right)

Love is the dazzling sparkle of love at first sight.

Love, like the light when we first meet, instantly lights up each other’s world. The King Series Single Flying Tourbillon Watch has the RD505SQ manual winding movement, consisting of 179 parts. Both timepieces comprise 179 parts, and the iconic single-flying tourbillon brings excellent performance to the watch. The black alligator leather strap model is set with 384 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 4.2 carats); the white alligator leather strap model is set with 589 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 5.2 carats). The black and white colors echo each other and are matched with white gold. The watch case is shining and moving forward in tacit understanding. Rolex replicas for sale.

King Series Single Flying Tourbillon Watch

Love is watching the stars and sunrise together.

Love is the morning light and night sky that I chase with you. Every moment is full of hopes and dreams. The King Series Meteor Single Flying Tourbillon Watch is equipped with the RD510SQ movement, comprising 179 parts. On the rose gold case, 60 round-cut diamonds shine brightly, paired with a red crocodile leather strap, like a passionate flame of love jumping between the wrists. The King series double-flying tourbillon Rising Sun Oriental watch is equipped with the RD108SQ movement, composed of 319 parts. It is equipped with two flying tourbillons connected by a differential, which can provide a 72-hour power reserve. The watch is inlaid with 108 gems, each of which has been cut in a protracted step-shaped manner with ultra-high precision, and is arranged in the gradient color of morning glow around the timepiece, shining with colorful colors.

King Series Meteor Single Flying Tourbillon Watch (left) King Series Double Flying Tourbillon Rising Sun Oriental Watch (right)

With the arrival of 520, the extraordinary watchmaker Roger Dubuis witnesses his passionate love with the remarkable tourbillon master, freeing the dazzling moment on the wrist!

Longines 520 Heartbeat Selection, The Best Replica Watches In The World

Love is the moment when the heart beats, and it is also the moment when it is put into action. In the mountains, by the sea, and in the city, love stories are happening all the time. 520 is coming; express your love right now. Longines has selected a variety of watches for couples to listen to lovers’ chatter and witness the moment of action for love. The best replica watches in the world.

The green fields are abundant, the vegetation is spreading, and love is thriving like fresh green, bursting out with infinite energy and vitality. With its sunny green dial, the Longines Concas series Yuedong watch interprets the brightness and freedom of “mountain” lovers. A touch of healing green releases fresh vitality on the wrist, like love that lasts forever. The silver-plated hands are fresh and bright, complementing the stainless steel bracelet, proving that lovers have a tacit understanding and resonate at the same frequency. This watch is not just a timepiece; it symbolizes your emotional connection and a reminder of your love that lasts forever.

Walk hand in hand with your lover on the beach, feel the ebb and flow of the tide, and listen to the waves. Telling your feelings in front of the clear and vast sea, the two hearts are infinitely close. The blue dial of the Concas series Yuedong watch is like a deep ocean, containing the eternal love of “sea” lovers. The diamond hour markers are dazzling, like the crystal floating light flashing on the sparkling sea, reflecting tender thoughts. 

The flowing sea of city lights interweaves the beautiful feelings of “city” lovers. They work hand in hand in the bustling city, independent and symbiotic. The precise and agile blue steel hands outline her elegance and wisdom. The Pioneer series Zulu time watch, equipped with an exclusive self-winding movement and supporting multi-time zone display, is a testament to the versatility of our fake watches. Let love transcend time and space and connect hearts while having a practical and stylish timepiece on your wrist.

BVLGARI Presents The New OCTO FINISSIMO ULTRA Watch, A top Replica watch

BVLGARI has launched the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory certified watch, setting a new benchmark in advanced mechanical watchmaking. This tripod-carrying masterpiece is only 1.70 mm thick, even thinner than a coin. It is a pioneering work in mechanical watches resistant to shocks and magnetic field interference and thoroughly explains Bvlgari’s bold spirit and determined pursuit of breakthrough innovation.

Ultra-thin new realm

With a thickness of 1.70 mm, the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory-certified watch set the ninth ultra-thin watch record, introducing a new standard for the watchmaking industry. The new Octo Finissimo Ultra watch is not only the slimmest mechanical watch created by Bulgari but also sets a benchmark for ultra-thin design for precision timepieces certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer (COSC). This landmark work reflects Bulgari’s excellent watchmaking philosophy, demonstrates the brand’s firm belief in challenging the boundaries of traditional fine watchmaking and redefining watch design, and shows its abilibrand’sabilibrand’snterpret profound craft heritage with modern techniques. Great strength. The slim shape of this watch is immediately apparent, leaving people in awe and thinking about the innovative process of turning bold ideas into reality. Top replica watch.

Setting a new record for the brand’s ultrabrand’satches is challenging. Bulgari’s R&DBulgari’sds to overcome various problems. The first challenge is ensuring the watch’s durability while pursuing an ultra-thin shape. Following the traditional watchmaking concept, a mechanical watch will no longer be guaranteed to be developed that refreshes the brand’s ultrabrand record. Therefore, Bulgari had to break the rules and start from scratch.

In 2022, Bulgari will release the Octo Finissimo Ultra watch with a thickness of only 1.80 mm. This is the crystallization of the brand’s keen brandbrandbrand’sion. This achievement boosted Bulgari’s conBulgari’sndhe brand to acbrand’suambitbrand’sachieve. To this end, Bulgari’s R&DBulgari’s R&DBulgari’sntith Concepto (an expert in developing complex mechanical devices) will create a new, slimmer watch. Just like a sprinter who wants to set a new personal record, every bit of progress requires exponential efforts. It has again surpassed itself based on pioneering achievements, demonstrating Bulgari’s strength, fiBulgari’s, innBulgari’strengthr. Antoine Pin, Managing Director of Bulgari’s WatBulgari’sment, said: Bulgari’sgWatBulgari’sment’snt, th” OctBulgari’ “mR&DBulgari’snttches is not only a challenging project but also provides a broad scope for design innovation. Space. The birth of this new product marks the ninth time our engineers, watchmakers, and designers have challenged the laws of physics and successfully created a slimmer and more complex timepiece. This demonstrates Bulgari’s proBulgari’sftsmanship. Bulgari’shproBulgari’sftsmanshipso reflects our brand DNA of constantly pursuing breakthroughs. Adhering to the enterprising spirit, Bulgari is determined to move forward and continues to create masterpieces that surprise the world with its exquisite watchmaking art. Swiss replica watches store.

The exquisite art of watchmaking

Because the Octo Finissimo Ultra watch has set an unsurpassed brand record in terms of movement thinness, the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory certified watch can only present an even slimmer appearance by optimizing the sapphire glass mirror and re-creating the case. Thin exterior styling. Bulgari engineers patiently tried repeatedly, finally reducing the watch’s thickness by 0.1 mm. With significant breakthroughs, the watch has again set a new record for the brand’s ultrabrand’satches.

Ibrand’s ultrabrand’satchesre, the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory certified watch, uses the back of the watch as the main board, integrating 170 components of the brand’s self-brand 180 manual brand. A 1/10-micron optical measurement system rigorously screens these components to ensure accurate dimensions, pushing precision watchmaking skills to a higher level. In addition, to make full use of the entire watch surface, the hour and minute dials, escapement mechanism, and large-sized barrel ensuring a 50-hour power reserve have been cleverly designed, breaking the circular shape of the traditional bezel and presenting a unique outline shape.

Two years ago, the Octo Finissimo Ultra watch opened the door to a new virtual and connected world for contemporary fine watchmaking. Customers can still get this watch by placing a particular order. The QR code engraved on the ratchet wheel has been transformed into a miniature data matrix containing all the watch’s relevant data, inviting ywatch’smbark on a personal and exclusive Bulgari exploration journey. By browsing pictures and videos, wearers can understand Bulgari’s pursuit of Bulgari’seBulgari’s perBulgari’s exquisite skills and ingenuity of the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Chronometer Certified watch.

