Mille Miglia Gts Power Control Bamford Special Edition “Desert Racer” Replica Swiss Watches

Following the tremendous success of the first cooperation between the two parties in 2021, Chopard joined hands with Bamford Watch Department again this year to sway infinite inspiration together, presenting a unique Mille Miglia GTS Power Control customized watch. The new Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford Special Edition “Desert Racer” watch features elegant black, dark gray, and flame orange schemes embellished with clear, eye-catching numerals. The rubber strap presents an elegant weaving effect and ensures wearing comfort, demonstrating Chopard’s unswerving passion for motorsports. This limited-edition 50-piece timepiece is made of microbead-polished titanium, which is durable and aesthetically pleasing. It is equipped with the Chopard 01.08-C movement, whose precision performance has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). Certified. Replica swiss watches.

Exclusive Creative Cooperation

This time, Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (Karl-Friedrich Scheufele) and Bamford Watch Department founder George Bamford (George Bamford) jointly created the Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford Special Edition “Desert Racer” watch, a limited edition of 50 pieces. The brand strives for excellence and is always committed to craftsmanship and quality, so this sports watch is sophisticated and elegant. George Bamford recently wore the eye to the deserts of northern Mexico for the final NCAA race, driving a Meyers Manx off-road vehicle. The Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford Special Edition, ‘Desert Racer watch has withstood this severe test because of its reliability, precision, and excellent performance against harsh environments.

The birth of this watch originated from a sympathetic dialogue between these two gentlemen. This timepiece has a unique appearance design, showing dynamic vitality, and is suitable for wearing on various occasions. The 43 mm diameter case is made of microbead-polished titanium, a lightweight, extremely durable, and textured metal. The bezel is equipped with a black aluminum scale ring, the lugs are short and sharp, and the integrated rubber strap makes it more comfortable and natural. Rubber, a material commonly used in competitive sports, is used to make the strap and is paired with an elegant weave effect, which makes this timepiece even more refined. The folding clasp connecting the strap is made of stainless steel treated with microbead-polished diamond-like carbon (DLC), and the screw-in case back is fixed with eight black PVD-treated screws to ensure that the watch is water-resistant to 100 degrees. Rice. The light-colored glass on the subject is surrounded by an orange gasket, which subtly echoes the orange flame on the dial. Chopard’s self-made movement, characteristic decoration, and hollow rotor can be seen through the watch mirror. Swiss models replica watches.

High-precision watch movement

The new Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford special edition “Desert Racer” watch is equipped with the excellent performance Chopard 01.08-C movement. It has obtained the Swiss official observatory chronometer certification (COSC), has a power reserve of about 60 hours, and is equipped with hour, minute, second, and date display functions. And has a power reserve of about 60 hours, equipped with hour, minute, second, and date display functions.

Ingenious and playful sharp contrast, highlighting the style of excellence and self-confidence

This unique limited edition watch combines shades of gray for a playful contrast. The Bamford Watch Department studio combines the distinctive flame orange decoration with the matte black dial to make the overall visual effect more clear and recognizable at a glance. The oversized Arabic numerals 6 and 12 are covered with black Superluminova fluorescent coating, and the large sword-shaped faceted hands and metalized three-dimensional inlaid hour markers are also covered with fluorescent layers. Disks are even more critical. Just as the drivers participating in the 1000 Miglia race must keep an eye on the fuel level during the 1600-kilometer race, the wearer of the Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford special edition “Desert Racer” watch Check the power reserve of the watch in the indicator of the

Review by George Bamford

“It was an amazing experience to drive a Meyers Manx off-road vehicle in the Norra 1000 with the Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford special edition ‘Desert Racer’ watch. I tried and tested this watch in the desert. The watch can be said to be created for great adventures and adventures. The deal combines two colors flame orange and tar black, showing a harmonious color effect. I love being involved in the process of designing and creating Mille Miglia watches. When we are in When I conceived the new model, I wanted to innovate and create a watch comparable to the original Mille Miglia. Therefore, we thought this “Desert Racer” watch would be very off-road style in the Mille Miglia family. new members.”

Mille Miglia Series

As a loyal fan of antique car racing, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (Karl-Friedrich Scheufele) has always believed that lovers of high-end cars and precious watches share the same passion for extraordinary elegance and excellent performance. Every watch produced by Chopard features certified high-precision mechanisms and a sporty design. With this Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford Special Edition, Bamford Watch Department has given a unique twist to a gentleman driver’s coveted timepiece.

Omega Seamaster 75th Anniversary, We Launched 11 New Knockoff Watches

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of establishing the Seamaster series, Omega recently launched 11 new Seamaster series watches, distributed in 7 sub-series. These include the Aqua Terra 150, Worldtimer, Seamaster 300, Seamaster Diver 300 Special Edition, Planet Ocean 600, Ploprof 1200, and Ultra Deep 6000.

It is extraordinary that all new models use “ice blue” dials. An interesting finding is that the higher the waterproof level, the higher the gradient of the blue ice surface, just like the Ultra Deep Seamaster 6000, which has only a tiny piece of ice blue cover in the center of the dial, while the Aqua Terra Seamaster 150, which is water resistant to 150 meters, The entire disk is bright ice blue.

In addition, the bottom cover of the new watch is all designed with a dense bottom, and laser engraving or embossing technology is used for engraving the image of Poseidon holding a trident and the seahorse logo on the bottom cover.

AquaTerra Seamaster 150 Series

The Aqua Terra Seamaster 150 series has been updated with three new models, including 38mm steel and 42mm steel with rubber straps.

38mm hippocampus 150

Among them, the 38mm Haima 150 adopts the 8800 movements, and the disk surface is radial. The foreign price is 7,000 US dollars, which is about 50,000 yuan.

41mm hippocampus 150 (rubber belt)

41mm hippocampus 150 (steel belt)

The 41mm Haima 150 uses the 8900 movements, and the dial uses a classic horizontal “teak” textured surface, which contrasts sharply with the 38mm surface. The price of the steel belt model abroad is 6,600 US dollars or about 47,000 yuan. The rubber strap costs US$6,400, or about 46,000 yuan.

Worldtimer seahorse World time

The Worldtimer seahorse, world time series, has updated two products this time, and the laser ablation technology is also used to carve out the outline and color of the land. There is a 24-hour scale ring outside the inner dial to distinguish between night and day, and a blue ocean is added to match the main blue dial and blue city ring around it.

The world time on the ice blue surface looks refreshing, with the 8938 automatic mechanical movements. The price of the steel belt version abroad is 9,400 US dollars or about 68,000 yuan; the blue rubber strap version costs 9,200 US dollars or about 66,000 yuan.

Seamaster Seamaster 300

The Seamaster Seamaster 300 series updated style as a member of the Omega 300m professional diving watch in 1957. A retro minimalist style has always characterized this series.

The appearance and size of the new version have mostly stayed the same. It adopts the 8912 movements and has a diameter of 41mm. The price abroad is US$6,700, equivalent to RMB 48,000.

Seamaster Diver Seamaster 300 Special Edition

Like the Seamaster 300 series, the overall update of the Seamaster Diver 300 is minor. It is mainly reflected in the change of the color of the dial. The dial also adopts wave texture + gradient ice blue dial.

Seamaster Diver Seamaster 300 (rubber belt)

Using the 8800 movements, there are steel and rubber straps. The price of the steel model abroad is US$6,300, equivalent to RMB 45,000; the cost of the rubber model is US$5,900, equivalent to RMB 42,000.

Planet Ocean Ocean Universe 600

The most significant change in the appearance of this update is the Planet Ocean 600 series, which uses a new 39.5mm case. Compared with the original 43.5mm, it is a boon for players with thin wrists, and the thickness is also reduced to 13.9mm. Using the 8800 movements, the foreign price is 7,400 US dollars, equivalent to 53,000 yuan. Rolex replica watches.

Ploprof Hippocampus 1200 Series

As a professional-level diving watch, the Ploprof Seamaster 1200 series has also ushered in many changes. The design of the 1200’s colossal bridge guard and helium exhaust shell once dissuaded many players and should have been addressed by many people. Still, it is undeniably one of the unique dive knockoff watches.

This time its size has been reduced from 55✖48 to 55✖45, using Omega’s self-developed steel alloy, which has improved scratch resistance, wear resistance, and gloss. ‍‍‍‍‍

The gradient color in the dial’s center is more prominent, and only a tiny conspicuous ice blue is in the middle area. It uses a unique perforated blue rubber strap. The foreign price is 14,300 US dollars, equivalent to RMB 100,000. ‍

Ultra Deep Seamaster 6000 As one of Omega’s highest waterproof dive watches, the Ultra Deep Seamaster 6000 is legendary. In 2019, the Omega “Ultra Deep” watch dived to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, setting a watch deep diving record.

In 2022, Omega will apply this deep-diving technology to the new Seamaster Ocean Planet Ultra Deep 6000-meter professional diving watch, officially released to the public. ‍‍

The dial of this update is fascinating. In addition to the unique design of the dial similar to “quicksand,” the designer also prepared an easter egg for the player. When the dial is illuminated with a purple light, exciting graffiti will show the breakthrough of Omega—a 10,000-meter-deep diving feat.

As a major update of the 75th-anniversary series of Haima, is there anything you like?

Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&g, Best Swiss Replica Watches

The BLACK BAY CHRONO S&G watch is equipped with a Tudor self-winding movement, a column wheel, and a vertical chronograph clutch wheel device; stylish and stylish and highlights the pure tradition of sports watches.

Since the launch of the first chronograph watch, Oysterdate, in 1970, Tudor has been committed to developing and manufacturing a series of alerts closely related to motorsports. Similarly, Tudor has continuously improved the quality of its professional diving watches, which has continued since 1954.

From land to sea

One watch, two spirits

The Black Bay Chronograph Gold Steel watch faithfully continues the classic aesthetic features of the Black Bay series, retaining the famous “snowflake” hands that have been the hallmark of Tudor diving watches since 1969, in sharp contrast with the round-arched dial, ensuring clarity and ease of use. Read. The dial is available in two options-matte black or sunray-effect sand champagne, and the two concave sub-counters use contrasting champagne or matte black, respectively, for a better reading effect. The sub-counter counters are decorated with circular patterns, one of which is a 45-minute counter, and the calendar window is set at 6 o’clock, continuing the aesthetic features of the original Tudor chronograph. The gold steel case with a diameter of 41 mm retains the characteristics of the Black Bay series. Another detail-the design of the gold button is also inspired by the first-generation Tudor chronograph watch, which demonstrates the brand’s consistent spirit of excellence. The gold fixed outer ring and the black anodized aluminum tachymeter ring are pretty sporty, giving this timepiece a full-bodied appearance. Best swiss replica watches.

Tudor chronograph movement MT5813

The Black Bay Chronograph Gold Steel watch is equipped with the Tudor chronograph movement MT5813, which has the functions of hour, minute, second display, timing, and calendar. The one-piece hollowed-out tungsten metal automatic rotor is frosted, with sandblasted details, and the splint and main splint are interlaced with polished and sandblasted finishes, embellished with laser decoration. Bell and ross replica.

According to the Swiss Official Observatory certification regulations, when the movement is running, the average daily error relative to the absolute time can be between -4 and +6 seconds, while the Tudor watch always requires that the movement error must be within -2 seconds after assembly to +4 seconds. The movement is carefully manufactured with traditional watchmaking technology, equipped with a column wheel and a vertical chronograph clutch wheel device, achieving extraordinary performance. Adhering to Tudor’s highest quality standards, this movement is solid, reliable, and outstanding.

The MT5813 movement evolved from the Breitling 01 chronograph movement. Based on the original signal, Tudor has ingeniously developed high-precision adjustment parts and carefully polished them with a unique polishing process. This is the wisdom of the long-term cooperation between Tudor and Breitling. In crystallization, the two parties devoted themselves to the design and manufacture of a specific mechanical movement, cooperated, and learned from each other’s exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting the unremitting pursuit of the quality of the action.

Jacquard textured strap, yellow gold steel strap, or leather strap.

