Blancpain’s New Bathyscaphe Full Calendar Moon Phase Swiss Replica Watch

Blancpain proudly launches the new Bathyscaphe full calendar moon phase watch, equipped with the brand’s patented technology and an exquisite design- a black ceramic bracelet and ceramic case with a high-grade metal texture, like an aesthetic black storm. The new Bathyscaphe full calendar moon phase watch is paired with a vibrant sun-ray pattern gradient bright blue dial, demonstrating confidence and sporty style. The new Bathyscaphe full calendar moon phase watch has a variety of bracelets or straps to choose from, whether it is a ceramic bracelet, a NATO strap, or a canvas strap, all of which inject surging power, brilliant colors, and vigorous vitality into the Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe family.

Blancpain’s new Bathyscaphe full calendar moon phase watch 5054

In early 1953, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, the ancestor of modern mechanical diving watches, was officially put into production and launched. Once launched, it was adopted by professional divers and became a genuinely dedicated diving equipment. In 1956, the modern urban version of the classic Fifty Fathoms swiss replica watch, the Bathyscaphe watch family, was launched. Unlike the classic Fifty Fathoms, the Bathyscaphe family is equipped with a smaller dial diameter, designed for daily wear, and has professional functionality for exploring the seabed. Today, the Bathyscaphe product family has ushered in a more dynamic watch, combining charming colors with ceramic materials and highlighting its creative essence.

From left to right:

Blancpain Bathyscaphe 5054 Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch with Nautical Canvas Strap

Blancpain Bathyscaphe 5054 Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch with Black Ceramic Bracelet

Blancpain Bathyscaphe 5054 Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch with NATO Strap

The dial of the new complete calendar moon phase watch is embellished with elegant blue tones, which contrasts with the black ceramic elements. The delicate color gradient and the sun-rayed pattern polishing process make the dial full of vitality, flowing with brilliant brilliance between the changes of light and shadow, fully showing the bright personality, enhancing the visual depth, and adding dazzling brilliance to the watch. This watch can highlight the wearer’s distinctive personality, which is enhanced by the striking contrast between the brightly colored dial and the black ceramic case and bracelet, which reflect the dazzling light under the further detailing of the extraordinary polishing process of high-end watchmaking. Replica watches for sale.

Using cutting-edge ceramic technology has taken the Bathyscaphe family of watches to a new dimension and height. With its unique properties, ceramic is the ideal material for this urban-inspired family of watches, and this time, it is presented for the first time with a high-tech ceramic bracelet.

Durable, highly scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic, ceramic is almost five times harder than stainless steel yet 25% lighter. Despite its undoubted superiority, further ceramic processing in the Haute Horlogerie stage, especially in fine finishing, is quite complex. In addition to taking into account the 25% reduction in volume when fired at temperatures exceeding 1400°C and the need to work with diamond tools, the satin-brushing process is also a very delicate process that requires meticulous attention to detail by the watchmaker. Different experts polish each component’s facet independently, whether it is a link, a clasp, or a case.

The production standards of high-end watchmaking bracelets are strict, and the links need to be precisely adjusted so that they are neither too loose to ensure beauty nor too tight to enhance practicality. The error is often minimal. Therefore, each link must be carefully measured and checked to ensure it fits perfectly. This bracelet uses the brand’s patented link assembly system, which uses cam-shaped pins to lock each link tightly, combining outstanding durability and excellent comfort. Black not only complements the new complete calendar moon phase watch (43.6 mm diameter, waterproof depth of 300 meters) that uses a black ceramic case for the first time but also perfectly matches the Bathyscaphe three-hand watch and flyback chronograph, which also has a ceramic case.

The new Bathyscaphe Full Calendar Moon Phase watch has the 6654.P4 movement. It shows the unique heritage of the Fifty Fathoms diving watch from the iconic design, such as the unidirectional rotating bezel, and Blancpain’s unique advanced watchmaking elements, such as the moon phase display complex function and antimagnetic silicon hairspring.

In 1952, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, then co-CEO of Blancpain, experienced a personal diving accident that made him realize the need to measure diving time safely. His innovative solution was a lockable and graduated rotating bezel designed specifically for diving, which was installed in the Fifty Fathoms watch, which was officially put into production and launched in early 1953.

For added safety, today’s Fifty Fathoms are equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel that only rotates counterclockwise; the Bathyscaphe, inspired by the original Fifty Fathoms, also features this type of bezel but with a ceramic inner ring instead of a curved sapphire glass. The new Bathyscaphe Full Calendar Moon Phase is no exception: the black ceramic bezel is set with a deep and bold black ceramic inner ring that matches the color of the dial. The inner ring is also decorated with a contrasting gray Liquidmetal, highlighting the eye-catching sun-rayed blue gradient dial. This urban bezel is highly scratch-resistant and makes a crisp “click” whenever turned.

Blancpain’s iconic moon phase display complication also occupies a central position in this new timepiece equipped with the 6654.P4 movement. In 1983, after the “quartz storm,” Blancpain re-introduced the moon phase display function, demonstrating the extraordinary craftsmanship of mechanical watches and proving that quartz watches can never replace complex mechanical watches. The moon phase display function has thus become a symbol of the rebirth of mechanical watchmaking. In addition to the instantly recognizable Blancpain moon phase function, the new watch is also equipped with the excellent performance 6654.P4 movement. In addition to the 72-hour power reserve due to the double barrel design, it is also equipped with a safety adjustment protection device, allowing the wearer to adjust the calendar display at any time without damaging the movement. In addition, the watchmakers also follow the tradition of advanced watchmaking and use various polishing techniques such as chamfering, fish scales, and snail textures to carefully decorate the movement, which can be seen through the sapphire glass back. It is worth mentioning that the watch also uses an antimagnetic silicon hairspring to protect the movement from interference from magnetic fields.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the emergence of silicon materials brought about earth-shaking changes in the watchmaking industry, and significant progress has been made in the field of time measurement. Silicon has many advantages. It is flexible but not easy to deform, hard, light, and highly corrosion-resistant. Its antimagnetic properties make it stand out from other materials. AntimagneticAntimagneticroperties are prevalent in watchmaking because they effectively ensure the timepiece’s accuracy.

In the watches of the 1950s, the balance wheel was equipped with a metal hairspring that could be magnetized, so a soft iron antimagnetic metal cover was added to protect the movement from magnetic fields. The modern Fifty Fathoms watch is entirely different. Antimagnetic silicon hairspring allows the sapphire glass back to display the complete unique movement construction. Thanks to this new material, the new Bathyscaphe Complete Calendar Moon Phase watch can not only confidently display the high-quality polishing process of the movement but also perfectly present the excellent timing performance of the watch.

As a vital part of Blancpain’s DNA, calendar function watches fully demonstrate the brand’s expertise in complex functions. In the early 1980s, Blancpain’s calendar display function made a strong comeback as a complete calendar watch, laying the foundation for a series of later calendar display models. Whether it is a weekly calendar, a simple date display, an annual calendar, or a perpetual calendar, Blancpain’s ability to create calendar watches is the pinnacle – with the Villeret Classic V Series Equation of Time watch. The Villeret Classic V Series Chinese Calendar watch, two highly complex timepieces, Blancpain has achieved two world milestone innovation honors. Blancpain’s flexible and changeable application of calendar mechanisms has made the brand a “calendar master” in the watch industry, and the new Deep Submersible Full Calendar Moon Phase watch is undoubtedly in line with this innovative tradition.