The gift box is also an indispensable and essential part of the watch. Bulgari has launched an exclusive gift box for the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory certified watch, providing owners a refreshing setting and winding experience. Users looking forward to breaking through the traditional adjustment method can place the watch in an exclusive gift box equipped with a digital display, set the time, and press a button to start the setting process. In just a few seconds, the watch can complete the time setting and winding operations, and the accuracy of the entire operation is quite excellent, just like having a “home watchman” er.”

The Octo “pianissimo Ult” and S” is an Official observatory-certified watch (104081) that can be called a landmark masterpiece in watchmaking history. Twenty pieces will be specially issued.

Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, said: “The Octo Fin” ssimo Ultra Swiss O” facial Obser” story-certified watch successfully breaks the shackles of the laws of physics, and more importantly, it is exquisitely crafted. The spiritual power and profound connotation contained in the unique mechanical structure fully interpret the essence of the Bulgari brand, which makes us proud to constantly seek breakthroughs, unleash our creativity, and pursue more outstanding, reliable quality, powerful performance, and elegant style. , this is an inexhaustible driving force for us to move forward.”

Bulgari”OCTO FINISSIMO ULTR” platinum wa “ch

The case, dial, and bracelet of the Octo Finissimo series are all made of ultra-light titanium. This has become the series’ iconic aesthetic feature and has helped it continue to refresh the brand’ ssrecorbrand’ sltra-thinnwatbrand’ sirecorbrand’ sltra-thinternationalinternational awards in twelve years.

Following the launch of the first Octo Finissimo Ultra watch made of titanium in 2022, Bulgari has once again reached its peak and reinterpreted the Octo Finissimo Ultra watch in platinum. Due to platinum and its thickness, which requires creating thin dimensions, it is self-evident that this precious metal is complicated to manufacture and process.

The new Octo Finissimo Ultra platinum watch is made of 950 platinum. The middle case and bezel are satin-finished, polished, and sandblasted, and the case back (mainboard) is made of tungsten carbide. The bracelet is also made of platinum and has been satin-finished and polished. The integrated clasp is made of titanium to ensure reliability (tested 5,000 times). In addition, the new watch is equipped with the brand’s self-brand 180 movements. The brand’s self-brand Ls of the watch is only 1.80 mm, a pioneering initiative among platinum watches.

The Octo Finissimo Ultra platinum watch (103832) will be produced in a special edition of 20 pieces.

IWC Watch Recommendations, Cheap Replica Watches Under Dollar50

Time moves forward, day and night cycles forever, and human emotions never stop. In the vast universe, every planet has its unique trajectory. In the watch world of watchmaking engineers, every gear also has its distinctive rhythm. Love always has traces to follow in the vastness of time and space.

If you look for the reason behind love taking root and sprouting, it is probably the mutual attraction of harmony but difference. In the solar system, the moon is the only satellite of the Earth. It revolves around the world Earth, and the Earth also changes due to the moon’s gravity. The gravitational interaction keeps the Earth and the Moon aligned and brings us closer to each other. The new dune gold dial is paired with the iconic vertical layout of the Portuguese series chronograph watch. A long-term balanced love can move forward separately and adjust the rhythm for each other; the sun and moon golden light of the Portofino day and night display automatic watch reciprocates. Every moment you fall in love is warm and beautiful. Cheap replica watches under dollar50.

(Left) Portuguese series chronograph watch (model: IW371624)

(Right) Portofino Day and Night Display Automatic Watch 34 (Model: IW459801)

If the exploration of love is the problem, everyone is looking for a way to solve it. In the orbit of your star, in the constant rotation, find mutual attraction and bonding that resonate at the same frequency. IWC’s “Portuguese Seven” ultra-long 7-day power reserve is paired with a new silver-moon white dial. Long-term companionship and solid reliability are the answers given by IWC engineers; the Portofino automatic day and night display function at 6 o’clock is paired with 60 diamonds. , the eternity and fearlessness reflect each other’s heartbeats over a long period. Replica watches for sale.

(Left) Portuguese series automatic watch 42 (model: IW501702)

(Right) Portofino Day and Night Display Automatic Watch 34 (Model: IW659801)

If love could be described concretely, it would shine like the stars and the moon. In the universe, where stars are shifting, every star seen by the naked eye was the light emitted hundreds of millions of years ago. The same is true for love. Time can erase a lot, but feelings can span time and space. The moon phase display at noon on the Portofino Automatic Moon Phase Watch is paired with 72 brilliant diamonds. The gold hour markers on the Portugieser Series Automatic Watch 42 are paired with a carefully carved disk design. It is an excellent fusion of aesthetics and performance. A romantic microcosm of the universe that belongs to all nations.

(Left) Portuguese series automatic watch 42 (model: IW501701)

(Right) Portofino Moon Phase Automatic Watch 37 (Model: IW659601)

Like the world on the wrist that moves every second, love is the eternal universe. We look up at the stars together and record time together.

Ingenuity Legend Series Opus 14 Watch, Replica Watches For Sale

Continuing the glorious history of Harry Winston’s legendary Opus series, the new Opus 14 watch draws design inspiration from the classic image of the 1950s – the jukebox.

The legendary Opus series is a humanistic journey that began in 2001. This series cooperates with many top independent watchmakers to create new timepieces that subvert the laws of innovation and the way of reading time. Harry Winston would like to share its outstanding watch masterpieces with passionate collectors.

In 2015, Harry Winston wrote the fourteenth chapter of this watchmaking legend. The brand cooperates with two forward-looking watchmakers, Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin, and continues to expand the infinite possibilities of the art of watchmaking with their genius and whimsy. We started from scratch and designed this original new timepiece: Opus 14. Replica watches for sale.

The Opus 14 watch in the legendary ingenuity series combines exquisite and innovative mechanical mechanisms with an exciting and unique design. The design of this new product and its complex automatic mechanism are borrowed from the jukebox, and the mechanical mechanism of the jukebox is miniaturized. Every detail shows the soul of the Opus 14 watch:

  • The exquisite local time display dial at 9 o’clock
  • The decorative details like vinyl record texture on the edges of each dial
  • The two-color badge with the number “14.”
  • The red retrograde minutes

Curved dials, unique blue hour markers, and so on. These elements evoke memories of the rock and roll era, the iconic aesthetic design of nostalgic American drive-in restaurants, and the legendary Route 66 plot. This spirit is also reflected in the shape of the case, whose design is also inspired by the jukebox.

Harry Winston patented the unprecedented miniature jukebox mechanism. This mechanism has four display panels in the function library, each with a function display: local time, GMT, date, and a five-pointed star signed by Mr. Harry Winston, just like the star mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Activate the selector button at 9 o’clock on the left side of the watch case to select the display panel that needs to be adjusted. This action moves the entire library up or down, freeing the display’s chosen disk. When the button at 4 o’clock is pressed for the first time, an arm extracts the selected display disc and places it in the function reading area. The local time (or home time) display is always at 9 o’clock, while the GMT, date, or five-pointed star display is displayed in this area according to selection. Once the display panel is in place, pressing the button again will reactivate the arm, and the display panel will be placed back into the functional library. Watch replicas.

This movement follows the genes of the legendary Opus series and is a unique mechanism of Harry Winston. Its sophistication lies in its two independent power reserves. One group displays the time, with a power reserve of up to 68 hours; the other group provides power for the movable device, ensuring that the display panel can rotate back and forth up to five times. The power reserve devices are separated and operate independently, but only the exact winding mechanism can replenish their power. In addition, the date and GMT can be corrected through the interlude pusher at noon.

The Ingenuity Legend Series Opus 14 watch is composed of 1066 parts and is limited to 50 pieces. It adds another masterpiece to the Opus legendary timepiece series.