As a significant feature of Tudor watches, the use of textured straps can be traced back to 2010, and Tudor watches have also become one of the earliest watchmaking brands to use textured straps. Julien Faure makes this strap in the St-Etienne region of France. It was woven with traditional techniques on a jacquard loom in the 19th century. It is of high quality and wearable. Comfortable. In 2020, Tudor and this 150-year-old company ushered in the tenth anniversary of their cooperation. Tudor launched the brand’s first watch equipped with the factory’s textured strap at the Baselworld Watch and Jewelery Fair in 2010-Heritage Chrono, and the two parties have since launched close cooperation.

The Black Bay Chronograph in Yellow Rolesor is fitted with a black textured strap crafted by expert craftsmen at Julien Faure. At the same time, it is also available with a gold steel strap style inspired by the folding rivet straps made by Tudor watches in the 1950s and 1960s. The strap perfectly combines the above two aesthetic features and integrates modern manufacturing technology into solid links and laser-finished rivet heads. In addition, the new watch can also be equipped with a dark brown antique leather strap: decorated with light brown stitching and fitted with a steel buckle, highlighting the spirit of motorsports in the 1970s.

Fifty Years of the Tudor Chronograph

In 1970, Tudor launched the Oysterdate, its first chronograph watch. This watch is durable, robust, and uniquely designed. Its distinctive color scheme, the pentagonal hour markers like the home plate of a baseball field, the 45-minute counter, and the calendar window at 6 o’clock make this watch unique. It laid the foundation for the glorious development of Tudor chronograph watches for over 50 years.

The essence of Biwan type

The Biwan series combines the brand’s traditional aesthetics with contemporary watchmaking craftsmanship. This series of watches is not simply a replica of classic looks but embodies the essence of Tudor’s diving watch production for nearly 70 years, and it still occupies a place in the watch industry today. It has outstanding performance above the industry standard in craftsmanship, precision and reliability, durability, and detail finishing.

Tudor Watch Warranty Terms

This warranty does not require registration of the watch, does not require periodic inspections, and is transferable.

Tudor watch

Tudor is an award-winning Swiss high-end watch brand. The watches produced are exquisite in style, accurate and reliable, and of excellent quality, which is a perfect value choice. In 1946, he founded MontresTUDOR SA Tudor watch company. The watches are produced to follow the quality concept respected by Rolex, but the price is more acceptable to the public. Since their inception, Tudor watches have been worn by brave people who are not afraid of challenges on land, under the sea, and on ice. Today, Tudor watches include classic series such as Black Bay, Pelagos, 1926, and Royal. Since 2015, Tudor watches have launched high-quality original mechanical movements with different functions.

Model 79363N


Diameter 41 mm, polished and satin

316L steel case

Outer ring

Fixed bezel in yellow gold with tachymeter insert in matt black anodized aluminum and gold-plated scales

Winding crown

Yellow gold screw-down winding crown with embossed TUDOR rose logo.


Domed black dial with champagne counters or domed champagne dial with black counters

Date window at 6 o’clock


Domed sapphire mirror

Waterproof performance

Water-resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)


Rivet 316 steel and gold strap, polished and satin-brushed;

or dark brown leather strap with removable cushion, stainless steel clasp, and safety clasp;

or black textured strap with buckle


Tudor movement MT5813 with chronograph function

Self-winding mechanical chronograph movement with bidirectional oscillating weight system


Swiss official observatory certification (COSC) observatory precision timepiece


The central hour and minute hands

the central chronograph seconds hand

45-minute counter at 3 o’clock

Small seconds at 9 o’clock

The fast-adjusting instant-jump calendar is located at 6 o’clock,

No adjustment calendar time limit

Stop-seconds function for accurate time adjustment.



Number of gems

41 pieces

Power reserve

about 70 hours

De Bethune Launches The Db28xs Interstellar Sea Swiss Watch Replica

De Bethune always adheres to the concept of watchmaking with innovation as the core, is committed to integrating ingenuity and creativity, and pursues technological innovation, aiming to create timepieces that break the rules. De Bethune focuses on invention rather than the repetition of existing techniques. The brand-new DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch is more petite and adopts novel ideas. At the same time, it has been further improved in terms of accuracy, reliability, readability, and wearing comfort, officially opening a new era in the development of De Bethune. Chapter. The new watch is destined to go down in the history of the De Bethune brand because it marks a new stage of development in the fascinating watchmaking story that the brand founder and master watchmaker Denis Flageollet has been telling for the past 20 years.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch creates the world’sworld’s first random guilloche pattern.

The DB28 watch is the iconic Work of the brand, and the new DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch has a special meaning, so it has attracted more attention. Compared with De Bethune’sBethune’s previous works, the diameter of the new look has been significantly reduced to 39 mm. At the same time, it has followed the brand’sbrand’s unique and iconic design, creating a minor miracle – not only realizing key technological innovations but, most importantly, Redefining the superb advanced watchmaking technology with its excellent skills, injecting the watchmaking spirit of the Enlightenment Age into the 21st-century watch, and finally creating this unprecedented aesthetic masterpiece. swiss watch replica.

The creation process of the new watch is by no means a complete copy of history but the pursuit of arousing people’speople’s unique emotional experiences when facing extraordinary things. The original intention of De Bethune founder and master watchmaker Denis Flageolet is pure: he examines watchmaking traditions from an innovative perspective. He is committed to making contemporary mechanical watches a cultural wrist carrier for measuring time. replica watches review.

Proficient skills make perfect masterpieces.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch is an extraordinary feat of craftsmanship. It combines the solemnity of the timepieces of the Enlightenment Age and the precision of scientific instruments on the wrist. Its fascinating micro-mechanical structure and pleasing appearance design also vividly demonstrate the ingenuity behind it. Creativity. Behind the seemingly simple smaller size, the uniqueness of this watch and its design goes far beyond the size reduction and the way it operates.

“This project was born out of my cultural understanding between craftsmanship and objects. To create the DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch, I drew creative inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which is actually a pursuit of personal, An artistic conception of the harmonious coexistence of objects and environments.”

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch follows the brand’sbrand’s unique and iconic design.

The natural appearance design shows pure and harmonious beauty.

The wabi-sabi philosophy is a Japanese philosophy of authenticity that combines two aesthetic and spiritual principles that have historically been significant in Japanese culture. Wabi (wabi) represents the sense of abundance that people feel when appreciating the beauty of nature, implying loneliness and simplicity, accompanied by a touch of melancholy. On the other hand, Sabi is more concerned with time, referring to people’s feelings when they perceive time or human influence on things.

Inspired by the idea of wabi-sabi, Denis Flageolet longed for a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the city and found peace of mind in appreciating those things that became more beautiful with time. “We are committed to constantly exploring the possibilities of design, and despite the continuous development of industrial technology, this subtle connection between humans and nature traditionally displayed in the fields of art, literature, and craft seems to exist still and remain alive.”

The idea of wabi-sabi is comparable to Western civilization’s Greek concept of beauty and perfection. In the Japanese archipelago, this idea is not only the essence of many artistic fields, such as design and gardening but also leads the trend of simplicity and frugality. After consumerist booms and economic bubbles, the movement is coming back strong, as evidenced by the success of books on degrowth.

The quiet beauty of the world

Denis Flageolet generally knows how to stop the pace from going further. He is committed to pursuing excellence in creation and seeking perfection in imperfection. Over the past two decades, without even realizing it, these qualities have led him to shift his perspective from a culture emphasizing science and the rigorous aesthetics of the Enlightenment to a philosophy devoted to discovering the quiet beauty of the world. The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch fully embodies tranquility and peace and demonstrates the brand’sbrand’s pursuit of purity and serenity. It pays tribute to traditional art and adopts new technology to interpret the beauty of simplicity and simplicity vividly.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch demonstrates the brand’sbrand’s pursuit of purity and tranquility.

The three principles of the wabi-sabi concept interpreted by the DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch:

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch uses the world’sworld’s first random guilloche pattern to present the baked blue titanium metal corrugated dial that symbolizes the bright starry sky to show one of the three principles of the Wabi-sabi concept: the beauty of impermanence and incomplete imperfection.

Its small size, and new silver scale ring and movement interpret the second principle of the wabi-sabi philosophy: the beauty of simplicity and simplicity. Or at least a deceptively simple design because in miniaturized watchmaking that requires superb craftsmanship, this watch is undoubtedly a technological innovation, mainly reflected in the miniaturization of the DB28’s patented floating lug system.

Ultimately, the brand created a distinctive and unique watch that embodies the third principle of the wabi-sabi philosophy: the beauty of impermanence.

The passionate collision of art and science

The geniuses of the Age of Enlightenment aimed to create scientific instruments that expressed aesthetics through functionality, simple mechanics, and minimalist design. At that time, the powerful and prominent people invited skilled artisans, including cabinetmakers, bronze artisans, and enamellers such as Boulle, Caffieri, and Coteau, to transform these instruments into true works of art.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch was finally successfully released, which shows that Denis Flageollet’s team fully understands and implements the spirit of De Bethune derived from this culture. Under continuous optimization and upgrading guidance, they constantly questioned and re-examined existing skills during the creative process, relying on traditional watchmaking skills and new technologies to promote improvement. De Bethune has always adhered to this concept of continuous improvement because it is the cornerstone of the brand’sbrand’s development.

Denis Flageolet said: “Work is meaningless unless you want to make progress, and the only way to make progress is to keep questioning your assumptions. We need to keep going back to the starting point, rethinking the current Work, by changing one element , processes, and techniques to optimize, and the result is sometimes only small improvements that are difficult to detect.”

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch reveals its fascinating micro-mechanical structure.

A lighter, more shock-resistant DB28 watch

For centuries, watchmakers have eliminated external influences on timing accuracy by placing timing mechanisms on towers, tables, and universal joints. As timekeeping accuracy improved, people began to aspire to wear these timepieces. To ensure that these timepieces maintain outstanding timekeeping accuracy in various extreme wearing environments, they must be able to withstand the effects of shock, acceleration, and magnetic fields. However, these issues require dedicated research and are closely related to the smaller design of watches. The DB2005 movement has been optimized and adjusted to meet the needs of this miniaturization design trend without compromising its excellent timekeeping accuracy. Even better, the lighter design improves the watch’swatch’s response efficiency in the face of acceleration shocks.

Regarding aesthetic design, choosing blue is not just for considering visual beauty. On the one hand, blue symbolizes the wisdom and tranquility of the sky, the sea, and the entire universe, echoing the wabi-sabi philosophy that inspired this watch; on the other hand, blue has great technical value in De Bethune’sBethune’s mechanical watches. In fact, during the development of the new De Bethune balance wheel, Denis Flageolet, initially attempting to solve the technical problems of stability and precision, created a ground-breaking new oscillator whose color combines the white metallic paint of palladium with titanium. Metallic vivid blue. Since then, this blue color that emerged in technological innovation has become a central symbolic element of the brand. Through the reflection and refraction of light, this color can shine brightly on different materials and finishes, creating endless subtle tonal changes.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch echoes the concept of wabi-sabi with a blue dial.

The purpose of De Bethune is to continue the relentless pursuit of impeccable precision and stunning aesthetic design by the great watchmakers of the 18th century. Using the latest achievements of modern science and technology, the various teams of the brand are committed to finding unique and innovative efficient solutions. For over 20 years, De Bethune has always adhered to this principle: to create excellent timepieces that inherit the watchmaking tradition while integrating modern mechanical, technical, and aesthetic innovations.

Swiss Mido Huaxi Series Huaying Watch, Replica Luxury Watches

During the day, on the mother-of-pearl dial surrounded by gorgeous diamonds on the Huaxi series Huaying watch, the graceful lotus flower opens its soft petals as if floating in the rippling water waves; The halo emits an unpredictable and charming purple light.

