Bell & Ross Launches Br 03 Cyber Ceramic Watch, Swiss Replica Watches

Time passes, connecting the present and the future. Bell & Ross’ new BR 03 Cyber Ceramic watch uses a new design to illustrate the watchmaking concept that spans the future.

New era watch

In the more than 30 years since its establishment, Bell & Ross has developed professional timepieces inspired by aviation flight instruments and established a unique forward-looking technology and aesthetic style. The BR 03 CYBER series is positioned with the elegant style of the new era and broadens the boundaries of watchmaking concepts. The new series BR 03 Cyber Ceramic is a model for the brand to express future watchmaking concepts. Swiss replica watches.

Avant-garde inspiration

Design is the foundation for building the future. The physical transformation of artifacts and the designers’ thoughts represent the birth of new perspectives. Bell&Ross designers and watchmakers set a new goal to change the design of the classic BR 03 without distorting the original character of the series. The watchmaking team did not draw lessons from the traditional watchmaking field but combined the BR 03 with the distinctive futuristic style of the Cyber series. Bell & Ross co-founder and creative director Bruno Belamich emphasized using 3D design to interpret futuristic concepts: “The theme developed by the watchmaking team is to rethink the relationship between people and speed, sound and light.”


The case outline is an integral part of shaping the watch’s personality. The unique temperament of BR 03 Cyber Ceramic comes from the three-dimensional faceted shape of the case, which is reminiscent of the fuselage of a stealth fighter. The latter’s unique appearance reduces radar reflection, which is avoided by spy planes, drones, and strategic bombers. The principle of radar detection. Bell & Ross drew inspiration from stealth fighter jets and used an avant-garde approach to interpret flight instruments’ clear and easy-to-read characteristics. It further adopted the design of an open-face dial and a three-dimensional hollow BR-CAL.383 self-winding movement. Bell and ross replica.

Bruno Belamich explained: “The three-dimensional faceted shape has the shadow of digital art. By freezing the digital image, you can see the pixels that make up the image.”

Matt black: high-tech nature

The BR 03 Cyber Ceramic watch has an outstanding design. Its matte black appearance is low-key but eye-catching. It replaces the precious metals commonly used in the traditional watchmaking industry. The 42 x 43.7 mm case is made of high-tech ceramics. The production of high-tech ceramics involves very complex high-temperature firing technology. The materials are lightweight, have high hardness, and have high wear resistance. Bruno Belamich explained: “The case and parts are polished with diamond powder, just like jewelers polishing and cutting precious stones. In order to create a simple and pure style, the designer removed the lugs and directly embedded the rubber straps on both sides of the case. “In addition, 12 bright black metal hour markers and logos are set inside the anti-glare sapphire glass.

The BR 03 Cyber Ceramic has a three-dimensional and avant-garde silhouette. It is equipped with a high-quality homemade movement and is full of luxury watch styles. Bell & Ross provides a 5-year warranty for this new model.