Bell & Ross Launches Br 03 Cyber Ceramic Watch, Swiss Replica Watches

Time passes, connecting the present and the future. Bell & Ross’ new BR 03 Cyber Ceramic watch uses a new design to illustrate the watchmaking concept that spans the future.

New era watch

In the more than 30 years since its establishment, Bell & Ross has developed professional timepieces inspired by aviation flight instruments and established a unique forward-looking technology and aesthetic style. The BR 03 CYBER series is positioned with the elegant style of the new era and broadens the boundaries of watchmaking concepts. The new series BR 03 Cyber Ceramic is a model for the brand to express future watchmaking concepts. Swiss replica watches.

Avant-garde inspiration

Design is the foundation for building the future. The physical transformation of artifacts and the designers’ thoughts represent the birth of new perspectives. Bell&Ross designers and watchmakers set a new goal to change the design of the classic BR 03 without distorting the original character of the series. The watchmaking team did not draw lessons from the traditional watchmaking field but combined the BR 03 with the distinctive futuristic style of the Cyber series. Bell & Ross co-founder and creative director Bruno Belamich emphasized using 3D design to interpret futuristic concepts: “The theme developed by the watchmaking team is to rethink the relationship between people and speed, sound and light.”


The case outline is an integral part of shaping the watch’s personality. The unique temperament of BR 03 Cyber Ceramic comes from the three-dimensional faceted shape of the case, which is reminiscent of the fuselage of a stealth fighter. The latter’s unique appearance reduces radar reflection, which is avoided by spy planes, drones, and strategic bombers. The principle of radar detection. Bell & Ross drew inspiration from stealth fighter jets and used an avant-garde approach to interpret flight instruments’ clear and easy-to-read characteristics. It further adopted the design of an open-face dial and a three-dimensional hollow BR-CAL.383 self-winding movement. Bell and ross replica.

Bruno Belamich explained: “The three-dimensional faceted shape has the shadow of digital art. By freezing the digital image, you can see the pixels that make up the image.”

Matt black: high-tech nature

The BR 03 Cyber Ceramic watch has an outstanding design. Its matte black appearance is low-key but eye-catching. It replaces the precious metals commonly used in the traditional watchmaking industry. The 42 x 43.7 mm case is made of high-tech ceramics. The production of high-tech ceramics involves very complex high-temperature firing technology. The materials are lightweight, have high hardness, and have high wear resistance. Bruno Belamich explained: “The case and parts are polished with diamond powder, just like jewelers polishing and cutting precious stones. In order to create a simple and pure style, the designer removed the lugs and directly embedded the rubber straps on both sides of the case. “In addition, 12 bright black metal hour markers and logos are set inside the anti-glare sapphire glass.

The BR 03 Cyber Ceramic has a three-dimensional and avant-garde silhouette. It is equipped with a high-quality homemade movement and is full of luxury watch styles. Bell & Ross provides a 5-year warranty for this new model.


Swiss Mido Helmsman Series Millennium Replica Watch

Swiss Mido Watch launches a new MULTIFORT Helmsman Series Millennium Watch model, interpreting this robust sports-style watch in a new glacier blue color scheme. The ice blue dial is set off by the gleaming stainless steel material and Super-LumiNova luminous coating, reflecting the dazzling light of the glacier. The dial shows the polar scenery of thousands of miles of ice as if the extreme cold has frozen time.

The new Helmsman Series Millennium Watch: Glacier Blue has excellent shock resistance and waterproof and anti-magnetic properties. It is durable and reliable and can adapt to various environmental changes. The unique ice-blue dial shines dazzlingly against the stainless steel case and strap. The gradient dial is decorated with vertical mercerized polished patterns, echoing the iconic Côtes de Genève element of the Helmsman series, paying tribute to this classic watch launched in 1934. Table series. The hands and scales of the new watch are treated with Super-LumiNova white luminous coating, which can emit blue-green luminous light in dim environments, ensuring clear reading at all times. At the same time, this replica watch is equipped with Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement equipped with Nivachron hairspring, which can store kinetic energy for up to 80 hours, showing excellent accuracy and watchmaking skills, allowing the new timepiece to easily control various sports and urban scenes, with pure The elegant appearance suits the style of an urban adventurer.

Glacier secrets, the beauty of details

The Helmsman Series Millennium Watch: Glacier Blue uses an ice blue dial, supplemented by a subtle and delicate gradient effect and vertical mercerized polishing patterns, showing a shining light like condensed frost, showing a bold and fearless demeanor. The new timepiece’s dial design is straightforward and easy to read. The scales and double-sided three-dimensional hands are treated with Super-LumiNova white luminous coating, which can emit blue-green light in dim environments at night, increasing nighttime readability and giving people an aurora. Excellent association of beautiful scenery. The double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire glass protects the delicate dial. The date and day window is located at 3 o’clock on the dial. The black minute scale ring and the blue flange subtly contrast to ensure accurate reading.

The new watch is equipped with a stainless steel case and bracelet, which is solid and durable, protecting the wearer’s adventure moments of sports adventure and self-challenge. The dazzling stainless steel is alternately mercerized and polished, creating a fascinating and clever light and shadow effect, showing an elegant and sporty style. Imitation watches.

Accurate and efficient

With a precise and powerful core to cope with various adventure challenges, the new Helmsman Series Millennium Watch – Glacier Blue uses the brand’s iconic Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement and is equipped with a new generation of high-tech Nivachron hairspring to ensure excellent performance; the automatic oscillating weight is decorated with Classic Côtes de Genève, which can be observed through the transparent backing. Thanks to kinetic energy storage of up to 80 hours, the Swiss Mido Helmsman Series Millennium Watch provides a strong guarantee for every exciting adventure.

Swiss Mido uses this work to demonstrate the brand’s excellent watchmaking skills by giving the Helmsman Series Millennium Watch an eye-catching glacier blue tone that combines sportiness, precision, and durability.

Glashütte Original Serenade Moon Phase Watch, Replicas Watch China

Recently, German high-end watch brand Glashütte Original and Chinese contemporary luxury brand ANEST COLLECTIVE jointly held a spring new product appreciation event in Shanghai. The newly launched Serenade Luna serenade moon phase watch complements each other with the ANEST COLLECTIVE 2024 spring and summer series, vividly interpreting the confident style of modern women and composing a new movement of textured aesthetics. Many Shanghai media and guests were invited to attend and gathered together to play a wonderful spring overture and explore the original power of timeless classics. Replicas watch china.

Glashütte Original New Serenade Moon Phase Watch

Colorful, original masterpieces

Bold and confident, the charm is irresistible. Glashütte’s original new Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase watch draws inspiration from the diverse identities of modern women, creating a magnificent masterpiece and playing an eclectic overture. They are infinitely charming and come in different shapes and colors: noisy and quiet, gentle and firm, rebellious and creative; their identities can be switched freely, and each side has a distinct personality. Replica Rolex watches.

Glashütte Original Serenade Moon Phase Watch

The Serenade Luna moon phase watch is made of exquisite materials and equipped with an original self-winding movement that is independently designed and produced by the brand. It is timeless and perfectly interprets the beauty of modern women both internally and externally. Such a dazzling but low-key original masterpiece, with its exquisite and slim size and exciting and intelligent details, interprets the unique temperament of modern women. They will not only enjoy the feeling of standing in the spotlight but also be happy to witness the brilliance of others. Time.

Glashütte Original Serenade Moon Phase Watch

The Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase watch is launched in four distinctive styles, each of which is unique. All models have a 32.5 mm diameter dial, radiant diamond hour markers, and a modern and precise moon phase display. Two stainless steel models are equipped with mother-of-pearl dials: one has a simple and pure style, while the other is dazzling with brilliant diamonds on the bezel and crown. The third model is also made of stainless steel and has a blue dial decorated with sunburst patterns that sparkle. The fourth watch is red 18K gold, with a gold-green dial, which is dazzling and dreamlike. The bezel and crown of this watch are also inlaid with diamonds, showing its calm and elegant temperament. The straps are all equipped with a quick-release mechanism, making replacement quick and convenient. The stainless steel watch can also be fitted with a sleek metal chain strap, which shows your extraordinary taste.