Swiss Mido launched a new Huaxi series of Huaying watches, adding a gorgeous timepiece with a soft texture and witty charm to the Huaxi series. The ArtScience Museum inspired the Huaxi series in Singapore. Inspired by its unique appearance, like a lotus flower in full bloom, Mido created the exquisite design of the Huaxi series of ladies’ watches. The hibiscus in the water blooms on the mother-of-pearl dial, reflecting the delicate luster, and the brilliant light of diamonds surrounds its reflection. In the dark environment, the soft and moving dial emits a purple glow under the blessing of the luminous coating, and the clear lotus blooms day and night, showing the ingenuity of light and shadow flow. The new Huaying watch has Caliber80 automatic mechanical movement, providing up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage. The elegant style of the gold rose case, and the comfort of the lavender leather strap complement each other to complete this stunning masterpiece, which together presents the most attractive femininity. Replica luxury watches.

Qingying invites you like a dream.

During the day, the iconic lotus flower of the Huaxi series blooms its petals on the mother-of-pearl dial, and its graceful figure is reflected in the iridescent waves, outlining the timeless and elegant face of the Huaxi series of Huaying watches. The hour markers are set with 11 precious diamonds and decorated with rose gold metal rings. As night falls, the petals are treated with Super-LumiNova, the hollowed-out hour and minute hands. The simple and low-key date window is located at 6 o’clock on the dial. The mirror is made of hemispherical double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire glass, which protects the exquisite appearance of the hour hand.

Youthful and elegant, perfect and perfect

The new Huaxi series Huaying watch adopts a gold rose case, and the side edges alternately use polished and sandblasted surfaces, just like the petals of a clear lotus facing the blue sky. The lavender leather strap with a folding buckle provides a comfortable wearing experience and prevents the watch from slipping off the wrist, adding a touch of softness to the simple and concise lines of the Huaying watch. Rolex replicas for sale.

The Huaxi series Huaying watch is equipped with Mido Caliber80 automatic mechanical movement, which provides up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage. The exquisitely carved activity can be observed through the transparent back. The automatic oscillating weight is engraved with the exclusive lotus pattern of the Huaxi series, reminiscent of the crisscrossing beams and columns in the center of the Singapore ArtScience Museum. Pay tribute again to The source of inspiration for the collection.

Swiss Mido uses light and shadow changes to awaken the moving fragrance and creates the most elegant and elegant new Huaxi series Huaying watch.

Oris Launches New Aquis Series Best Replica Watches

For the first time, Oris turned to the development of the best-selling Aquis series to commemorate a unique annual tradition: to create 250 special edition watches to celebrate the Oris story.

  love of watches

If you have followed Oris over the years, you will know that the company was registered on June 1, 1904. More importantly, on June 1 every year, a limited edition of 250 watches will be released, named after Hölstein, a beautiful town in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland, also known as Oris. It has been 119 years since the birthplace of China.

This year’s 2023 edition of the Holstein watch continues this proud tradition. Inspired by the brand’s best-selling Aquis diving watch, it injects new design elements into this popular series. It is limited to 250 pieces worldwide on a first-come, first-served basis.

Although the particularity of this watch is unquestionable, what is more critical is the spirit behind it.

Since its founding in 1904, Oris’ philosophy has been to manufacture high-quality watches that combine beauty, craftsmanship, practicality, and value. This spirit lives on more than a century later in Holstein’s 2023 limited edition watch. Now, mechanical watches can also combine the industrial technology and romanticism of traditional timepieces to create affordable looks for all hardworking people.

For 119 years, adhering to the founder’s vision, Oris has manufactured beautiful timepieces with practical functions and reasonable prices. Some people think that mechanical watches are no longer needed in this era. If you only consider the functionality of timing, there are many alternatives, but an automatic watch is an exquisite handicraft, and beautiful things can always bring endless joy. Many people strive for a better life and usually appreciate a balance of quality and value. Oris hopes to bring joy to people. In the process, it also passes on its independent spirit and personality to consumers with the same pursuit.

another way of thinking

Introducing the Holstein Limited Edition 2023, the first Aquis without a calendar, with a purple dial.

Since 1904, things have changed, but the enthusiasm for mechanical watchmaking has led Oris for over a century. Holstein shaped Oris to become a brand with an independent spirit and go it’s way.

Oris adheres to the brand concept passed down from generation to generation and does what it thinks is right. The birth of the Holstein limited edition watches celebrates the continuation of the independent spirit and pays tribute to all fans who love Oris and mechanical timepieces. The first three versions are slightly “off the beaten track,” but they show the most exciting and independent side of the brand’s personality.

This year, the fourth edition of the Holstein watch continues to shine. This is the first watch based on the brand’s evergreen model-Aquis diving series, but it has a hidden secret.

Glance: Is it violets? 

Next is the movement. The watch is powered by the Oris400 self-winding movement, a five-day chain self-winding movement developed by the brand. With excellent antimagnetic properties, chronometer precision (-3/+5 seconds per day), 10-year service intervals, and warranty. So here comes the problem: there is no calendar window! This is the first-ever “undated” Aquis design.

Then there’s the case back, engraved with the limited edition number and embossed with Howe Bear, wearing a wetsuit. Why? Because it’s fun, let the adorable Howe Bear bring a smile to your face. This is still a high-performance diver’s watch water-resistant to 300 meters.

The Holstein limited edition should always be a unique existence, a rare treasure, and an occasional birthday gift. What connects the brand from its origins to enthusiasts all over the world is joy. Therefore, Oris did a maverick thing.

“This is the first-ever ‘undated’ Aquis design, in response to the clamor of fans.”

power to the people

The Holstein Limited Edition 2023 is powered by the Oris 400 in-house movement, a high-quality automatic movement with three performance promises.

Excellent antimagnetic

The Oris 400 self-caliber has more than 30 antimagnetic components, exceeding the specifications of the ISO 764 enhanced antimagnetic standard.

Five-day dynamic reserve

The watch equipped with the Oris 400 self-caliber has a power reserve of up to 5 days. Even if it is idle on Thursday, it still keeps an average time when worn every other Tuesday.

10-year warranty

Dare to promise a 10-year warranty for all watches equipped with this movement, practical after registration in MyOris. Oris also recommends that users maintain their eyes every ten years.

  lighter touch

Magic Purple and Diving Bear. Oris brand co-CEO Rolf Studer said that watches are designed to have fun.

The most important thing about making this characteristic collection is that they are related to Oris’ birthday – the company was founded on June 1, 1904. This place defines who Oris is, a gift to Oris itself and its fans. Watches should not be exclusive to boutiques – people worldwide can buy them through their official retailers, striving to provide Oris lovers with a better experience.

Holstein limited edition watches have a tradition of telling the Oris story. For example, they are the only creations featuring the Oris bear. You could say that the Holstein edition is the most accessible to the heart of a genuine Oris, despite only making 250 of it.

“Oris takes the watchmaking industry seriously. Swiss-made mechanical watches can also be a relaxed and happy thing, which inspires everyone.”

Call it a concept: But this year’s Holstein Limited Edition is a steel-belted Aquis that feels more like a regular operation. And it is a prudent decision!

The first three generations of Hölstein versions are all well-deserved concept swiss models, especially the all-steel watch that returned to 1990 last year. As it recalls a particular chapter in history, this watch revives the iconic Full Steel collection, capturing the essence of the 90s and the groundbreaking 690 mechanical movements. In contrast, the 2023 Holstein version looks more spartan, but the concept of this watch is entirely from the sincere appeal of Oris fans.

Oris is fortunate to have a very active global community. You can see this in the interactions on social networks, such as the thriving Oris watch family. Oris has more than 30 branches worldwide, each run by a local Oris fan. They talk to brands and share their thoughts on watches and brand collaborations. They also ask great questions. Why doesn’t Oris make an Aquis with no date? When will the clock with the purple dial come out? These have inspired Holstein’s 2023 edition; purple air will come from the east once it works.

Concept models or unique designs often hint at future directions. The limited edition Holstein does not indicate future movements for the brand, although our Oris 403 in-house movement debuted in the 2021 edition. But it’s mostly a celebration meant to bring joy, make people smile, and give back to Oris fans. As for Aquis without a calendar? No such idea at the moment. Just like Oris has not released a regular series of Full Steel all-steel best replica watches.

Oris is committed to creating relaxation because there are already too many heavy topics in the world, and it hopes to give people a moment of happiness on a busy day. A Swiss-made mechanical watch can also be a relaxing and enjoyable affair. The Holstein series watches are also a positive symbol of inclusiveness. Instead of creating negative emotions like jealousy, build positive emotions, focus on what we have, and share the good times with others instead of keeping a straight face all the time. Oris takes watchmaking seriously, takes pride in making great things people love, travels light but inspires, has fun, and enjoys life; that’s Oris, Holstoy Due to the 2023 edition.

product details


Stainless steel case with unidirectional rotating gray ceramic bezel.




Purple luminous material Hands and scales coated with Super-LumiNova bright material


Domed sapphire on both sides, anti-glare coating on the inside


Screw-down case back in stainless steel, engraved with the limited edition number and Howard Bear

tuning structure

Stainless steel screw-down safety crown


300 meters



Oris 400 in-house movement


Central hours, minutes, seconds, instantaneous calendar, stop seconds.


-3/+5 seconds per day (within COSC tolerance)

Other functions

Excellent antimagnetic performance

Winding method


power reserve

120 hours

Warranty Commitment

Go to to become a MyOris member and register your watch to receive a 10-year warranty, which also applies to the movement. Maintenance is recommended every ten years.

limited edition 

250 pieces, packed in a special wooden watch box

Suggested retail price 

RMB 29,800

time to market

June 2023

Bell&Ross Launches Limited Edition Swiss Replica Watch

Bell&Ross served as a partner of the French Patrol aerobatic team for three years and launched a limited edition watch to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the French Air Force elite unit – the Patrouille de France was founded in 1953 and has soared in the sky for 70 years, known as one of the world’s most outstanding fancy air show fleets, the team members are all top fighter pilots, and their performance is constantly improving, which has established a special status and reputation for the fleet. The performance team symbolizes the excellence of the French military and the aerospace industry. Every performance is fantastic in terms of technology and art. Rigorous preparations and precise execution performances have achieved repeated innovations in the past 70 years. These valuable experiences And principles are still in line with the times today and even more in line with the idea of Bell&Ross.

Carlos Rosillo, president, and co-founder of Bell&Ross, said: “The aerobatic team is an elite force of the French Air Force, and they are also ambassadors for the excellence of the French military and aerospace technology. The BR 03-92 PAF 70th anniversary swiss replica watch has witnessed the rich and long history of Bell&Ross and military aviation.

Same idea

The alliance between the patrol aerobatic team and Bell&Ross is more meaningful than the cooperation between ordinary brands. Just as the aerobatic team requires a tacit understanding between the team members, the performance team and Bell&Ross are, respectively, the authority in flight and watchmaking, with the same concept. The two sides have cooperated more and more closely since 2021 and have established a solid and solid partnership so far.

Colonel Mallard, director of SIRPA Air and Space, said: “The French Air Force and Bell&Ross have established a close and trustworthy partnership since 2020, based on the aerobatic team brand and the common philosophy of both parties – self-transcendence, relentless innovation, strict precision and unity, It is always the belief that the performance team and Bell&Ross adhere to. More importantly, both parties are also striving for perfection and are committed to improving the status of French technology and culture, which makes the cooperation between the two parties have more profound significance. The commemorative series of swiss fake watches launched this time is the crystallization of the common philosophy and enthusiasm of both parties.”

Legendary fighter

Over the past 70 years, the Patrol Air Demonstration Team has touched countless hearts thanks to the outstanding performance of skilled pilots and fighter jets. The fighter’s appearance is slender and graceful, like a dragon, and it cuts through the sky. Thunderjet, which entered service in 1953, and Alphajet, which joined service in 1981, as well as Ouragan, Mystère IV, and Fouga Magister, are all classic legends, and they appeared together in BR 03- The ceramic case back of the 92 PAF 70th Anniversary Watch is a tribute to these legendary fighters.

