Breguet – The Inventor Of The Tourbillon, Replica Watches For Sale

Official document of the patent for the tourbillon regulating device granted to Abraham-Louis Breguet on July 7, 1801

It started with a genius idea.

Between 1793 and 1795, Mr. Breguet came up with the idea of ​​creating a tourbillon to deal with the errors caused by gravity’s influence during the clock’s operation. The balance wheel, hairspring, and escapement (pallet fork and escape wheel) are placed together in a cage that rotates around an axis. Since all errors continue to occur at a fixed frequency, they cancel each other out.

Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet, the father of modern clocks and watchmaking

Style interpretation, inheritance of essence

The tourbillon is famous in the watchmaking industry and is admired worldwide. No matter how time flies, the tourbillon’s life is always fresh. From the No.986 Tourbillon Precision Chronograph Pocket Watch, which has been running accurately for more than 200 years, to the contemporary models, the brand has always adhered to Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet’s unremitting pursuit of aesthetics and art. Breguet’s aesthetic style has stood out since the era of complicated timepiece decorations and is recognizable instantly. Replica watches for sale.

Breguet No.986 Tourbillon Precision Chronograph Pocket Watch

Now on display at the Shanghai Breguet Museum of Time and Art, watch enthusiasts are invited to appreciate its timeless charm.

The inspiration for the dial of the Breguet Classique 5367 Ultra-Thin Automatic Tourbillon Watch comes from the aforementioned antique pocket watch design style, reflecting the brand’s consistent aesthetic concept. The master watchmaker interprets Breguet’s aesthetic style purely and accurately on the simple dial, and the tourbillon mounted on the dial rotates day and night. The classic blue steel Breguet hands form a sharp contrast with the flawless “Grand Feu” enamel dial, making the position of the hour and minute hands more straightforward and easier to read, and the simplicity highlights the nobility of the tourbillon device. Swiss replica watches.

Breguet Classique 5367 Ultra-thin Automatic Tourbillon Watch

Wheels throughout the world, craftsmanship innovation

In the 21st century, Breguet has innovated while maintaining its traditional craftsmanship. In the field of tourbillon alone, Breguet has many patents. The brand pioneered silicon materials in balance wheels (including hairsprings), escapement wheels, and pallet forks. This material is light, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant and not easily affected by magnetic fields, significantly improving timepiece accuracy.

However, Breguet has continued exploring tourbillons. It has created as many as 52 tourbillon models, making it one of the brands with the widest variety of tourbillon watches, including double-rotating tourbillons, ultra-thin tourbillons, sesame chain tourbillons, etc. These masterpieces of creation witness the style of the times and interpret the beauty of rationality. The advent of the double-rotating tourbillon symbolizes the never-ending exploration of watchmaking and the pursuit of excellence, interpreting the true meaning of time.

In 2020, Breguet created a complex and harmonious microcosm in the limited space of the watch with the Classique 5345 Double Tourbillon Quai watch. The Paris watch embankment carved behind it marks the starting point of Breguet’s entrepreneurship. It is the pinnacle of Breguet’s tourbillon technology and art and the best example of Breguet’s proud standing at the top of the tourbillon. Two independent tourbillon devices drive the watch. The fully exposed movement shows that the two independently operating tourbillon devices drive the operation of the entire splint through the central differential. Like two mechanical hearts operating independently of each other, each tourbillon completes one rotation per minute. The main splint where the tourbillon is located is connected to the hour hand and rotates together. The hour hand serves as the front bridge of one of the tourbillons, and the extended part serves as the front bridge of the second tourbillon. The tourbillon rotates with the timing component of the watch in a rhythm of one rotation every 12 hours.

Breguet Classique 5345 Double Tourbillon Quai d’Or Watch

In addition to the complex double tourbillon function, this commemorative watch combines superb mechanical technology with profound aesthetic attainments. While innovating the tourbillon function, the Breguet logo is also clearly visible. Whether the Breguet blue steel hands on the dial or the stunning decorative details given to the movement through the guilloché engraving process, these unique logos all highlight the brand’s aesthetic style and excellent craftsmanship.

Art of creation, treasured masterpieces

As a precious witness to Breguet’s rich history, the tourbillon has been favored by collectors, historians, and watchmaking celebrities since the time of its inventor, including King George IV of the United Kingdom, Sir David Salomons, George Daniels, and Nicolas G.Hayek.

The tourbillon is the pinnacle of the fusion of skills and embodiment of the brand’s artistic essence. As the inventor of the tourbillon, Breguet has established its leading position in high-end watchmaking with its innovative spirit and extraordinary skills. The brand carries a glorious history of more than 200 years and continues to promote the development of watchmaking with superb technology and artistic innovation. Breguet shines in the watch world with its unremitting pursuit and outstanding creation and continues to lead the art of high-end watchmaking and watch culture and art toward a brighter future.