Timeless style: reinventing luxury

Using subversive tailoring, ANEST COLLECTIVE thoughtfully integrates artistic context to infuse each fashion piece with refined elegance and sculptural structure. The brand adheres to an uncompromising spirit, transcends the boundaries of fashion trends with its exquisite fabrics and impeccable Italian craftsmanship, presents pure and timeless style silhouettes, reshapes the definition of contemporary luxury, and brings modern women’s daily wear Infinite inspiration.

She has a unique taste, is confident and independent, and has always liked unique materials, details, and timeless classics.

She listens to her heart, breaks boundaries with personality and boldness, stands out, and becomes a better version of herself.

With the same passion, Glashütte Original and ANEST COLLECTIVE, adhering to “original aesthetics” and the unremitting pursuit of “extreme craftsmanship,” are a perfect match. Glashütte Original and ANEST COLLECTIVE jointly present an excellent watch and fashion-tasting event to explore texture aesthetics this spring. A new chapter.

Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase Watch, Replica Designer Watches

The charm of modern women comes in different shapes and colors: noisy and quiet, gentle and strong, rebellious and creative… Their identities can be switched freely, each side has a distinctive personality, and their charm is irresistible. Today, Glashütte Original draws inspiration from women’s diverse identities to launch a new timepiece. The Serenade Luna moon phase watch is a mechanical masterpiece specially created for urban women who are bold and confident and take control of their destinies. It perfectly interprets the beauty of modern women both internally and externally. The new watch is made of exquisite materials and equipped with an original self-winding movement that is independently designed and produced by the brand. It will last forever and stay with you forever.

Source of inspiration: women’s diverse identities

Modern women and their diverse identities inspire the Serenade Luna moon phase watch. They are always the crowd’s focus wherever they go and know how to dance between light and shadow. They enjoy being in the spotlight, but they also enjoy witnessing others’ shining moments. For them, passion is the source of power in life, and intuition is the guiding light for moving forward. They are always mysterious: no one knows what their next move will be or what side of themselves they will reveal to the world. It is this sense of mystery that makes them more attractive and irresistible. Replica designer watches.

Innovative concept: giving contemporary watchmaking art the power of personality

The Saxon watchmaking factory demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship through the Serenade Luna Moon Phase watch. The innovation of the new watch has been implemented throughout, and it stands out with its outstanding accuracy, ease of use, and reliability, just like a delicate piece of jewelry. The brand’s watchmakers and designers used rare materials to create a dazzling but low-key original masterpiece. It interprets the unique temperament of modern women with its exquisite and slim size and exciting and intelligent details.

Original design: colorful

The Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase watch is launched in four distinctive styles, each of which is unique. All models have a 32.5 mm diameter dial, radiant diamond hour markers, and a modern moon phase display. Two stainless steel swiss models are equipped with mother-of-pearl dials: one has a simple and pure style, while the other is dazzling with brilliant diamonds on the bezel and crown. The third model is also made of stainless steel and has a blue dial decorated with sunburst patterns that sparkle. The fourth watch is red 18K gold, with a gold-green dial, which is dazzling and dreamlike. The bezel and crown of this watch are also inlaid with diamonds, showing its calm and elegant temperament. The straps are all equipped with a quick-release mechanism, making replacement quick and convenient. The stainless steel watch can also be fitted with a sleek metal chain strap, which shows your extraordinary taste.

Complications: ingenuity

The moon phase is recognized as one of the most beautiful features in watchmaking. As one of Glashütte’s original features, the moon phase will be the eye-catcher in this latest watch. The moon phase display is on the lower edge of the dial and is presented as a thin circular frame opening: a radiant mother-of-pearl moon rising in a star-studded night sky. The power of the moon phase display comes from Glashütte’s original self-winding movement, which was specially designed for this watch and meets all the requirements of contemporary mechanical watches. The exquisite decoration can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass case back and will be passed down forever.

Product family: specially designed for modern women

The newly released Serenade Luna serenade moon phase watch is a new member of Glashütte’s original and highly sought-after eccentric moon phase women’s watch and serenade watch family. It shows the ever-changing female style in an eclectic way. Glashütte Original has continued to enrich its exquisite women’s mechanical watch products. The new watch is handcrafted by watchmakers at the brand’s watchmaking factory in Glashütte, with infinite style and irresistible charm.

The Serenade Luna moon phase watch will be available in Glashütte original stores and authorized dealers worldwide starting in March 2024.

Explore The Journey Of Time With Watch Lovers, Best Replica Websites

As a popular watch series, the Heritage BiCompax Annual series is a symbol of excellent technology and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. It has long become a model of the glorious history of Carl F. BUCHERER. The latest 2024 Heritage BiCompax Annual Calendar Double The Heritage BiCompax Annual is a reinterpretation of Bucherer’s historical works dating back to the 1950s. As an original clock, the original carried the design features of the pioneering spirit of the time. The new model retains the original’s core aesthetic design concepts and functions, with multiple dial colors and strap styles tailor-made for players who prefer modern design.

New Heritage BiCompax Annual

Balance between old and new

The latest Heritage BiCompax Annual retains the characteristics cherished by watch enthusiasts when the series was first launched in 2019. It pays tribute to the unique design of the 1950s and affirms Bucherer’s past achievements and ambitions. Its exquisite mechanical and timing functions reflect early craftsmanship. Best replica websites.

The Heritage BiCompax Annual is designed to create a watch suitable for any daily scene. The retro atmosphere blends with modern design elements. The 41 mm stainless steel case with a new silver-gray dial makes the appearance more eye-catching and lighter and perfectly matches the two new straps (both straps are provided with the watch). Well-versed in low-key design, the stainless steel wristband presents a smooth aesthetic, and the light gray “suede” strap conveys a sense of luxury. The straps are all designed to be quick-release, improving the practicality and convenience of the watch.

New Heritage BiCompax Annual

Practicality and precision performance

The Heritage BiCompax Annual uses the BiCompax dial of its retro predecessor: two symmetrically arranged timers are distributed on the horizontal central axis: the stopwatch timer is located at 3 o’clock, and the 30-minute minute timer is located at 9 o’clock. The dial frame is equipped with a tachymeter scale for measuring average speed. Rolex replicas for sale.

As its name suggests, the Heritage BiCompax Annual has an annual calendar and an extensive calendar function. The date must only be adjusted once a year, and the significant date information is easy to read. The watch uses the CFB 1972 self-winding chronograph movement, which has a 42-hour power reserve and is waterproof to 3 bar (30 meters deep). It reflects how modern watchmaking technology can cope with the increasingly strict modern life.

New Heritage BiCompax Annual

Heritage Series

The Bucherer Heritage Series watches reinterpret and upgrade past classic watches. They review, reimagine, and design significant technological developments, complex functions, and aesthetic designs based on current taste changes and lifestyle needs.

The latest Heritage BiCompax Annual is limited to 888 pieces worldwide, representing Bucherer’s outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship and highly modern design style over its glorious past of over 135 years. In today’s fast-paced digital world, watches remind the wearer to explore time in life’s journey and feel the changes in traditional humanities.

Rado Swiss Radar Watch Selection Timepiece Tribute To Goddess Day, Best Fake Watches

Minutes change, and spring swirls on “Goddess’ Day.” The Rado Swiss radar watch specially released the True Round series hollow mechanical watch, “Core Movement Colorful” limited edition, with a unique meaning to bless the power of contemporary women, as a special tribute to Goddess’ Day. The new watch is presented through a unique gradient dial. It is limited to 888 pieces worldwide and will be unveiled on all channels on Goddess Day. There are also two selected Goddess’ Day watches displayed ingeniously.