Paying homage to the legend also had to overcome some technical challenges. Bruno Belamich, another founder and creative director, said: “Since the aerobatic team was established in 1953, these five fighters have been in service successively. It was more complicated for the art department, but the task was ultimately completed.

A timepiece for pilots

The success of an air show depends entirely on the pilot’s performance. The flight instruments on the plane are all tools to assist the pilot. Bell&Ross’s watchmaking philosophy also follows this principle. Timepieces must meet the requirements of professionals, and the technical performance of the watch is no exception. , also adds a layer of real practical significance.

Bruno Belamich recalled: “Before we make a watch, we must consult the pilot. The first goal is to meet their needs and make timepieces that can assist them in completing their tasks. For example, the BR 03 TYPE A Patrouille de France is based on the pilot’s requirements. It is produced and equipped with a quartz movement, which has two display modes of running needles and jumping characters.” The new BR 03-92 PAF limited edition is no exception. Pilots provide design inspiration and participate in watch design.


The BR 03-92 PAF watch commemorates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Patrol Air Show Team. It is also an out-and-out professional timepiece. The case is treated with black coating to highlight the contrast of design details. BR-CAL 302 self-winding movement displays hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. The point is waterproof to about 100 meters and limited to 999 pieces.

Bell&Ross specially selected a bright, bright blue dial for this new work, which echoes the uniform color of the aerobatic team pilots. The logo of the performance team and the 70th-anniversary logo are placed on both sides of the dial, and the outer edge of the dial is subtly circled with the blue of the French flag—white and red tricolor.

Panerai Luminor Due Luminor Due 38 mm Fake Watch

Panerai launched the new Luminor Due 38mm watch, which interprets the fashion of modern looks with a casual and urban temperament. The new work interprets Panerai’s tradition of high-precision timepieces integrating excellent performance, aesthetic design, and practical functions, and for the first time, adopts a new light-colored dial color scheme, showing a charming modern style. The new watch adopts a 38mm stainless steel case, and the detailed design of the metal bracelet highlights the watchmaking style of Panerai, which flexibly meets the wearing needs of different occasions in daily urban life.

The delicate and chic sandwich dial details are coated with white Super-LumiNova luminous material, which glows green in the dark. The dial is meticulously polished by a double finishing process, showing a gradient effect from light to night from top to bottom. The new fake watch has three dial styles with different colors- light blue, light green, and fog pink—date display at 3 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock. The dial is engraved with the words “PANERAI,” presenting a chic urban style and also cleverly setting off the new color scheme introduced by Panerai for the first time.

The polished stainless steel case with a diameter of 38 mm has a closed bottom cover design. It is also equipped with a metal bracelet whose shape is inspired by Panerai’s iconic crown bridge protection device. Each link presents the semi-elliptical outline of this classic device, which is alternately polished and frosted to make the replica watch. It is more refined and adds personality to urban looks.

The size and proportions of the new Luminor Due watch have been reimagined to be thinner, lighter, and more fluid. At the same time, it also continues the precise and rigorous mechanical beauty of the representative models of the Panerai calendar, vividly interpreting the exquisite Italian urban style.

The new Luminor Due 38mm watch has a P.900 self-winding mechanical movement and a 3-day power reserve. It is only available at Panerai boutiques, and each eye is limited to 500 pieces per year.

Blancpain’s New Ladybird Women’s Series Diamond Prom Colorful Best Replica Watch Site

When spring triggers inspiration, and everything is full of colors, Blancpain started a creative game of “color combination,” renewing the brand’s two classic and timeless diamond prom women’s watches-the moon phase complication watch and the small seconds best replica watch site. The unforgettable “beauty mole” moon phase face and the delicately rotating small seconds dial, surrounded by precious metals and diamonds, fit right into the dazzling halo of the Ladybird women’s diamond ball dazzling jewelry watch middle.

The sun is growing brighter, calling loudly for color. We selected the most exquisite colors in the wardrobe. We matched them with the Blancpain Ladybird Women’s Diamond Prom Colorful Watch and put on “new clothes and new clothes,” blooming colorful and dazzling light in the sun. Two new works——Diamond Ball Moon Goddess Watch and Diamond Ball Small Seconds Watch, present timeless time with delicately textured mother-of-pearl dials. On the mother-of-pearl dials are 70 4C-standard VVS-level pure, flawless, and beautifully cut diamonds. Choose diamonds to guard the flow of time. After a “color game,” the Roman numerals and strap change to midnight blue, malachite green, forest green, dreamy purple, or turquoise green, harmoniously blending with the precious red gold or white gold materials.

Blancpain Ladybird Women’s Diamond Ball Small Seconds Watch 3661

Blancpain Ladybird Women’s Diamond Ball Moon Goddess Watch 3662

When you look closely at the dial, you will find a subtle asymmetry, creating a visual experience that breaks the traditional sense of balance. All the elements on the dial have irregular gradients, whether the Roman numerals or the precious metal rings surrounded by diamonds. And this design is also applied to the moon phase display and small second-hand display area. The beauty of this “moving in stillness” design has become a signature expression of the diamond prom colorful watch to highlight its personality.

The Blancpain Diamond Prom colorful watch highlights the signature expression of personality, creating a visual experience that breaks the traditional sense of balance.

The brand-new Ladybird Women’s Diamond Prom Colorful Watch is made of VVS diamonds, inlaid with 138 brilliant diamonds over 2 carats. The 34.9 mm diameter case is the main “space” for carrying and expressing the beauty of diamonds—59 them Diamonds shine on the bezel, lugs, and crown, achieving a pleasing and luxurious proportion on the wrist. When Blancpain created the Diamond Ball series, it used colors and diamonds to interweave to express the beauty of women. It insisted on the high-end jewelry inlay process where each parameter must be finely adjusted by hand, and it was hand-polished and highly polished with advanced watchmaking techniques. The precious metal sash of diamonds makes diamonds over 2 carats burst into flames several times, and “beauty and light” finally coexist harmoniously with “advanced watchmaking.”

The new Ladybird women’s series diamond prom dazzling watch uses VVS-grade diamonds.

The new Ladybird Diamond Ball works are equipped with pure mechanical movements: the goddess watch is fitted with 1163L conditioning, and the small second’s watch is equipped with 1163 movement; both have a power reserve of up to 4 days and are equipped with anti-magnetic silicon hairsprings, aims to create a unique, precise and worry-free wearing experience for independent, romantic and intelligent noble women. Due to fine polishing, every component is a functional necessity and worthy of aesthetic consideration. The gold oscillating weight of the Diamond Ball watch is decorated with a circular hollow pattern, which echoes the dial design positively and negatively. Every time it is turned over and played, it can confirm that Blancpain is a genuine “advanced watchmaking” brand.

Diamond Ball Small Seconds 3661 Front and back of the 1163 movement equipped

The front and back of the 1163L movement are equipped with the Diamond Ball Luna to watch

Both pure mechanical movements have a power reserve of up to 4 days and are equipped with anti-magnetic silicon hairsprings.

Gold oscillating weight with circular openwork

About Ladybird

The Ladybird women’s collection shows Blancpain’s pioneering role in the history of women’s watches. Whether it is the first self-winding ladies’ watch that came out in 1930, or the minor circular mechanical movement at that time, which was born in 1956 on the ladybird watch, and the exquisite and modern contemporary design that continues to this day: Blancpain Ladybird women’s clothing series all reflect the brand’s enthusiasm for advanced watchmaking and extraordinary quality.

The glorious history of Blancpain women’s watches is inseparable from the firm determination of the then-brand leader, Ms. Betty Fiechter. Betty became brand manager in the early 1930s and became the first watchmaker—a female company executive. Betty’s ingenuity and foresight paved the way for Blancpain to enter the field of jewelry and replica watches review, which greatly enhanced Blancpain’s international reputation.

Tudor Is Far More Powerful Than You Imagine Best Swiss Replica Watches

Having long been regarded as “Rolex’s younger brother,” the Swiss luxury watch brand Tudor seems to have been living in the shadow of Rolex.

With the same founder, Hans Wilsdorf, in the 1930s, in the European region centered on the United Kingdom, the price of Rolex was generally high, and many people needed help to afford the high cost of Rolex.

To grasp the market, Hans Wilsdorf decided to create a watch with a quality comparable to Rolex but at a more affordable price, and Tudor came into being.

Named “TUDOR,” the name translates to “Tudor Dynasty.” The early Tudor watch had a very distinctive Rolex atmosphere. It used the Rolex crown logo and shared parts with Rolex, even including the movement.

Because the design style is similar and positioned as practical and durable, in the eyes of many people, it is customary to think of the Tudor watch as a “little Rolex.”

When it comes to Tudor’s absolute separation from Rolex, it needs to be traced back to the Basel exhibition in 2012. People at that time were surprised to find a new pavilion next to the Rolex pavilion, an independent pavilion dedicated to Tudor.

So far, Tudor has become independent from Rolex and has gradually emerged in sports watches. In the same year, Tudor launched the Qicheng Biwan diving watch 79220R with the iconic ax needle, which is the kind of “little red flower” in the mouth of watch fans.

Completely different from the previous Rolex style, the appearance of the “little red flower” is highly recognizable. Later, the “little blue flower” and “little black flower” were launched successively, and Tudor-style watches began occupying people’s sight.

Since 2015, Tudor has launched two mass-produced self-produced movements, MT5612 and MT5621, and applied them to the leading and extreme best swiss replica watches.

Among them, the advent of MT5621 made Tudor show a performance level similar to Rolex’s. Certified by COSC, it is equipped with a two-way automatic winding rotor with dynamic storage of up to 70 hours and a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Because it is equipped with a balance wheel control with a silicon hairspring and fixed by horizontal splints on both sides, it has excellent shock resistance.

After 2016, Tudor no longer used rose flowers on the Qicheng Biwan dial but uniformly used Tudor shields, and the design elements of rose flowers were only kept on the crown.

Developed to this day, Tudor has become a leader in the 30,000-level selection. Both durability and practicality, rich in the spirit of inheritance and constantly integrated into modern design, today’s Tudor has become the choice of more and more people.

Tudor will present many new products at the 2023 ‘Watches and Miracles Haute Horlogerie Fair. In addition to continuous improvement in performance, and all of them are online, I want to make people all in.

First, what must be introduced is the highlight of this year- the third-generation Black Bay Biwan watch. Continuing the original burgundy bezel, the new Biwan has reduced the thickness of the case. It adopts a black dial decorated with sunburst patterns and the iconic snowflake hands. Many small changes have been made in shape so it looks more three-dimensional and compact.

Of course, the most eye-catching place is the movement. It has MT5602-U self-winding movement, dynamic storage for 70 hours, and waterproofing 200 meters.

More importantly, it has obtained the precision timepiece certification of the METAS Master Observatory. The travel time accuracy can reach within 0/+5 seconds and effectively resist the strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss. You must know that this is a configuration that even Rolex has yet to use.

In addition, Tudor also brought a new Biwan 54 watch in the field of diving luxury replica watches.

The size design of 37mm is simply the gospel for us Asians. Equipped with MT5400’s self-produced movement, it provides 70 hours of dynamic storage and 200 meters of water resistance.

Coupled with the appearance design of the first diving watch model 7922, which is almost faithfully reproduced, it is full of retro feeling. It is a series that watch fans who pursue small size and quaint feel can close their eyes.

Another new Tudor Greenwich watch is refreshing enough just in appearance.

The protein-colored dial is paired with the red and blue GMT outer ring, and the unique color contrast effect has a high degree of recognition. After the electroplating process, the deal presents a white-gray matte texture, and it can also faintly flash silver luster as the light changes. The surrounding hour markers have been deepened and decorated with robust luminous paint, which can provide an authentic reading experience even in dim environments.

Equipped with MT5652 movement, which Tudor specially develops for the GMT-Master, it combines multi-time zone function and retrograde date. With COSC certification, 70-hour dynamic storage, design, and performance are comprehensive.

As for this year’s hot “salmon color” dial, Tudor also applied it to its royal series.

The color is pink and orange. The color saturation called “salmon pink” used by Tudor is not high. It has a little gray tone, so it can present a softer visual effect and look warm. And retro.

