Roger Dubuis 520 Selection Of Extraordinary Beloved Timepieces, Fake Watches For Sale

Love is the company of the sun, moon, and stars; keep moving forward.

Love is the moment of falling in love at first sight; chase it bravely.

On the occasion of 520, Roger Dubuis, the extraordinary master of Geneva watchmaking, inherits exquisite traditional Swiss watchmaking skills, integrates pioneering modern three-dimensional design, and always adheres to the watchmaking concept of bold innovation and subversion of conventions to select the favorites on the wrist. The gift freezes the moment of love and interprets the true meaning of love.

Love is unburdened, but it protects with perseverance.

Love is a light companionship that does not need to be burdened and is a steadfast waiting in the years. The two watches are made of grade 5 titanium. They are slim in appearance, comfortable to wear, and versatile. This space-age metal is 33% lighter than stainless steel and is known for its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. It is naturally soft and hypoallergenic, maintaining high corrosion resistance and anti-magnetic properties. The brand’s iconic five-pointed star element floats freely above the barrel. The classic hollow design deepens the sense of perspective and depth, creating a three-dimensional architectural beauty. The King series single-flying tourbillon titanium alloy watch is equipped with the RD512SQ manual winding movement, composed of 194 parts. The single flying tourbillon is located at 7 o’clock; the King series interstellar hollow titanium alloy bracelet watch is equipped with the RD720SQ automatic winding machine. The core consists of 178 parts and has a built-in micro-oscillating weight. Fake watches for sale.

King Series Single Flying Tourbillon Titanium Alloy Watch (left) King Series Interstellar Skeleton Titanium Alloy Watch (right)

Love is the dazzling sparkle of love at first sight.

Love, like the light when we first meet, instantly lights up each other’s world. The King Series Single Flying Tourbillon Watch has the RD505SQ manual winding movement, consisting of 179 parts. Both timepieces comprise 179 parts, and the iconic single-flying tourbillon brings excellent performance to the watch. The black alligator leather strap model is set with 384 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 4.2 carats); the white alligator leather strap model is set with 589 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 5.2 carats). The black and white colors echo each other and are matched with white gold. The watch case is shining and moving forward in tacit understanding. Rolex replicas for sale.

King Series Single Flying Tourbillon Watch

Love is watching the stars and sunrise together.

Love is the morning light and night sky that I chase with you. Every moment is full of hopes and dreams. The King Series Meteor Single Flying Tourbillon Watch is equipped with the RD510SQ movement, comprising 179 parts. On the rose gold case, 60 round-cut diamonds shine brightly, paired with a red crocodile leather strap, like a passionate flame of love jumping between the wrists. The King series double-flying tourbillon Rising Sun Oriental watch is equipped with the RD108SQ movement, composed of 319 parts. It is equipped with two flying tourbillons connected by a differential, which can provide a 72-hour power reserve. The watch is inlaid with 108 gems, each of which has been cut in a protracted step-shaped manner with ultra-high precision, and is arranged in the gradient color of morning glow around the timepiece, shining with colorful colors.

King Series Meteor Single Flying Tourbillon Watch (left) King Series Double Flying Tourbillon Rising Sun Oriental Watch (right)

With the arrival of 520, the extraordinary watchmaker Roger Dubuis witnesses his passionate love with the remarkable tourbillon master, freeing the dazzling moment on the wrist!