Accurate Round True Series Skeleton Mechanical Watch “Core Color” Limited Edition

Promote good luck and a dazzling appearance.

Never following the crowd, the True Round hollow mechanical watch “Core Movement Color” limited edition shows its dazzling appearance and is the best choice for contemporary, high-quality women. The meaningful “8” hollow design on the dial is eye-catching and conveys the infinite longing for a better life. Give it to the “goddess” who pays excellent attention to meaning, and bless the auspicious “core” luck this year. The unique gradient sapphire glass makes the dial sturdy and wear-resistant, making it a stress-free commuter watch while visually displaying dazzling colors. One-piece polished white high-tech ceramic case and crown, and titanium case back with unique engraving: limited edition of 888 pieces (LIMITED EDITION ONE OUT OF 888), showing ingenuity in details and suitable for collection. Excellent choice. The rose gold bevel and gray printed minute ring make the watch more distinct. The exquisite time scales covered with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating and the rose gold swing anchor logo are in sharp visual contrast with the white sunray dial. It is like a multi-faceted display of contemporary female postures, releasing an exclusive aesthetic. Memory point. Best fake watches.

Accurate Round True Series Skeleton Mechanical Watch “Core Color” Limited Edition

Be calm and fearless, and move forward boldly.

Contemporary women have no limitations. As time goes by, “she” remains brave. The Captain Cook series designer collaboration watch “Golden Rainbow Cook” helps women grow as they please. Eight gemstones are sparkling and colorful, decorating the dial, highlighting the power of bold women; the golden metal hour markers and numbers echo the polished gold PVD-coated case and bezel, and the white high-tech ceramic lining is in line with the dial; extremely original The distinctive second hand is presented in the image of a pulsating heartbeat, bringing infinite vitality during circulation; combining avant-garde style and pragmatism, “Golden Rainbow Cook” accompanies the extraordinary “goddess” running in the spring. Swiss replica website.

Captain Cook Captain Cook, a series designer collaboration, watches “Golden Rainbow Cook.”

A combination of strength and softness, true self-advocacy

Free and pure, with imagination in mind, “she” enjoys life with a casual attitude. The True Square series “White Square” open-core mechanical watch reveals the true power of women. As the brand’s first square watch with a one-piece high-tech ceramic case, the True Square series shows the unique beauty of balance between round and square, rigid and soft. The 12 Wesselton diamonds on the scale are particularly eye-catching, capturing the hearts of the Yuejili people in one fell swoop. Through the continuous exploration of balance between the outer and inner aspects of female identity, whether returning to the family or traveling around the city, the True Square series of open-core “white square” watches encourage women to pursue true beauty.

True Square series open core “White Square” mechanical watch

Attitude is the foundation of women’s freedom. Taking the opportunity as an excuse, Rado Swiss Radar Watch presents contemporary women on Women’s Day and sells a limited edition of 888 pieces of the True Round series hollow mechanical watch “Core and Colorful” to help good luck every day and witness it. Move forward with courage.

Greenwich In The 1980s, Fake Gold Watches

The third model of GMT-MASTER, Ref.16750, came out around 1980. Compared with the previous model, Ref.1675, there is little change in design. It is more convenient and precise than the last movement, Cal.1570. All have been greatly improved. Structurally, Cal.3075 is based on the Cal.3035 movement with a date function and adds a GMT function that can display two different time zones through a 24-hour pointer. The movement also has a quick calendar change function, significantly improving theity and waterproof performance from 50m to 100m. When the watch first came out, the dial used what was commonly known as “frameless” hour markers, which were coated with luminous paint, but this was soon changed to what is widely known as “framed” hour markers with a metal frame. Compared with the fourth model produced later, Ref. 16700, the watch mirror was changed to sapphire, which has a more antique flavor and is more popular. Fake gold watches.

It was launched around 1980 and ended around 1988. Today, we introduce the frameless Ref. 16750 from 1982, which is also in excellent condition. The hour markers on the dial have faded beautifully to cream, and the dial shows no signs of corrosion or peeling. The hands also faded to a cream color, and the 24-hour hand was corrupted, but it was not obvious overall and did not affect regular use. The bezel’s color still maintains its original color, there are very few overall scars, and the metal outer ring is as clear-cut as before. The case looks the same as before, but unfortunately, it is not unpolished. The bracelet number is 580, the bracelet number is 78360, and the buckle number is G, which means it is genuine and the year is correct. Such a good watch is rare but hard to find. Replica watches.

You can tell from the paper guarantee that it is an antique watch from Japan, but surprisingly, even the other original accessories have been preserved. Japanese warranty, box, instruction manual, Japanese version instruction manual, observatory certification label. In addition, the manual is also dated 1982, and the model number sticker on the box is also clearly visible. What I share above should be in good condition, and I hope it can be of some reference value to everyone.

Piaget Polo 79 Watch, Best Replica Watches Review

In 1979, Piaget vividly interpreted the spirit of the 1980s with an exquisite watch masterpiece. Today, this classic watch is reborn as a tribute to Piaget’s 150th anniversary.

Piaget has always been renowned for its elegant timepieces. By the early 1980s, people’s lifestyles began to change. “We previously focused on meeting customers’ needs for dress watches.” Yves Piaget once explained: “Today, people are increasingly interested in various sports, which reflects the evolution of Today’s daily life. . Even in sports situations, people also want to wear a timepiece that shows exquisite style and texture. For this reason, this series of sports watches that are both waterproof and shock-resistant came into being.”

It is precisely the Piaget Polo series watch. This watch is named after the sport of polo (Polo), which is popular among the elite, and it exactly echoes Piaget’s extraordinary status in the minds of the Piaget Society’s celebrities. Forty-five years after its creation, this historical masterpiece was reborn as the Piaget Polo 79 watch, showing its vitality and the spirit of the Piaget Society. Best replica watches review.

(PIAGET Piaget Polo 79 watch)

In the 1970s, top brands in the Swiss watchmaking industry successively launched various elegant sports-style watches, most of which were made of stainless steel. Among them, the Piaget Polo series of watches is unique, cleverly combining modern design with precise timing performance. The case and strap are integrated and made of all gold.

At that time, Mr. Yves Piaget, who was keen on participating in polo matches, entirely devoted his passion for equestrianism and elegant life to creating timepieces, making the Piaget Piaget Polo series of watches a charm in the 1980s. Logo. Whether it is Regine’s Nightclub and 54 Club in New York or the Palm Beach Polo Club, you can always get a glimpse of the elegant figure of this watch.

The polished round mold carving decoration alternates with the satin polishing of the bracelet links, extending smoothly from the bracelet to the case and even the dial. The bracelet naturally fits the wrist like a second layer of skin and has been carefully polished by Piaget’s workshop as if carved from a single piece of gold. Piaget Polo series watches not only have outstanding shock resistance and waterproof performance but also have no compromise on luxury style and were only made of precious metals at the time. As Piaget’s advertisement hailed it as “the pinnacle of today’s sports watches,” this watch demonstrates an innovative vision and fashionable style that subverts convention.

Piaget’s extraordinary achievements in ultra-thin mechanical movements and quartz movements make the timepieces show off their slim beauty on the wrist. In 1976, Piaget launched the famous 7P movement, one of the world’s thinnest quartz movements, and was installed in the early Polo series of watches. By the early 1980s, this movement was replaced by the 8P movement, and the thickness was further reduced to 1.95 mm. At the same time, the prestigious 9P mechanical movement was also launched, which is used in the rich and diverse models of the Piaget Polo series, such as round and square case models, gem-set models, two-color gold models, and basic time function models. , perpetual calendar complex function models, etc., and even leather strap models. Rolex replica watches.