At the same time, the Royal series also added a choice of chocolate dials this year. Using unique gold steel material can highlight the atmosphere and elegance of the dark brown tone dial.

As for the central Black Bay 31/36/39/41 watches, although Tudor has not made too many changes, it has added three dial designs of blue, charcoal gray, and champagne to the dial selection, so they are available for selection. The watch styles are more abundant.

There is a saying in philosophy called, “look at things from the perspective of development,” and it is the same for the watch industry.

From relying on Rolex, it has grown into an independent Swiss watchmaking brand in just over ten years. When looking at Tudor today, we can no longer use the label “Rolex’s xxx” to summarize it.

Reject the enduring vision; look back at the performance of Tudor in recent years; you will find that it not only has a self-produced movement and a highly recognizable design but also has a price advantage compared to watches of the same level.

Tudor is undoubtedly an underestimated watch brand and far more powerful than you imagine.

Flower Series Moon Phase Watch Replicas Online Free

  The moon hangs in the sky, the flowing light is bright, and the swiss replica Mido watch is newly launched, the first flower series of moon phase watches designed for women to present the love of love to the bright moon. The dial’s ruby and dark red straps are reflected in the dial, and the elegance adds a touch of honey. The Huazhu series was inspired by the Singapore Art Sciences Museum, inspired by its unique appearance, like placing lotus flowers. Mido cleverly applies these exquisite and delicate lines in the design of the lady’s watch of the Flower series, so this new watch makes this new watch Bloom a uniquely soft texture and agility.

The Huajing series moon phase watch replicas online free uses a silver dial and is equipped with a moon phase display function for the first time. Like the blue night sky, a round of bright moon surrounded by stars, silver dials are decorated with precious ruby, rose golden acupuncture, and scale. The dark red crocodile pattern leather leather leather leather leather leather strap with gold rose case together constitute the flower series ladies Yue Xiang wrist. The table is full of style. With this work, Switzerland Mido looked at the charm of women worldwide and sincerely praised their surging enthusiasm and rich emotions.

Unrestrained surging passion

The linked lotus petals are decorated on the silver decoration dial, showing the elegant style of women. The circular scale looks like a flower bud, surrounded by the labeling ring, and ruby is embellished at noon to add a touch of passion to the silver dial. The unique rose gold pointer uses the diamond cutting process. The hour and the needle are decorated and hollowed out. In the late blue night, the stars were a little bit, the golden mang flickered, and a round of silver moon rose at 6 o’clock.

The moon phase is constantly changing according to the moon’s changes in the sky, showing the rotation of the upper moon, full moon, down strings, and crescent moon. The moon phase indicator is located above the superficial and low-key circular date window and the square inches are not contained in the endless poetic.

Delicate -made water hibiscus in water.

The new Flower series lady’s moon phase watch diameter is 31mm. The side edge alternately uses polishing and sandblast surfaces to depict a soft petal with a glorious rose golden luster. The mirror uses a hemispherical double-sided anti-glare-shaped sapphire glass. While taking the exquisite details of the clockwise, the watch is more gentle and elegant with its delicate arc. The back design echoes the Singapore Art Sciences Museum, the source of inspiration for this series, and the dark red crocodile pattern leather leather leather leather strap has made the exclusive timepiece work perfect. In its exquisite appearance, the new Flower series moon phase watch provides a waterproof 30 meters depth.

Three other new models of each characteristic form this series: The rose gold version will express the soft emotional expression through the case and strap, while the full steel version is unique. Both models are made of white pearl shelter dials and eight diamonds. The third paragraph uses the blue pearl shelter dial, which blooms luster against the same color leather strap.

The eternal flowers of time, the brilliant and shining precious gemstones, the new flower series moon phase watch to praise the most poetic celestial body in the night sky -the moon.

Swiss Mido Watch Rainflower Flower Series Moon Phase Watch

M043. m043.

M043. m043.

Technical Information

Swiss Mido Watch series Moon phase watch [Model: M043.]

  • Movement: Meidu ETA F05.841 quartz movement, 10½ ” ‘, 23.30mm in diameter, 3.60mm thick, three diamonds, time every second, and date display; the moon phase indicator is located at 6 o’clock.
  • Case: PVD -plated rose gold stainless steel case with a diameter of 31mm and consisting of 3 parts. The hemispherical double -sided double -sided anti-glare coating sapphire glass spectrum, engraved sequence number, waterproof depth of 30 meters, and the spacing of the skin is 35.56mm.
  • Belt: dark red calf rolled crocodile strip, PVD -plated rose gold stainless steel folding table.
  • Dial: Silver decorative dial, PVD -plated rose gold stainless steel scale, one ruby as a scale decoration is at noon, and the date window and moon phase indicator are at 6 o’clock.
  • Poems: Diamond polishing seconds, hollow hour, and Tunnel.

Swiss Mido Watch Flower Series Moon Phase Watch [Model: M043.]

  • Movement: Meidu ETA F05.841 quartz movement, 10½ ” ‘, 23.30mm in diameter, 3.60mm thick, three diamonds, time every second, and date display; the moon phase indicator is located at 6 o’clock.
  • Case: Silk -light polished stainless steel case with a diameter of 31mm, consisting of 3 parts, a hemispherical double -sided double -sided anti -glamor sapphire glass mirror, engraved sequence number, waterproof depth of 30 meters, and spacing of the surface of 35.56mm.
  • Belt: Dark blue calf rolled crocodile strap, stainless steel folding surface buckle.
  • Dial: Blue Pearl Fritillaria dial, polished stainless steel scale, one blue sapphire decoration is at noon as a scale, and the date window and moon-phase indicators are at 6 o’clock.
  • Poems: Diamond polishing seconds, hollow hour, and Tunnel.

Swiss Mido Watch Flower Series Moon Phase Watch [Model: M043.]

  • Movement: Meidu ETA F05.841 quartz movement, 10½ ” ‘, 23.30mm in diameter, 3.60mm thick, three diamonds, time every second, and date display; the moon phase indicator is located at 6 o’clock.
  • Case: PVD -plated rose gold stainless steel case with a diameter of 31mm and consisting of 3 parts. The hemispherical double -sided double -sided anti-glare coating sapphire glass spectrum, engraved sequence number, waterproof depth of 30 meters, and the spacing of the skin is 35.56mm.
  • Belt: Quick disassembly “rice-grain” rose gold PVD stainless steel bracelet, PVD -plated rose gold stainless steel folding table buckle.
  • Dial: White Pearl Fritillaria Dial, PVD Plating Rose Gold Stainless Steel Scale, eight natural diamonds as scale decoration, date windows, and moon-phase indicators are located at 6 o’clock.
  • Poems: Diamond polishing seconds, hollow hour, and Tunnel.

Swiss Mido Watch Flower Series Moon Phase Watch [Model: M043.]

  • Movement: Meidu ETA F05.841 quartz movement, 10½ ” ‘, 23.30mm in diameter, 3.60mm thick, three diamonds, time every second, and date display; the moon phase indicator is located at 6 o’clock.
  • Case: Silk -light polished stainless steel case with a diameter of 31mm, consisting of 3 parts, a hemispherical double -sided double -sided anti -glamor sapphire glass mirror, engraved sequence number, waterproof depth of 30 meters, and spacing of the surface of 35.56mm.
  • Belt: Quick disassembly of “rice -grain” stainless steel bracelet and stainless steel folding table buckle.
  • Dial: White Pearl Fritillaria Plate, polishing stainless steel scale, eight natural diamonds as scale decoration, date window, and moon phase indicator are located at 6 o’clock.
  • Poems: Diamond polishing seconds, hollow hour, and Tunnel.

The Langqin Watch Selection Is An Elegant Timepiece Swiss Replica Watches

Everything grows, and spring is stronger. In this accessible and vibrant season, immerse in nature, and the color is inspired by the spring. The Langqin watch is a selection of the heart moon series, the Moon phase watch, and the pioneer Zulu time watch; it interprets elegant style with bright color and meets the bright spring light between the wrists.

The spring light is just right, the flowers are in common, and they go to the prosperity of spring. The Langqin Watch Moon series moon phase watch picks the delicate lines of the moon, showing a mild and round case. At 6 o’clock, the moon phase display window is present, allowing the wrist to linger in a bright and soft atmosphere. The dial is incorporated into the retro and fashionable olive green, the silver white cured by the elegant, and the deep and romantic deep sea blue, the interpretation of the splendid spring scene, with the bright and shining diamond time marks, or the irregularity of the Roman numerals, in the details of the details, in the details of the details Show the charming charm of women.

Spring and mountains, green grass, go outdoors to enjoy the wild, breathe smoothly. Langqin Watch Pioneer Series Zulu Time Watch adds a multi-time zone display function, equipped with exclusive mechanical movement and built-in silicon trace to ensure accurate and stable walking time, accompany elegant people to calm down the time, and freely immerse the natural mountains. The Watch uses a colorful ceramic bezel with a black sub-light, blue solar pattern, and tobacco-coal gray sandblast dial. It also provides two types of wearing options: stainless steel surface and leather straps. The urban leisure and outdoor sports mode can be switched. Postermination of travel and enjoy the endless natural spring light.

【Watch Description】

Langqin Watch Moon series Moon phase watch Number: L8. Sugged retail price: RMB 12,200

Langqin Watch Xinyue series swiss replica watches, equipped with L296 quartz movement, the watch diameter is 30.5 mm. The olive green solar pattern dial is decorated with diamonds, complementing the silver-plated polishing pointer. During the dial display, minute and second, the date display window is set at 3 o’clock, and the moon phase display is set at 6 o’clock and equipped with stainless steel bracelets.

Langqin Watch Moon series Moon phase watch Number: L8. Sugged retail price: RMB10,600

Langqin Watch Xinyue series replica watches review, equipped with L296 quartz movement, the watch diameter is 30.5 mm. The silver dial is decorated with Roman digital time marks, complementing the blue steel pointer. During the dial display, minute and second, the date display window is set at 3 o’clock, and the moon phase display is set at 6 o’clock and equipped with stainless steel bracelets.

Langqin Watch Moon series Moon phase watch Number: L8. Sugged retail price: RMB 12,700

Langqin Watch Xinyue series watches, equipped with L296 quartz movement, the watch diameter is 30.5 mm. The blue pearl mother shellfish is decorated with diamonds, complementing the silver-plated polishing pointer. During the dial display, minute and second, the date display window is set at 3 o’clock, and the moon phase display is set at 6 o’clock and equipped with stainless steel bracelets.

Rado Swiss Radar Fake Watches Exhibition 2023 China International Consumer Products Expo

Swiss Pioneer Watch Brand Rado Swiss Radar fake watches bring a variety of newly listed watch works to participate in the 2023 China International Consumer Products YYY Expo (from now on referred to as the “Clean Expo”). This is the third time the Rado Swiss radar watch has participated in the Consumer Expo. This time, with the modern booth image, the new and unique watch works show the extraordinary charm of “Master Master.”

Rado Swiss radar watch hall

The Rado Swiss radar table presents the exhibition hall in a modern and straightforward style. The intense and geometric booths are combined with the authentic and comfortable modern charm of the True Square series and interpret the CAPTAIN COOK Cook The Captain Series as an exploration of retro sports style without fear of the wave.

Rado Swiss radar watch hall

Ms. Paprisa, Vice President of the Rado Swiss Radar, said: “The successful holding of the Expo helped the deepening development of the brand in the Hainan market. This year is our third consecutive year to participate in the Consumer Expo. It comes to our most distinctive and latest watch series. I look forward to everyone to the exhibition platform and feel Rado’s watch with both materials and design aesthetics. “

Rado Swiss Radar Watch China Vice President Ms. Bablisa

New Watch New Fragments

The Rado Swiss radar watch presents the brand’s iconic True Square’s true self at the Expo, expressing freedom, personality, and self-interest. It stands out with the unique silhouette design of the square and round, showing the beauty of machinery with the creation of the hollow movement, and the perfect wearing experience of warm skin and not easy to wear with high-tech ceramics.

