Ingenuity Legend Series Opus 14 Watch, Replica Watches For Sale

Continuing the glorious history of Harry Winston’s legendary Opus series, the new Opus 14 watch draws design inspiration from the classic image of the 1950s – the jukebox.

The legendary Opus series is a humanistic journey that began in 2001. This series cooperates with many top independent watchmakers to create new timepieces that subvert the laws of innovation and the way of reading time. Harry Winston would like to share its outstanding watch masterpieces with passionate collectors.

In 2015, Harry Winston wrote the fourteenth chapter of this watchmaking legend. The brand cooperates with two forward-looking watchmakers, Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin, and continues to expand the infinite possibilities of the art of watchmaking with their genius and whimsy. We started from scratch and designed this original new timepiece: Opus 14. Replica watches for sale.

The Opus 14 watch in the legendary ingenuity series combines exquisite and innovative mechanical mechanisms with an exciting and unique design. The design of this new product and its complex automatic mechanism are borrowed from the jukebox, and the mechanical mechanism of the jukebox is miniaturized. Every detail shows the soul of the Opus 14 watch:

  • The exquisite local time display dial at 9 o’clock
  • The decorative details like vinyl record texture on the edges of each dial
  • The two-color badge with the number “14.”
  • The red retrograde minutes

Curved dials, unique blue hour markers, and so on. These elements evoke memories of the rock and roll era, the iconic aesthetic design of nostalgic American drive-in restaurants, and the legendary Route 66 plot. This spirit is also reflected in the shape of the case, whose design is also inspired by the jukebox.

Harry Winston patented the unprecedented miniature jukebox mechanism. This mechanism has four display panels in the function library, each with a function display: local time, GMT, date, and a five-pointed star signed by Mr. Harry Winston, just like the star mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Activate the selector button at 9 o’clock on the left side of the watch case to select the display panel that needs to be adjusted. This action moves the entire library up or down, freeing the display’s chosen disk. When the button at 4 o’clock is pressed for the first time, an arm extracts the selected display disc and places it in the function reading area. The local time (or home time) display is always at 9 o’clock, while the GMT, date, or five-pointed star display is displayed in this area according to selection. Once the display panel is in place, pressing the button again will reactivate the arm, and the display panel will be placed back into the functional library. Watch replicas.

This movement follows the genes of the legendary Opus series and is a unique mechanism of Harry Winston. Its sophistication lies in its two independent power reserves. One group displays the time, with a power reserve of up to 68 hours; the other group provides power for the movable device, ensuring that the display panel can rotate back and forth up to five times. The power reserve devices are separated and operate independently, but only the exact winding mechanism can replenish their power. In addition, the date and GMT can be corrected through the interlude pusher at noon.

The Ingenuity Legend Series Opus 14 watch is composed of 1066 parts and is limited to 50 pieces. It adds another masterpiece to the Opus legendary timepiece series.