This time, the new Piaget Polo 79 watch returns to the pure design of the original model, with only some details slightly updated. To fit the contemporary watchmaking style, the original quartz movement was replaced by the 1200P1 in-house ultra-thin self-winding movement. The diameter of the case is slightly expanded to 38 mm, and the exquisite structure of the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal bottom cover.

In addition, the new watch faithfully reproduces the aesthetic essence of the original and is made entirely of 18K gold. Forty-five years ago, this timepiece masterpiece was regarded as a classic by the elite who travel elegantly, and it is still favored by watch connoisseurs Today. There are countless elegant and refined sports watches, but the Piaget Polo 79 watch takes a different approach and defines a unique style of sporty elegance.

Breitling X Victoria Beckham, Swiss Replica Watches

The fashion icon lends her unique style to the Chronomat 36 Victoria Beckham collection.

When Victoria Beckham launched her eponymous clothing line in 2008, the fashion industry’s biggest names waited with bated breath for her runway debut.

More than 15 years later, Beckham’s designs have appeared in primary fashion weeks. Its tailoring is an exciting blend of feminine femininity and masculine masculinity, with smooth lines and fine artistry, making it highly sought after.

Today, Breitling launches a new timepiece designed in collaboration with Victoria Beckham. The Chronomat Automatic 36 Victoria Beckham collection is limited to 1,500 pieces. It results from close collaboration between the luxury watchmaker’s team and the creative director of a well-known fashion brand.

Breitling CEO Georges Kern commented on this cooperation: “The Chronomat mechanical chronograph series has long been a watch with classic appearance and versatile functions. The integration of Victoria Beckham’s iconic style makes this series of timepieces stand out Modern trend, radiant.”

Beckham praised Breitling’s creative process: “It’s wonderful to be able to combine my creativity with Breitling’s exquisite skills and innovation to create such an elegant and novel work.”

Stylish and functional, the Chronomat mechanical chronograph series is Breitling’s all-around timepiece and is deeply loved by women of the new era who pursue both fashion and functionality.

The Victoria Beckham limited edition series retains the classic designs of the mechanical timing series, such as the metal roller bead bracelet and the raised saddle nails at 15-minute intervals. It combines it with exquisite and novel colors such as mint green, midnight blue, dove gray, and sand. The colors are blended and inspired by Victoria Beckham’s 2024 spring and summer series.

The dial is decorated with the Breitling logo, Victoria Beckham’s initials “VB” are added to the second hand, and the case is available in stainless steel or gold – a material Breitling has explicitly revisited for this series. The dial also indicates the limited edition status: the stainless steel model is marked “One of 400” (one of 400 pieces), and the gold model is marked “One of 100” (one of 100 pieces). The bracelet is engraved with the “VB” logo and words.

The watch is equipped with Breitling Caliber 10 movement. This self-winding three-hand movement has a date display function to ensure smooth operation and easy reading. Like all Breitling watches, each watch in the series is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), an independent certification for accuracy and high performance. Swiss replica watches.

This limited edition mechanical chronograph watch is housed in a specially designed co-branded watch box, and the gold model comes with a co-branded travel bag.

Perfect blockbuster presentation

Legendary Italian fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti shot the stunning campaign for the collection. He has photographed world leaders, celebrities, and supermodels, and his work is on permanent display at the V&A Museum in London and the National Gallery. The advertising blockbuster invites Annemary Aderibigbe to star. This new supermodel interprets the female image and characteristics of Breitling and Victoria Beckham: strong, sophisticated, and a little unexpected. Swiss models.

Since 2018, Breitling has been committed to expanding its women’s watch product line. The brand launched the mechanical chronograph automatic watch 36 Victoria Beckham Limited Edition, which continues to highlight the bold, authentic, and confident side of women. These qualities never go out of style.

Carrera Series Date Plasma Pioneer Diamond Watch, Luxury Replica Watches

Swiss pioneer watchmaking brand TAG Heuer has launched a Carrera series (Carrera) date-type Plasma pioneer diamond watch set with yellow diamonds. This groundbreaking timepiece is set with 4.8 carats of laboratory-grown diamonds. , including the stunning 1.4-carat yellow Diamant d’Avant-Garde diamond.

This is the second lab-grown colored diamond created by the watchmaker, and TAG Heuer continues to drive innovation at a high pace. The predecessor of the new watch, the TAG Heuer Carrera Series Date Plasma Pioneer Diamond Watch set with pink diamonds, attracted a lot of attention at the 2023 “Watches and Wonders” Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show (Watches and Wonders). Introducing yellow diamonds into the Pioneer Diamond Watch Collection demonstrates TAG Heuer’s commitment to innovation and adds variety and a splash of color to TAG Heuer’s timepieces. Luxury replica watches.

The core of this pioneering work is TAG Heuer’s revolutionary Plasma technology, which makes the growth process of laboratory-grown diamonds more refined and sensitive. The exquisite diamonds, with a total weight of 4.8 carats, fully demonstrate the brand’s mastery of this marvelous technology and TAG Heuer’s ability to break through creative boundaries and create disruptive designs continuously.

Diamonds are composed of regularly arranged carbon atoms. A flawless diamond is colorless, and its carbon atom arrangement often has almost no defects. To obtain colored diamonds, this perfect arrangement needs to be disrupted in a controlled way.

This intentional destruction may include adding atoms of different elements or introducing unique features, such as the absence of certain carbon atoms. This Chemical Vapor Deposition process, known at TAG Heuer as Plasma technology, provides a unique opportunity to induce these changes during the diamond’s growth stage. What’s unique about this cutting-edge approach is that this controlled disorder can be performed in a fully controlled environment, resulting in high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Tag Heuer replica watches.

Crucially, Plasma technology ensures uniform color throughout the diamond and homogeneity of the entire diamond structure. Technical expertise is essential to master this complex process and consistently reproduce specific colors in series production.

The new TAG Heuer Carrera Series Date Plasma Pioneer Diamond Watch set with yellow diamonds uses a 36 mm case made of white gold. Its iconic diamond crown is made of a laboratory-grown yellow diamond weighing 1.3 carats, a miracle of gem-cutting technology.

The watch also features a shield-shaped Pioneer Diamond, elegantly adorning a polycrystalline diamond dial. This groundbreaking dial is achieved by growing many diamond crystals into one, creating a single diamond entity. Create stunning reflections and light effects. This is just one of the many innovative applications of Plasma technology, which has also been used in previous TAG Heuer Carrera series Plasma Pioneer Diamond Watches. This 2.9-carat polycrystal dial is decorated with 12 white gold hour markers and is set with 0.5-carat white baguette-cut laboratory-grown diamonds. The hour and minute hands are hollowed out, and the Swiss pioneer watchmaking brand placed an iconic shield-cut yellow lab-grown diamond at noon, just below the Carrera series dial logo.

The TAG Heuer Caliber 7 self-winding movement equipped with the watch is visible through the sapphire case back.

TAG Heuer once again demonstrated its innovative strength in luxury watches at LVMH Watch Week and continued redefining the boundaries of complexity, sophistication, and fashion style. Every “tick” of a TAG Heuer watch beckons watch enthusiasts to embrace extraordinary creations and set a new standard in laboratory-grown diamonds.

ZENITH Celebrates The New Year With Several High-quality Timepieces, Replica Watches

Everything is new, and the year is changing. ZENITH presents five exquisite timepieces to the New Year in the Year of the Dragon. On the occasion of the change of time series, Zenith presents its outstanding and distinctive DEFY series watches and exquisite ELITE elite series watches, as well as the pioneering and retro PILOT pilot series Chinese limited edition watches and the timeless classic CHRONOMASTER flagship series replica watches to express its sincerity. Wish.