The newly upgraded Centrix Crystal Extraction series is also one of the highlights of this exhibition. The mirror shows the smooth and simple lines of the watch. The dial scales’ diamond and solar pattern design interpret the elegance and gorgeous temperament. The high-tech ceramic material combined with the bracelet best expresses sensual and gentle female characteristics.

Captain Captain Cook Cook series shows the brand’s endless exploration of life and the spirit of a fearless adventurer. This series combines a retro appearance with modern design styles. From the complete ceramic product series represented by “Black Cook” to the professional diving watch, “Black” and other professional diving watches certified by ISO6425, in the watch model, The application of high-tech ceramics in innovation iterative iteration has continued to push to a new height.

TRUE SQUARE Real Series Hollow Mechanical Watch “Wushuang Bai,” “Wushuang Gray,” “Wushuang Black”

TRUE SQUARE Real Series Cycling Mechanical Watch “Black” and “White Fang”

True Square True Sepa

CENTRIX Crystal Extraction Watch

Material master

Rado Swiss radar watch has always enjoyed the reputation of “Master Master.” The exhibition site presents a full range of brand products collected by many clocks created from different materials such as colorful high-tech ceramics, ultra-light high-tech ceramics, and Ceramos metal ceramics. , Show the brand’s outstanding material and craftsmanship. Rado Swiss radar watch is one of the earliest batches of luxury watch brands that enter the Chinese market and enjoy a high reputation in China. Rado Swiss models radar watch has been committed to expanding the Chinese watch market for many years and is loved by Chinese consumers. In this Expo, the brand also lived up to the new ideas that combined innovative design and material expression. Each watch is a time planning with countless ingenuity of watchmakers. Through the platform of the Expo, it can fully show the brand’s excellent watchmaking technology and pioneer spirit to consumers who love the brand.

Rado Swiss radar watch hall

Layout Hainan and explore the future

At present, the RADO Swiss radar watch and Zhongluo Group work together. They have deployed five duty-free shops in Hainan Province: China Exemption Group Sanya International Duty-Free City, China -Demu Group Haikou Sunyue Plaza Duty-Free Shop. Store, China Exemption Group Haikou International Duty-Free Shop, and Zhongli Sanya Phoenix Airport Duty-Free Shop. Among them, Haikou International Duty-Free Store has a new design image and is also the most extensive boutique in Hainan. The RADO Swiss radar watch will continue to deepen the brand’s layout in Hainan. While presenting more prosperous and diverse time-planning products for consumers will provide better service and brand experience. In addition, the RADO Swiss radar watch will increase investment. While continuing the deep accumulation of the brand, it continues to refine the design and material innovation, creating more forward-looking works.

RADO Swiss Radar Watch Free Group Haikou International Duty-Free City Store

New Panoinverse Limited Edition Edit Ecact Movement Poly Watch Replica

Urban Canyon, skyscrapers, billboards, and graffiti artists: Glashütte Original Glashuti initially launched a new timepiece to invite you to go deep into the urban jungle and explore the source of vitality -discovering unlimited possibilities. However, as well as, it is even more critical. No concrete and asphalt, only precious metals and precision machinery, are printed into the eye; the noise and commotion in the city are not the soft ticking sounds passed into the ears. The precision laser carving of Huamei City is reflected in the original homemade movement of Grasuti.

Urban jungle -produced

PanoInverse Limited Edition Edition Polying Motor inverted watch replica Limited Edition presents the beautiful scenery on the dial. Taking the movement as a canvas, the new interpretation of street art is that the front and the back are decorated with charming urban decor, like an obsessed mirage. Deep into the streets and alleys, find new things everywhere, and create a sense of immersiveness -from the simple lines of urban architecture to the production of murals. On the front of the movement, we climbed to the distance, a bird’s eye view of the city’s prosperity and thoughtfulness. On the back of the movement, urban exploration continued. Not only can you enjoy the skyscrapers close up close, but you can even see the inspiring slogans on the billboards; you can see the window cleaning staff working hard and the graffiti artists drawing a familiar double G logo on the wall. In the end, a resident stood on the balcony as if looking at us.

Exquisite craftsmanship can be seen.

The reason why the streets of urban streets are chosen as the theme of the new limited edition watch is thoughtful. The outline of the city symbolizes modernization, technological progress, and a shared vision -Panoinverse’s eccentric movement inverted best replica watches. The unique structure will usually be seen through the bottom cover of the table and OK -the tuning mechanisms of the two goosenecks. To this end, a watched plant has developed several movements and parts and adopted an inverted assembly.

On this limited edition watch, an exquisite laser carving black -plated black -plated skyline runs through the surface of three-quarters of the splint and the butterfly bridge plate and continues to the back of the watch. The sapphire crystal glass mirror, bottom cover, and some hollow movement design present a visual feast of street art: the wrist of the watch wearer has also become part of the watch, and it is integrated with it. One.

Elegant architecture, wisdom to see the ingenuity

An elegant city, carefully outlined by the original designers of Grasuti and watchmakers, was unforgettable. This watch has a 42mm polishing/satin frosted platinum case. The building layout in the dial follows the golden ratio and realizes the beauty of harmonious balance. The proportion of careful calculation is fully reflected in the asymmetric design displayed in the hour, minutes, and small seconds, and power storage is shown at 2 o’clock. This watch is equipped with a gray Louisiannana crocodile leather strap with a platinum butterfly buckle, which is comfortable and elegant.

Urban holiday shooting, jump more than moving.

The city’s heart pulse is endless, and the traditional decoction of relaxing and pleasant. The Calibre 66-12 manual-chain movements are stabilized with a frequency of 4 Hz, and the running time is 41 hours-enough to complete the fast urban journey once. The movement, which is carefully crafted, exquisitely decorated, and precisely adjusted, is Glashütte Original Glashte’s original craftsman’s ingenious crystallization. Many details show that PanoInverse Limited Edition Edition Polying Motor’s Purple Watch Limited Version: Screw Fixed Golden Set, Ruby Bearing, Blue Steel Screw, Faltering Edge, Polish Steel Parts, etc. The powerful proof of the original masterpiece!


The new PanoInverse’s eccentric movement inverted watch will be released worldwide on March 23, 2023, with a limited edition of 50 pieces, and launched in China in Beijing SKP, Chengdu SKP, and Xi’an SKP.

De Bethune’s Newly Released Dbd Digitale “Season 2” Quality Replica Watch

Recently, De Bethune announced that it cooperated with the famous artist and music producer Swizz Beatz to launch the DBD “Season 2” watch. This is another cooperation between the two. The look is limited to 13 pieces worldwide, and on March 19, De Bethune and Swizz Beatz celebrated the launch of DBD “Season 2” at a brunch party in the Watchbox West Hollywood store. The participating stars also include Alicia Keys and LL COOL J.

From left to right: DE BetHune Global CEO Pierre Jacques and

Well-known music producer Swizz Beatz and WatchBox Global CEO Justin Reis participated in the event.

Grammy Award-winning singer Alicia Keys wore a DBD “Season 2” watch.

In 2021, De Bethune and Swizz Beatz reached a cooperation for the first time to jointly create a Dream Watch5 “Season 1”, a tourbillon watch. Through sapphire crystal, this show shows almost all the secrets inside, utterly different from the aesthetic style of the entire series. Nowadays, the DBD “Season 2” launched by Debethune also represents that they are loyal to their essence and unremitting pursuit of beauty and technology. This watch’s low-key aesthetic implies the complex mechanism behind it.

The DBD watch, equipped with a manual-chain movement, was first launched in 2006, configured with side-looking window calendar indicators and digital time indication functions. There are two versions of that quality replica watch, and 39 ros gold and platinum are released, a milestone set by de Bethune as the entire watchmaking industry. The DBD “Season 2” designed with Swizz Beatz uses a carbon-gray polished housing case, places the crown at noon, and uses torpedo-type ears. The wine-red dial is decorated with the Geneva line pattern, showing the subtle light and shadow effect of perfect coordination with the wearer’s wrist activity. This bold and modern DBD “Season 2” fully reflects the pursuit of aesthetics of multi-dimensional artists.

DBD “Season2” watch shows extraordinary aesthetics

Since the establishment of the brand, De Bethune has been inspired by the traditional fake watches of the 18th century. For the pursuit of complex mechanical engineering, the founder of the brand Denis Flageolet has also been seeking to carry forward the watchmaking art. The DBD “Season 2” is equipped with five discs inside, and the noon position is displayed on the week, date, and month through the side window, and the following are rolling minutes and beating hours in turn. In addition to the unusual movement, the most significant innovation of DBD is to decorate the Geneva lines on the dial. Due to the dual anti-glare treatment of sapphire crystal, you can see the excellent crafts brought by De Bethune’s latest technology through the back. This watch is equipped with Calibre2044, a manual mechanical movement of 2,8800 times per hour, and is equipped with the newest titanium strains and triple parachute shock absorption systems.

DBD “Season2” is a limited-edition watch available in only 13 pieces, each with a different number engraved on the back, a red fabric strap that matches the dial, and a replaceable super soft, super soft Black crocodile leather strap. This watch is a tribute to creativity, innovation, and watchmaking art. DE Bethune’s superb skills and outstanding quality in terms of watchmaking have once again collided with Swizz Beatz’s unique aesthetic phase, creating an impressive work. Essence

DBD “Season2” watches a global limited edition of 13 pieces

“Flying Tourbillon” Master Top Replica Watch Exhibition

From March 2023, Glashütte Original, a German high-end watchmaking brand that originated in 1845, will open the “Flying Tourbillon” master watch exhibition in the newly opened Chengdu SKP store and will successively hold exhibitions in Xi’an and Beijing. Held in stores in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, and other places, leading high-end watch connoisseurs to appreciate and explore the charm of Saxon precision watchmaking up close, pay tribute to the excellent watchmaking tradition, and promote the essence of German watchmaking craftsmanship.

The traditional tourbillon watch has always represented the high precision and complexity level in the mechanical top replica watch manufacturing process because of its exquisite design, complicated production and aesthetic, and artistic sense—an important symbol of the technical status of the watch factory. In 1920, Alfred Helwig, a master watchmaker from Glashütte, developed the epoch-making ‘flying tourbillon.’ Unlike the traditional double-sided fixed tourbillon, the tourbillon designed by Helwig is only set at the bottom so that the tourbillon looks as if it is “flying” in the cage full of elegance. For more than 100 years, Glashütte Original has innovated and produced many beautiful “flying tourbillon” wristwatches based on inheriting the tradition and practicing the brand value concept of “proud of originality.”

Glashütte master watchmaker Alfred Helwig and his invention of the “flying tourbillon”

Pay tribute to the master, save time.

Glashütte Original Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 Alfred Helwig 1920 Tourbillon Watch-Limited Edition watch, based on the classic look jointly created by Helwig and his students at the Glashütte Watchmaking School in Germany. For inspiration, the design is classic and elegant, limited to 25 pieces worldwide.

Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 Alfred Helwig 1920 Tourbillon Watch – Limited Edition

The watch adopts sophisticated advanced technology and extraordinary craftsmanship. The case is made of rose gold, and the dial is made of pure gold, then treated with frosted silver plating. The orbital scale ring, exquisite rose gold rod-shaped hands, and inlaid hour markers give the watch an elegant and classic appearance. The famous flying tourbillon is hidden on the back of the movement to inherit the traditional style of the antique clocks of the Helweig era, low-key and elegant. Steady. The highlight of the watch is the seconds display at 6 o’clock, decorated with the words “Tourbillon” .

The rotating cage of the “Flying Tourbillon.”

Flipping the watch, you can see that in an open design cage, the balance wheel and escapement rotate smoothly around their respective axes, rotating 360 degrees per minute with precision. With this design, the tourbillon can effectively counteract gravity’s negative influence on the watch’s accuracy.

At the same time, the sunburst pattern on the barrel cover, the Glashütte column pattern on the three-quarter plywood, the blue steel screws, the screw-fixed gold chatons, and many more polished steel parts all make this watch a representative of Glashütte. The masterpiece of watch art is increasingly charming, and it has become a well-deserved masterpiece of the “flying tourbillon” watch.

