Glashütte Original Serenade Moon Phase Watch, Replicas Watch China

Recently, German high-end watch brand Glashütte Original and Chinese contemporary luxury brand ANEST COLLECTIVE jointly held a spring new product appreciation event in Shanghai. The newly launched Serenade Luna serenade moon phase watch complements each other with the ANEST COLLECTIVE 2024 spring and summer series, vividly interpreting the confident style of modern women and composing a new movement of textured aesthetics. Many Shanghai media and guests were invited to attend and gathered together to play a wonderful spring overture and explore the original power of timeless classics. Replicas watch china.

Glashütte Original New Serenade Moon Phase Watch

Colorful, original masterpieces

Bold and confident, the charm is irresistible. Glashütte’s original new Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase watch draws inspiration from the diverse identities of modern women, creating a magnificent masterpiece and playing an eclectic overture. They are infinitely charming and come in different shapes and colors: noisy and quiet, gentle and firm, rebellious and creative; their identities can be switched freely, and each side has a distinct personality. Replica Rolex watches.

Glashütte Original Serenade Moon Phase Watch

The Serenade Luna moon phase watch is made of exquisite materials and equipped with an original self-winding movement that is independently designed and produced by the brand. It is timeless and perfectly interprets the beauty of modern women both internally and externally. Such a dazzling but low-key original masterpiece, with its exquisite and slim size and exciting and intelligent details, interprets the unique temperament of modern women. They will not only enjoy the feeling of standing in the spotlight but also be happy to witness the brilliance of others. Time.

Glashütte Original Serenade Moon Phase Watch

The Serenade Luna Serenade Moon Phase watch is launched in four distinctive styles, each of which is unique. All models have a 32.5 mm diameter dial, radiant diamond hour markers, and a modern and precise moon phase display. Two stainless steel models are equipped with mother-of-pearl dials: one has a simple and pure style, while the other is dazzling with brilliant diamonds on the bezel and crown. The third model is also made of stainless steel and has a blue dial decorated with sunburst patterns that sparkle. The fourth watch is red 18K gold, with a gold-green dial, which is dazzling and dreamlike. The bezel and crown of this watch are also inlaid with diamonds, showing its calm and elegant temperament. The straps are all equipped with a quick-release mechanism, making replacement quick and convenient. The stainless steel watch can also be fitted with a sleek metal chain strap, which shows your extraordinary taste.

Timeless style: reinventing luxury

Using subversive tailoring, ANEST COLLECTIVE thoughtfully integrates artistic context to infuse each fashion piece with refined elegance and sculptural structure. The brand adheres to an uncompromising spirit, transcends the boundaries of fashion trends with its exquisite fabrics and impeccable Italian craftsmanship, presents pure and timeless style silhouettes, reshapes the definition of contemporary luxury, and brings modern women’s daily wear Infinite inspiration.

She has a unique taste, is confident and independent, and has always liked unique materials, details, and timeless classics.

She listens to her heart, breaks boundaries with personality and boldness, stands out, and becomes a better version of herself.

With the same passion, Glashütte Original and ANEST COLLECTIVE, adhering to “original aesthetics” and the unremitting pursuit of “extreme craftsmanship,” are a perfect match. Glashütte Original and ANEST COLLECTIVE jointly present an excellent watch and fashion-tasting event to explore texture aesthetics this spring. A new chapter.