Model: 03.9300.3620/01.I001

ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE watch Xiaoxia Red Limited Edition

Model: 16.9401.670/88.I001

ZENITH ELITE classic watch 36mm

Model: 16.3200.670/01.C831

Lucky Najib, celebrating the new sky, the ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE watch wraps the red sky around the wrist, wrapping pure authenticity with sincerity and enthusiasm. The limited edition of the DEFY SKYLINE watches Xiaoxia Red is inlaid with brilliant diamonds on the dial and paired with a dodecagonal faceted stainless steel case. The combination of graceful depth and exquisite outline gives the occasion a sparkling brilliance. The ELITE series of classic watches also combines a calm and rich red with a restrained and elegant design. It embellishes the festival’s graceful and peaceful joyful atmosphere with a graceful and magnificent burgundy crocodile leather strap on the wrist to complement each other. Swiss fake watches.

ZENITH PILOT pilot series Chinese limited edition watch

Model: 29.2438.679/88.C753


Model: 18.3101.3600/69.M3100

The auspicious dragon soars into the clouds, sailing on the wind, using the bright gold representing light and auspiciousness. ZENITH PILOT pilot series Chinese limited edition watch integrates the philosophy of oriental aesthetics into the brand’s iconic classic PILOT pilot series works retro. The avant-garde fusion of the bronze case and the new obsidian gold dial adds a unique touch to the new year. The CHRONOMASTER Sport sports watch uses warm, precious metal materials and its iconic El Primero 3600 high-frequency self-winding chronograph movement, giving it a gorgeous gold bezel to freeze every 1/10 second of happy time accurately. Realizing the exquisite fusion of fashionable appearance and excellent performance, all the low-key luxury classics are timeless in the fireworks of the New Year, and they go on the New Year’s journey together.

The Minimalist Charm Of H. Moser & Cie. Across Time, Swiss Watches Replica

Bold innovation, uniqueness, and unremitting pursuit of details have made the Swiss independent watchmaking brand H.MOSER&CIE. Become a leader in the field of fine watchmaking. It has also made Sohu founder, chairman, and CEO Ma Zhang Chaoyang, a Ph.D. in physics from the Provincial Institute of Technology, become a leader in the Internet industry. At the end of 2023, H. Moser & Cie. and Zhang Chaoyang joined hands to deliver their first New Year’s Eve speech. Deciphering the truth of time based on the general theory of relativity led the public to spend a unique, hardcore New Year’s Eve.

In this New Year’s Eve physics class, Zhang Chaoyang used the H. Moser & Cie. Speedster series watch as an example to deconstruct the physical principles of its movement, interpret the ultimate pursuit of high-end watches from the subtleties, and bridge the gap between watches and physics. The dimensional tunnel between. In the nearly 800 years of development of mechanical timepieces, high-end watches have always been closely related to physics and astronomy: the movement of planets and stars is the basis of time measurement, and the combination of these measurement methods and physical principles laid the foundation for timepiece mechanisms. Structure. H. Moser & Cie. adheres to the infinite pursuit of advanced watchmaking skills and gives the square dial complex functions such as perpetual calendar, moon phase, and retrograde. A watch’s precise control of time is inseparable from the core technical parts of the movement and escapement. Henry Moser & Cie. is one of the few Swiss watch brands capable of producing high-end hairsprings. As a classic of the brand, the Speedster series echoes the name of the series with a minimalist design style inspired by high-speed trains in the 1920s and early 1930s, fully demonstrating the brand’s style of constantly breaking through itself. Jane charm. Swiss watches replica.

The Speedliner series automatic winding flyback chronograph version 2.0 (Streamliner Flyback Chronograph Funky Blue 2.0) is a watch that won the honor of GPHG’s best clock at the 2020 “Oscar of the Watch Industry.” Its version 2.0 was previously released. Evolution of two clocks. The watch introduces the transparent lacquer H. Moser & Cie. logo on the brand’s iconic Funky Blue smoked dial, subtly highlighting the uniqueness of the watch. Equipped with the HMC 907 movement developed by H. Moser & Cie. ‘s partner AGENHOR, the self-winding rotor is ingeniously placed between the movement and the dial, allowing the complex structure and component details of the chronograph movement to be seen.

Streamliner Speedster Series Automatic Flyback Chronograph Version 2.0

The Streamliner Flyback Automatic Chronograph Boutique Edition is the first time the brand has not used a metal bracelet since the series was launched in 2020. It is equipped with 5N red gold material and a rubber strap… The strap is cleverly integrated into the case, and the 5N red gold tone and Aurora Green (Matrix Green) smoked dial present a new aesthetic style. This watch also adheres to the brand’s consistent minimalist philosophy, and the transparent lacquer brand logo on the dial is like a secret signature. It is also equipped with HMC907, one of the most outstandingly designed chronograph movements in the brand’s history. It is famous for its simplicity and legibility. It has a 72-hour power reserve and a very modern finish. Every design detail is carefully crafted. Demonstrating excellent advanced watchmaking craftsmanship.

Streamliner Speedster Automatic Flyback Chronograph Boutique Edition

The Streamliner Small Seconds Blue Enamel watch is equipped with the 18th new self-winding, self-produced movement HMC 500, which is 100% independently designed, developed, and produced by the brand. It is also the first model of H. Moser & Cie. The slightest movement developed this century. Due to the smaller size of the new movement, the proportions of the iconic cushion-shaped case have been redesigned, giving it slimmer lines that blend perfectly with it. H. Moser & Cie. specially selected the “Grand Feu” enamel dial and named it “Aqua Blue” to reinterpret the brand’s classic smoked finish. The off-centered small second’s hand is located in the lacquered round subdial at 6 o’clock, creating a charming contrast with the underlying dial. This watch fully demonstrates the technical and aesthetic strength of H. Moser & Cie. and is destined to become one of the indispensable timepieces in the independent watchmaking world. Replica watches for sale.

Streamliner Small Seconds Blue Enamel Watch

H.MOSER&CIE. uses pioneering thinking to show its unique insights into advanced watchmaking craftsmanship.

Bell & Ross Launches The Year Of The Dragon Limited Edition Watch, Swiss Watch Replicas

In 2024, the Year of the Dragon, people with the dragon sign are active, perseverant, confident, and entrepreneurial. To welcome the coming of the New Year, Bell & Ross has specially launched the BR 05 Artline Dragon Year of the Dragon limited edition watch. The unique laser-engraved pattern has the charm of traditional tattoos, which means that the dragon is strong, the tiger is strong, and the dragon is in charge.

Artline: Carve a unique style

Bell & Ross has created many professional, functional watches for professionals over the years, establishing an authoritative position in professional timepieces. However, the brand is also determined to innovate. For example, the BR 05 Artline is derived from the BR05 series. The design is full of artistic solid sense and pays attention to gorgeous decoration, including delicate round mold carving. Bell&Ross creative director Bruno Belamich explained: “We wanted to conceive a watch with gorgeous decoration and exquisite decoration. It is very suitable to start with the BR 05 series because the case has enough space to accommodate decorative details.”

Bell & Ross is committed to broadening the boundaries of watchmaking technology. The innovation of BR 05 Artline Dragon is to integrate the culture of tattoo craftsmanship. The thick or fine engraving textures reflect the light and shadow, and the graphic patterns are transformed into tattoo pattern engravings on the metal surface. Swiss watch replicas.

Jiachen Year of the Dragon: Turning the tables

According to the lunar calendar, February 10, 2024, is the first day of the Lunar New Year in the Year of the Dragon. In traditional Chinese culture, dragons are not only auspicious animals, but legends also say that dragons ensure good weather and good harvests worldwide. When Bell & Ross designed the BR 05 Artline Dragon, it used elements that symbolize nature, such as the sun, moon, swallows, animals, and plants, to express the dragon’s profound cultural and spiritual connotation. Swiss models replica watches.