Eccentric moon phase carved aesthetics.

Glashütte’s original PanoLunarTourbillon eccentric moon phase tourbillon watch combines superb craftsmanship, precision technology, and outstanding aesthetics. It is unique and is limited to 25 pieces worldwide.

The electroplated silver surface on the pure gold dial and the back of the movement is decorated with exquisite hand-engraving, flying tourbillon, hollowed-out hands, and sapphire-inlaid crown, giving the watch an elegant, refined and elegant taste and style as a whole. The intricately decorated and engraved dial adopts a unique eccentric layout, with a platinum case, the hour and minute sub-dials, and the “flying tourbillon” equipped with a small secondhand set on the left side of the dial. At the same time, the blue night sky is on the right side—the precision moon phase display as the background and the brand’s iconic large calendar display.

PanoLunarTourbillon Eccentric Moon Phase Tourbillon Watch – Limited Edition

Extraordinary products made of rare materials

As an excellent representative of European porcelain, Meissen Porcelain Factory has been producing white porcelain painted dials since 1998, exclusively for Glashütte’s original and exclusive limited edition imitation watches. The dial of the Meissen Tourbillon Mason Tourbillon watch is made of pure white and bright Mason porcelain. The shiny luster looks relaxed with a warm rose gold case and anti-glare sapphire. The glass mirror and case back make the whole watch appear elegant and artistic. The Glashütte original logo on the Mason porcelain dial, the Roman numerals, and the “Blue Sword” logo at noon were all hand-painted by Mason painters in 8 hours. The exquisite “flying tourbillon” mechanism with small seconds is located at 6 o’clock. A round hole must be cut out on the fragile porcelain plate to reveal the internal tourbillon structure. This process is carried out by the most experienced and skilled masters in the Meissen porcelain factory to retain the unique properties of porcelain and jointly create The extraordinary aesthetic qualities of the dial.

Meissen Tourbillon Mason tourbillon watch

Inheriting the long history and traditional watchmaking concepts in Glashütte (Glashütte), Glashütte Original has always been committed to carrying forward this exquisite German craftsmanship. Today, the tourbillon has become display equipment for advanced watchmaking brands’ top craftsmanship and technical capabilities. Master Alfred Hewig’s ‘Flying Tourbillon’ demonstrates the brand’s ongoing exploration of professional watchmaking and the concept of ‘proud of originality.’

Henry Mu Shi Blazers Series Opens A New Realm Best Swiss Replica Watches.

Henry Mu’s highly praised pioneer series launched a new 40mm case-size watch. This all-terrain watch series is not only suitable for daily wear. With the waterproof performance of up to 120 meters (12 ATM), it is also easy to deal with various challenges in the underwater environment. Under the new size case with a balanced proportion, the three-pin model of the big three-pin is equipped with HMC 200 automatic self-producing movement. In contrast, Henry Mu and the complex table models are fitted with a double-layer HMC 804 flying Tutorite self-produced move. With a distinctive blue dial, the Blazer series of the Pioneer Center Seconds Arctic Blue and the Pioneer Tourbillon Arctic Blue is doomed to be an attention existence.

The impressive “ARCTIC BLUE Arctic Blue” dial injected a fresh atmosphere into two new works in Henry Mu. The bright and dazzling dial creates a minimalist appearance with a transparent lacquered brand logo at noon, just like the invisible signature design is looming. The dial has become an artwork that sets off the essence steel case of the Blazers series and the tuber wheel table. Waterproof performance is still outstanding on land or water. The Blazers series Tbaro and the three-pin Arctic Blue watch are designed for adventure life, which is enough to compete for any challenges and emphasizes readability and comfort with low-key modern style. In addition to the three-dimensional face-oriented inlaid with Super-Luminova luminous dots at the top, the two best swiss replica watches also use leaf-shaped pointers covered with Super-Luminova luminous coating.

The Blazer series Tomo Wheel Polaris Blue Watch is equipped with exquisite craftsmanship masterpieces -HMC 804 automatic lane self-produced movement, equipped with Henry Sister company Precision Engineering Ag’s independently designed and produced double-layer flat tour silk. The perfect matching dual -scarf can correct the displacement of the axis point in the operation. While continuously pursuing perfection, the accuracy and equivalent can also be significantly improved. In addition, pairing double-swimming can avoid the common friction effect of a single swim and enhance the time. The tourbillon’s unique design adopts a replaceable module, independent of the assembly and adjustment of the movement, which is more convenient for post-maintenance. It also makes the tourbillon more aligned with user needs—life pace. The Blazers series of Tomo Wheel Arctic Blue Watches cleverly combines aesthetics, elegance, and modern taste, which is the best choice for contemporary life.

The Blazers series of the big three-needle Arctic blue watch is equipped with HMC 200 automatic wound self-produced movement. This independent design, R & D, and production movement is equipped with a regulatory agency that is also independently manufactured. The movement bridge board and the main splint are decorated with Moser double stripes, and the carved decoration is automatically on -the -chain. It has a power storage of at least three days. HMC 200 movements flow 100 % swiss models descent, which contains 100 % percent essence.

The Blazers series Tbaro and the three-pin Arctic Blue watch show a refreshing dazzling style. It can be matched with a rubber, woven, or leather strap and the stainless steel chain belt to control the wearing needs of any occasion effortlessly.

Henry man showed his unique insights on high-level watchmaking.

Technical Specifications -Torrent Series Tomo Wheel Arctic Blue Watch

Number 3804-1208, stainless steel, Arctic blue smoke dial, rubber, woven or crocodile leather strap or stainless steel chain strap


Stain-steel case

Diameter: 40.0 mm

Herbal lens height: is 10.4 millimeters; the size of the sapphire lens height: is 12.0 mm

Arc-shaped sapphire lens and transparent bottom cover

The rotating crown decoration has the brand logo “M” abbreviation.

Waterproof depth 120 meters (12 ATM)


The Arctic Blue Smoking Dial is decorated with radial solar patterns.

Transparent paint h.moser & cie.

Paste the time label with Super-Luminova luminous hour marker.

The leaf-shaped hour and clockwise, covered with Super-Luminova luminous coating


HMC 804 Automatic Link to the Movement

Diameter: 32.0 mm or 14 1/4 method

Thickness: 5.5 mm

Vibration frequency: 21,600 vibrations per hour

Spiny paw automatic bidirectional chain system

18K Red Gold automatically on the chain, engraved h.moser & cie.

Power storage: at least three days

Original double-layer scarf

One-minute flight Tusso wheel is at 6 o’clock, using a hollow craft bridge board.


Hours, minutes display

Strap/chain strap

Handmade sewing crocodile leather strap, rubber or woven strap, or delicate steel chain strap

Symbly steel needle buckle, engraved h.moser & cie.

Technical Specifications -Blazers Series Big Three Needle Arctic Blue Watch

Number 3200-1217, stainless steel, Arctic blue smoke dial, rubber, weaving or crocodile leather strap or stainless steel chain


Essence steel diameter: 40.0 mm

Herbal lens height: 10.4 millimeters; the size of sapphire lens height: 12.0 mm

Arc-shaped sapphire lens and transparent bottom cover

The rotating crown decoration has the brand logo “M” abbreviation.

The waterproof depth is 120 meters (12 ATM)


The Arctic Blue Smoking Dial is decorated with radial solar patterns.

Transparent paint h.moser & cie.

Paste the time label with Super-Luminova luminous hour marker.

The leaf-shaped hour and clockwise, covered with Super-Luminova luminous coating


HMC 200 automatic access to self-producing movement

Diameter: 32.0 mm or 14 1/4 method

Thickness: 5.5 mm

Vibration frequency: 21,600 vibrations per hour

27 gems

Retamic dual-directional automatic chain system

Carved decoration automatic upper chain

Power storage: at least three days

Stop the second function.

Original Straumann

Moser double-striped decoration


Hours, minutes display

Central seconds

Strap/chain strap

Handmade sewing crocodile leather strap, rubber or woven strap, or delicate steel chain strap

Symbly steel needle buckle, engraved h.moser & cie.

Blancpain Understands Her, Betty Fiphit, And Marilyn Monroe Replica Watches Usa.

Marilyn Monroe

The legendary superstar of the Hollywood Golden Age

She is not just synonymous with sexy and beautiful.

It is also independent, romantic, and wise.

World Pioneer female producer

You don’t know her

Squeeze the actor for the traditional film factory.

Among the mainstream film and television works at that time

Tired of a shallow portrait of female characters

She founded an independent production company.

Promote the right to speak for women to grasp their careers.

She has always pursued spiritual self-sufficiency.

Keep a sober self in the complex Hollywood.

Although always sing “Diamond is the best friend of girls.”

But the romantic, romantic, and transparent Monroe rarely owns jewelry.

And Blancpain Blancpier cocktail watch

It is her most unique treasure.

This Monroe’s third husband, Arthur Miller

Gifts customized to Blancpain

Witness her romantic love for him.

It has contributed to a great friendship.

The tacit understanding deep in the soul

Switzerland in the 20th century

Women still have the right to be universal.

And Betty Ficht not only became

The first female head of the Blancpain history

It is also the first female head in the history of the world to watch

She uses her life course.

Show the possibility of another life for women of contemporary women.

She respects the ability and needs of women to appreciate the beauty of machinery.

Use a uniquely female perspective.

The mechanical movement and watch of the exclusive female

Designers think that female replica watches usa create a more elegant appearance.

I learned that Monroe would become the owner of the custom jewelry watch.

Betty is fascinated by creating this classic cocktail watch timepiece.

And give a letter to Monroe at any time.

“Dear Monroe, your beauty and courage

Encourage and lead women all over the world,

May this shining treasure box remember your best private time “

This letter is Betty’s praise of Monroe’s independent personality.

It is a reflection of the two people together.

Legendary return

In 2016, Blancpre

Take back this cocktail watch that belongs to Marilyn Monroe.

Create a rectangular case with platinum.

The layout of the natural square micro-movement layout

It is better to highlight the aesthetics and skills of high watchmaking than everyday circular movements.

Two olive-shaped cut diamonds and 71 round cut diamonds

In an unparalleled way

Perfect elegant romance with the avant-garde guard

Each inner desire

Every true self

It’s worth being discovered and respected.

In 2022 Belobe officially renamed the women’s series “Ladybird Women’s Series.”

It is to commemorate Betty Fishte.

She is in the name of independence, romance, and wisdom.

Delivery to create a unique design for women,

Elegant beauty and complex watch mechanisms with a beautiful fusion of timepieces

Since then, the new era of high-end women’s fake watches

Blancpain ladybird women’s series of memorable moments

Ms. Ladybird, a Blancpain lady who came out in 1956

The slightest mechanical movement of the first exclusive woman

The first lady’s automatic listing watch rolls

Auto-chain watch that controls time

Ladybird Women’s Series Moon Beauty Moon Moon Watch 3663

Ready for the complex function of high-level watchmaking skills

Ladybird Women’s Series Diamond Ball Colorful Watches 3660

Select the actual jewelry watch of pure shining diamonds.

Betty knows women’s ultimate pursuit of mechanical beauty.

Monroe appreciates the infinite romance of the Blancpain Watch.

The origin of Blancae and Monroe

In a unique way

Combining female charm, unique creativity, and charming temperament, inheritance, and blooming

I walked for more than half a century.

Two legend women

It was still shining deep in time.

Rolex Inlaid Gemstone Oyster Constant Movement Week Calendar 36 Swiss Made Replica Watch.

Rolex presented the latest swiss made replica watch masterpiece with superb professional watchmaking skills. Among them, the weekly calendar 36 (Day-Date 36) and the lady-datejust launched a new model of an inlaid diamond.

