Swiss Mido Helmsman Series TV Rose Gold Watch, Swiss Watches Replicas

Swiss Mido Watch has launched a new Helmsman series TV rose gold watch, which combines the noble rose gold luster with a warm brown tone that is as smooth as chocolate, making it remarkably timeless and unique. Caliber’s 80s80’s fully automatic movement accurately interprets the art of time under its exquisite appearance. The new Helmsman series TV rose gold watch not only leads the fashion trend with its unique design but also shows its charming charm. This watch is not just a timepiece; it’s a statement of style and trend-setting.

Swiss Mido was founded in 1918 and has a century-old history. In 1973, the brand first drew inspiration from the shape of early television sets and launched the brand’s first TV-shaped case watch. It continued with this aesthetic element in 1980 and 2000 and introduced new ones. In 2023, the Swiss Mido watch inherits the essence, combining the boxy shape with rounded corners, a unique shape that resembles a retro TV, and the iconic element of the Swiss Mido watch – the large calendar window, to present excellent accuracy. , sturdy and durable Helmsman series TV watch. The Helmsman series TV rose gold watch launched this time presents a classic watch with charming color. A chocolate brown rubber strap with convex details completes the overall design. With novel color matching and exquisite design, the Helmsman Series TV rose gold watch uses innovative technology and durable materials to ensure solid performance, such as Super-LumiNova white luminous coating, which can emit blue-green light in dim environments to ensure accurate readings. The new watch is also equipped with Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement and high-tech material-Nivachron hairspring, which provides up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage and interprets the brand’s unremitting pursuit of excellent precision with solid and reliable performance. Combining power and elegance, whether passionate or leisurely and tranquil, the Helmsman Series TV rose gold watch is ideal for every unforgettable moment. Swiss watches replicas.

Harmony of colors, concert of styles

The dial of the new Helmsman series TV rose gold watch is horizontally mercerized and polished, and the light and shadow flicker, making it particularly eye-catching. The dial shows a gradient effect from chocolate brown to black from the center to the edge. The colors blend harmoniously and reflect the charming luster. This feature ensures that the watch can emit blue-green light in dim environments, whether day or night, ensuring precise readings. The large calendar window indicates the date reading at the o’clock dial, which is majestic and difficult to ignore. Echoing this, the mercerized stainless steel bezel is also decorated with a dot as a reference point at noon.

The O’clocklmsman Series TV rose gold swiss replica watch has a PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel case, which contrasts sharply with the gradient dial and chocolate brown rubber strap. 

Excellent movement, mechanical kinetic energy

Through the transparent back of the Helmsman Series TV rose gold watch, you can observe the finely carved Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement. The automatic oscillating weight is decorated with classic Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo. The new watch has a kinetic energy storage of up to 80 hours and is equipped with a Nivachron hairspring to improve anti-magnetic and shock resistance. It interprets the endless pursuit of excellent accuracy with solid and reliable performance. The Helmsman series TV watch has once again confirmed its outstanding charm with its meticulously crafted aesthetics and has become the focus of attention.

Rose gold tones contrast with chocolate brown, combining excellent precision and solid performance. Swiss Mido’s new hMido’sn series TV rose gold watch reinterprets the classic TV-shaped case with charming, warm colors.