Those who sign the dragon have strength, courage, and power. The dragon symbolizes kindness, prosperity, and good luck and is a good omen.

For artists, dragons are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, inspiring countless symbolic or sophisticated images. The image of the dragon is a combination of snake body, antlers, eagle claws, fish scales, and rabbit eyes. Bell & Ross graphic designers worked closely with watchmakers to conceive of harmonious and unified themes and engravings covering the entire watch surface.

BR 05 Artline Dragon retains the design of the BR 05 series’ rounded bezel and four screws embedded in the case, allowing for precise time display without compromising the coherence of the overall design.

Engraving process

Chinese carving crafts have a long history. The dial and bracelet of BR 05 Artline Dragon are very delicate and eye-catching.

Traditional watchmaking circles regard engraving as the first decoration without a timepiece function. Bell & Ross’ production of BR 05 Artline Dragon pays tribute to Chinese culture and engraving technology and elevates its watchmaking technology to a higher level. The output of the case and bracelet of the Year of the Dragon watch involves cutting-edge laser engraving technology. Each link of the bracelet is etched and then assembled. The technology is exact, and the pattern must not be deformed. There is no room for error in every meticulous process. Each link is made with precision so that the overall pattern is consistent.

BR 05: Elegant sense of the times

The BR05 series, launched in 2019, is Bell & Ross’s masterpiece in exploring the urban fashion watch market. Each style exudes a strong sense of elegance and contemporary style.

All timepieces developed by Bell & Ross follow the principle of technical excellence, and the BR 05 Artline Dragon is no exception. This limited edition new work is equipped with the BR-CAL.321 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 54 hours, ensuring accurate and stable travel time, and is especially suitable for the active lifestyle of handsome urban men. The hour scale is set on the beveled edge of the dial and will not interfere with the integrity of the faucet engraving pattern on the dial.

Premium timepieces

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, the BR 05 Artline Dragon vividly depicts the dragon’s demeanor and symbolic meaning. The artistry is sophisticated and complex, and the concept and design are rare.

Colorful Love Lights Up Holiday Romance And Traditions, Swiss Watch Replica

Protecting the romantic tradition for over 20 years, Blancpain’s watchmaking masters have devoted themselves to creating exclusive holiday timepieces for Valentine’s Day in 2024. Blancpain drew inspiration from the Ladybird women’s series Diamond Ball, a colorful watch family, and created a new Valentine’s Day limited edition watch. The ruby red symbolizes passionate love, and the classic and timeless heart-shaped pattern and the brilliant diamonds complement each other to create this exclusive Valentine’s Day watch, which collects romantic and sweet timeless times.

Blancpain Ladybird Women’s Series Diamond Ball Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Watch 3660C

The Blancpain Ladybird women’s series diamond ball colorful watch family has new works one after another and is widely loved. Each exquisite product is full of brilliance, mobilizing the wearer’s various senses and intoxicating people, just like the name “colorful.”

To fit the sweet atmosphere of Valentine’s Day, the new Blancpain Ladybird Women’s Series Diamond Ball Colorful Watch Valentine’s Day Limited Edition will bloom with passionate, bold, and sincere red tones. The dial uses unique mother-of-pearl to create a colorful moire effect and is decorated with red Roman numeral hour markers. Five independent coloring processes give the hour markers a richer visual depth. The 6 o’clock position on the dial of each Ladybird women’s series diamond ball watch is decorated with a delicate gold ring as a diamond track, used to hand-set precious diamonds of varying sizes. In the 2024 Valentine’s Day limited edition watch, this diamond ring is transformed into an elegant heart shape, showing festive ingenuity. In addition, the watch also adopts a sizeable secondhand design in the shape of Cupid’s arrow, combined with exquisite red hearts and arrow feathers, exuding the deep love of Valentine’s Day. Swiss watch replica.

Blancpain Ladybird Women’s Series Diamond Ball Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Watch 3660C

The new watch is equipped with the 1153 self-winding movement, independently designed and produced by Blancpain, with a vibration frequency of 3 Hz. The movement has dual barrels and a power reserve of up to four days. The white gold heart-shaped winding rotor made with hollow craftsmanship comes into view through the sapphire glass case at the back of the watch. Best replica watches.

The watch is equipped with a 34.9 mm case made of white gold, and the bezel and lugs are decorated with hand-set diamonds. The diamonds inlaid on the bezel, lugs, dial, and buckle weigh more than 2 carats, conveying the cherished feelings between lovers.

The Blancpain Ladybird women’s series Diamond Ball 2024 Valentine’s Day exclusive watch is limited to 99 pieces worldwide.

Blancpain Ladybird women’s clothing series

The word “Ladybird” deeply connects with Blancpain, whose birth can be traced back nearly 70 years. At that time, Ms. Betty Fiechter, then CEO of Blancpain, used her romantic imagination to create a women’s watch with a minor diameter round mechanical movement at the time and named it “Lady Bird.” This milestone is comparable to the Blancpain cocktail jewelry watch that the peerless actress Marilyn Monroe loved, and together, they established Blancpain’s leading position in the women’s watch industry.

Glashütte Original Lady Serenade Serenade Ladies Watch, Knockoff Watches

What is love? The magic lights up daily life, travels through time and space, and inspires great works of art and sincere gestures, full of fun and endless aftertaste. Glashütte Original LauncherValentine’s edition Lady Serenade watch to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day, paying tribute to love’s tremendous energy and creative potential. This watch uses an innovative combination of rare materials such as diamonds and mother-of-pearl with rose tones, revealing softness and toughness. The Lady Serenade VValentine’sDay limited edition watch collects the most beautiful emotions in the world and is highly precious. Knockoff watches.

Original masterpiece with extraordinary taste

GGlashütte’soriginal engineers and designers created this new women’s swatch with the patience and focus a poet crafted when creating. Each component is synonymous with meticulousness, harmoniously integrating to create an original masterpiece. The rose hue contrasts with the gleaming case and dazzling brilliant-cut diamonds. This watch has a 36mm polished stainless steel case and a bezel set with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds. The crown is set with a brilliant-cut diamond, making the entire watch look like an elegant piece of jewelry. This lady’s watch is a masterpiece of art, timeless and everlasting: a limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide.

Colorful love lights up life.

The dial of the Lady Serenade watch is a masterpiece of GGlashütte’soriginal craftsmanship and keen insight. Five elegant curved Arabic numerals and six delicate hour markers are carefully printed on the front and back of the white ultra-thin mother-of-pearl dial, cleverly interpreting the gradient tones from magenta to rose to purple, making it brilliant.

After exquisite embossing technology, the dial appears shiny and more layered: the numbers and hour markers vary in color, depending entirely on the angle from which we observe it. The date display is set at six o’clock in purple numerals and on a white background. This watch can be paired with a rose-red Louisiana alligator leather strap for a calm and refined look or a classic stainless steel bracelet for a bold and confident look. Replica Rolex watches.

Extraordinary heart, accurate and reliable

When immersed in love, people may need to remember the pace of time, but the Lady Serenade watch is always trustworthy. Built-in the self-made Caliber 39-22 movement, it beats at a frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and its travel time is accurate and reliable.

This movement is not only a guarantee of excellent mechanical precision, but its exquisite decoration also complements the elegant appearance of the watch: through the sapphire crystal case back, traditional decorations such as Glashütte columnar grain and pearl pattern, as well as quarter The classic features of GGlashütte’swatchmaking art, such as the triple plywood, the swan-neck fine-adjustment device and the hollow oscillating weight with GGlashütte’soriginal double G logo, are visible and full of charm.

The Lady Serenade 2024 VValentine’s Limited Edition will be on sale in Glashütte Original global stores and some authorized dealer boutiques starting December 2023. It is limited to 50 pieces.

Proud of originality