Diamonds symbolize ancient times and the earth has undergone billions of years. After careful carving, it can show its natural charm and make it bright. Gem scholars cooperate with mosaic artisans to glow with diamonds. Gem scholars carefully select gems and then embed them individually into the dial, outer ring, case, or strap by inlaid artisans. The precision level of operation is unimaginable. After a time, it has an excellent inheritance. The weekly calendar 36 and the gem inlaid of women’s clothing are hundreds of delicate operations.

The new oyster constant per week 36 (Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36) Selected color matching clock mark and crocodile leather strap. 18CT gold models with coral color, 18CT white gold models with turquoise blue, and 18CT eternal rose gold models with wine red. Diamond decoration gives the classic weekly calendar 36 watches showing a new look of the same eye.

The middle case, outer ring, dial, and head of state-type strap of the new oyster-type women’s cloth log (Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust) swiss replica watches store with bright luster to slender wrists.

Noble and elegant

Rolex’s newly launched three-embedded gem oyster-style constant dynamic weekly calendar 36 (Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36) is colorful and beautiful. The three watches are 18CT gold models, 18CT white gold models, and 18CT eternal rose gold styles, all inlaid diamonds with exquisite leather straps.

There are 254 round diamonds on both sides of the ears and cases of the new oyster case, and the crown shoulders are dazzling. Fifty-two round diamonds inlaid in the outer ring, shining, shining. The dial is inlaid with 450 diamonds, enamel clock marks, and Roman digital VI and IX. 18CT gold model with coral enamel clock tags, 18CT white gold models with turquoise blue enamel clock marks, and 18CT eternal rose gold with red wine enamel clock marks. The elegant clock marking color complements the color of the crocodile leather strap matched by the watch.

The new week calendar 36 is equipped with watchmaking technology leading 3255 movements.

Like all Rolex watches, the oyster constant-moving weekly calendar 36 has obtained an excellent observation of precision timepiece certification, ensuring that the eye can perform superbly when wearing.

Rolex’s unique design

The weekly calendar type launched in 1956 created a precedent, the first in the world to set up curved windows display at noon.

The full-time calendar watches written on the week can be a significant technical achievement of the year. There are 26 languages in the week to choose from. The weekly calendar series watches are cast only 18CT gold, 18CT white gold, 18CT eternal rose gold, or 950 platinum and other precious metals.
Many politicians, presidents, and people from all over the world have worn the weekly calendar type. This watch is very well-known, especially its head -of -prestigious strap, which shows the simple style of the eye. The name of the belt is reminiscent of wearing its prominent figures, making the calendar type a veritable “head of the head” without its right.

Oyster case

The 36mm weekly calendar-type oyster case is a solid and elegant model. The middle case is cast with a solid 18CT gold, 18CT white gold, or 18CT eternal rose gold. Rolex watchmakers tighten the fine pits of the pits with the special tools of the brand to seal the case, so only Rolex watchmakers can reach the movement. The dual lock linked chain crown has a dual waterproof system firmly tightened to the case. The mirror surface is made of blue crystal, which is not easy to scrape. The watch’s waterproof oyster case is given the best protection for movement.

Type 3255 constant motivation

The new week calendar 36 is equipped with a 3255 movement. This new generation of movement was launched in 2015. It is all Rolex’s research and development and manufacturing. It was fitted with this series of watches in 2019. The automatic chain movement has obtained several patents, comprehensively reflecting Rolex’s innovative and top watchmaking technology. In terms of accuracy and reliability, dynamic reserves, seismic anti-magnetic, and convenient use, it has been further improved to reach Good.

The 3255 movements are equipped with a Rolex patented Chronergy escapement system, which is efficient and reliable. This escapement system is made of nickel-phosphorus and is not disturbed by magnetic fields. The movement is equipped with Rolex patented blue Parachrom shots, made of unique cosmetic alloy cast by Rolex. Its seizure is ten times higher than that of traditional scarves. The trace is also equipped with the Rolex Merchant Circle to ensure the movement can still be operated regularly anywhere. The direction of the movement of the action is fitted with a Rolex design and a patented high-performance Paraflex cushioning device to improve the seismic force of the campaign.

The 3255 movements are equipped with a constant-moving automatic boarding component, and the movement is used as the movement. The excellent efficiency of the structure and escapement system of the clockwork box increases the power reserve of the 3255 movements to about 70 hours.

Exquisite leather strap

The new week calendar 36 has an exquisite crocodile leather strap and an 18ct gold folding crown buckle with 61 round diamonds. All three watches are paired with a diamond dial, the 18CT gold model with coral strap, 18CT white gold model with the turquoise blue strap, 18CT eternal rose gold with red wine strap, strap color, and watch enamel clock point Micromies with Roman numeral VI and IX colors.

Super Observatory Precision Pixel Certification

Just like all Rolex watches, the oyster-type weekly calendar 36 also obtained the excellent observation of the Observatory laid by Rolex in 2015. This unique title proves that each eye has successfully passed a series of tests in Rolex Labs. The watch is assembled, and the movement is installed in the case to ensure that when the look is worn, it can perform outstandingly in various aspects, such as precise, dynamic reserves, waterproofing, and automatic chain.

The average error of Rolex’s excellent observatory precision timepiece is within two seconds daily. The accuracy of Rolex’s pursuit is much higher than the precision timepiece (COSC) standard for certification precision (COSC) the Swiss official Observatory.

The green seal symbolizes the precision timepiece of the Overbacco Observatory. Each Rolex watch is attached to this seal, and the five-year guarantee is attached worldwide.

Rolex “Titanium Ghost King.” Replica Watches For Sale

In early November (2022), Rolex launched a new deep-sea challenge, namely Deepsea Challenge, a model of 126067, and breaking the record with a waterproof depth of 11,000 meters, becoming the diving watches with the most profound waterproof depth in the world of famous watches. In addition, titanium shells are named “Titanium Ghost King” among the players. The public price is 203200 yuan.

But at the same time, the size of the “Titanium Ghost King” reached an impressive 50 mm and 23 mm thick, which also caused widespread controversy among the players.

Rolex "Titanium Ghost King" deep-sea challenge 126067
It is not unusual to break the diving record of Rolex's "Titanium Ghost King."

It is reasonable that Rolex’s “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge and breaking the record is good because, in history, Rolex can already reach a waterproof depth of more than 10,000 meters. However, there is no mass production or a technical verification table. They are:

In 1960, the Rolex Deep Sea Special Technology Verification Form with the submersible was 1,0916 meters at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

In 1960, Rolex dived into the Deep Sea Special technology verification table of the Mariana Trench.

In 2012, Rolex Deepsea Challenge Technical Verification Form, with the submersible, dives at 10,908 meters at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

In 2012, Rolex dived into the DEEPSEA Challenge technology verification table of the Mariana Trench.

After accumulating two major technical verified table technology for over 60 years, Rolex finally achieved mass production of a waterproof depth of 11,000 meters and began selling. This is today’s “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge.

"Titanium Ghost King" is a profound sea challenge.
Rolex "Titanium Ghost King," why can waterproof reach 11,000 meters?

The core waterproof technology of Rolex’s “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge is the Rolex patent Ring Lock system. We can see that the word Ring Lock System will be written in the “Titanium Ghost King” and the conventional version of Deepsea’s disk surface.

Rolex's profound -sea challenge, with Ring Lock.
The Rolex deep-sea challenge, luminous effect

The Ring Lock system is a unique waterproof structure of Rolex. The sapphire mirror of “Titanium Ghost King” is 9.5 mm thick. Sapphire watch lock on the “compressed steel ring” (the dial is written with the outer ring of the Ring Lock System, which is the “compressed steel ring”) and uses the titanium bottom cover. When the watch sapphire mirror is suffered from colossal water pressure, the pressure will be transmitted to the “compressed steel ring” and the titanium bottom cover. The pressure resistance of “compressed steel rings” is three times that of Rolex 904L steel; the titanium base cover has certain elasticity and can be deformable under pressure. The two are common to solve and releasing water pressure.

Rolex Ring Lock structure.

Except for the Ring Lock system, other parts of the “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge are identical to the conventional Rolex Sea and Deepsea. There is an automatic discharge valve on the side of the case, and the crown is tightly locked. Although the official labeling of the “Titanium Ghost King” is 11,000 meters waterproof, according to the water pressure test of Rolex and COMEX, the actual waterproof of the “Titanium Ghost King” can reach 13,750 meters.

It can be seen that Rolex's deep-sea challenge is 9.5 mm thick.
Why does Rolex "Titanium Ghost King" use a titanium shell?

Because of the “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge, it is too big. The size is 50 mm and 23 mm thick. If you do not use titanium, use steel shell, the weight of this table, the wrist of ordinary people, really “can’t wear it.”

The size of Rolex's "Titanium Ghost King" profound sea challenge is too large.

The “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge is the first type of mass production and sale of titanium shell replica watches for sale in the history of Rolex. Rolex’s titanium is named “RLX titanium.” Although the “Titanium Ghost King” also exposed the 42 mm titanium shell yacht’s existence, 42 titanium shell yachts were just an “experimental table” and were not officially released.

Rolex's 42mm titanium shell yacht "experiment table."

In addition to light titanium shells, another feature is high hardness. Therefore, the “titanium king” case treatment method is different from ordinary steel shells and gold shell Rolex after using titanium shells. The general Rolex is all polished on the side of the case, and the issue of “Titanium Ghost King” is brushed in large areas, and the side of the matter is also drawn, which is very rare among Rolex. The reason is that the hardness of the titanium shell is higher than the steel and gold shells, and it is difficult to polish. Therefore, the available titanium shell swiss replica watches are brushed in large areas. But one of the details is that Rolex polished the edge of the case of the “Titanium Ghost King” and the shoulders of the crown, which increased the case’s complexity. Some believe that the satisfactory treatment of titanium shells also confirms the special status of the “Titanium Ghost King” from the side and the low output.

It can be seen that the side of the case is brushed, and the edges are polished. The middle dot is an automatic row valve.

In terms of movement, the “Titanium Ghost King” uses Rolex’s new 32 series movement. It is 3230, 70 hours of power without a calendar, keen observation, daily errors+2/-2 seconds. The Rolex 32 movement, everyone is familiar, and I won’t go into details here.

The bottom cover of Rolex's "Titanium Ghost King" deep-sea challenge was written with the date 1960 and 2012.

Can Rolex “Titanium Ghost King” be called the king?

Yes, but among players, there is controversy.

In terms of performance, with 11,000 meters of waterproof depth, the world’s number one, there is no controversy.

However, due to Rolex “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge, 50 mm size and 23 mm thickness have exceeded the size of the regular watch, and there is controversy among the players.

The deep-sea challenge of Rolex's "Titanium Ghost King" is the effect of getting started; it can be seen that it is too big and too thick.

Rolex’s watch has always been suitable for wearing as a design focus. Refrain from talking about the log, the water ghost, and Di Tong. Even the Rolex Ghost King Deepsea, 3900 meters of waterproof, controls the size to 44 mm and 17 mm thick and can be worn commonly. Rolex “Titanium Ghost King” is 50 mm long and 23 mm wide. You said you could wear it hard but need to be more suitable.

Rolex "Titanium Ghost King" deep-sea challenge, the effect of getting started.

Some believe that Rolex launched the “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge to fight Omega. In March of this year, Omega launched 6000 meters of the sea and horse marine universe. At that time, it became the world’s number one with a waterproof depth of 6000 meters. Now just eight months later, Rolex defeated the 6000 meters of Omega with the waterproof record of the “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge. But the same problem is that the Omega Ocean Universe is 6,000 meters, and the size is controlled at 45.5 mm and more than 17 mm thick. Omega 6000 meters, I have also seen all versions and started. I can wear it. Some players believe the comprehensive performance of 6000 meters of Omega is even better.

Rolex "Titanium Ghost King" deep-sea challenge
Omega Sea Horse Marine Universe 6000 meters, titanium shell model.

The deep-sea challenge of Rolex’s “Titanium Ghost King” is the world’s number one in the world. This is fine, but it could be better. I hope Rolex and Omega will continue to “hegemony” and force the two sides to make better watches. This is much more wonderful than changing the “dial paint color” yearly.