Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase Watch, Replica Designer Watches

The charm of modern women comes in different shapes and colors: noisy and quiet, gentle and strong, rebellious and creative… Their identities can be switched freely, each side has a distinctive personality, and their charm is irresistible. Today, Glashütte Original draws inspiration from women’s diverse identities to launch a new timepiece. The Serenade Luna moon phase watch is a mechanical masterpiece specially created for urban women who are bold and confident and take control of their destinies. It perfectly interprets the beauty of modern women both internally and externally. The new watch is made of exquisite materials and equipped with an original self-winding movement that is independently designed and produced by the brand. It will last forever and stay with you forever.

Source of inspiration: women’s diverse identities

Modern women and their diverse identities inspire the Serenade Luna moon phase watch. They are always the crowd’s focus wherever they go and know how to dance between light and shadow. They enjoy being in the spotlight, but they also enjoy witnessing others’ shining moments. For them, passion is the source of power in life, and intuition is the guiding light for moving forward. They are always mysterious: no one knows what their next move will be or what side of themselves they will reveal to the world. It is this sense of mystery that makes them more attractive and irresistible. Replica designer watches.

Innovative concept: giving contemporary watchmaking art the power of personality

The Saxon watchmaking factory demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship through the Serenade Luna Moon Phase watch. The innovation of the new watch has been implemented throughout, and it stands out with its outstanding accuracy, ease of use, and reliability, just like a delicate piece of jewelry. The brand’s watchmakers and designers used rare materials to create a dazzling but low-key original masterpiece. It interprets the unique temperament of modern women with its exquisite and slim size and exciting and intelligent details.

Original design: colorful

The Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase watch is launched in four distinctive styles, each of which is unique. All models have a 32.5 mm diameter dial, radiant diamond hour markers, and a modern moon phase display. Two stainless steel swiss models are equipped with mother-of-pearl dials: one has a simple and pure style, while the other is dazzling with brilliant diamonds on the bezel and crown. The third model is also made of stainless steel and has a blue dial decorated with sunburst patterns that sparkle. The fourth watch is red 18K gold, with a gold-green dial, which is dazzling and dreamlike. The bezel and crown of this watch are also inlaid with diamonds, showing its calm and elegant temperament. The straps are all equipped with a quick-release mechanism, making replacement quick and convenient. The stainless steel watch can also be fitted with a sleek metal chain strap, which shows your extraordinary taste.

Complications: ingenuity

The moon phase is recognized as one of the most beautiful features in watchmaking. As one of Glashütte’s original features, the moon phase will be the eye-catcher in this latest watch. The moon phase display is on the lower edge of the dial and is presented as a thin circular frame opening: a radiant mother-of-pearl moon rising in a star-studded night sky. The power of the moon phase display comes from Glashütte’s original self-winding movement, which was specially designed for this watch and meets all the requirements of contemporary mechanical watches. The exquisite decoration can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass case back and will be passed down forever.

Product family: specially designed for modern women

The newly released Serenade Luna serenade moon phase watch is a new member of Glashütte’s original and highly sought-after eccentric moon phase women’s watch and serenade watch family. It shows the ever-changing female style in an eclectic way. Glashütte Original has continued to enrich its exquisite women’s mechanical watch products. The new watch is handcrafted by watchmakers at the brand’s watchmaking factory in Glashütte, with infinite style and irresistible charm.

The Serenade Luna moon phase watch will be available in Glashütte original stores and authorized dealers worldwide starting in March 2024.