Rado Swiss Radar Watch Selection Timepiece Tribute To Goddess Day, Best Fake Watches

Minutes change, and spring swirls on “Goddess’ Day.” The Rado Swiss radar watch specially released the True Round series hollow mechanical watch, “Core Movement Colorful” limited edition, with a unique meaning to bless the power of contemporary women, as a special tribute to Goddess’ Day. The new watch is presented through a unique gradient dial. It is limited to 888 pieces worldwide and will be unveiled on all channels on Goddess Day. There are also two selected Goddess’ Day watches displayed ingeniously.

Accurate Round True Series Skeleton Mechanical Watch “Core Color” Limited Edition

Promote good luck and a dazzling appearance.

Never following the crowd, the True Round hollow mechanical watch “Core Movement Color” limited edition shows its dazzling appearance and is the best choice for contemporary, high-quality women. The meaningful “8” hollow design on the dial is eye-catching and conveys the infinite longing for a better life. Give it to the “goddess” who pays excellent attention to meaning, and bless the auspicious “core” luck this year. The unique gradient sapphire glass makes the dial sturdy and wear-resistant, making it a stress-free commuter watch while visually displaying dazzling colors. One-piece polished white high-tech ceramic case and crown, and titanium case back with unique engraving: limited edition of 888 pieces (LIMITED EDITION ONE OUT OF 888), showing ingenuity in details and suitable for collection. Excellent choice. The rose gold bevel and gray printed minute ring make the watch more distinct. The exquisite time scales covered with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating and the rose gold swing anchor logo are in sharp visual contrast with the white sunray dial. It is like a multi-faceted display of contemporary female postures, releasing an exclusive aesthetic. Memory point. Best fake watches.

Accurate Round True Series Skeleton Mechanical Watch “Core Color” Limited Edition

Be calm and fearless, and move forward boldly.

Contemporary women have no limitations. As time goes by, “she” remains brave. The Captain Cook series designer collaboration watch “Golden Rainbow Cook” helps women grow as they please. Eight gemstones are sparkling and colorful, decorating the dial, highlighting the power of bold women; the golden metal hour markers and numbers echo the polished gold PVD-coated case and bezel, and the white high-tech ceramic lining is in line with the dial; extremely original The distinctive second hand is presented in the image of a pulsating heartbeat, bringing infinite vitality during circulation; combining avant-garde style and pragmatism, “Golden Rainbow Cook” accompanies the extraordinary “goddess” running in the spring. Swiss replica website.

Captain Cook Captain Cook, a series designer collaboration, watches “Golden Rainbow Cook.”

A combination of strength and softness, true self-advocacy

Free and pure, with imagination in mind, “she” enjoys life with a casual attitude. The True Square series “White Square” open-core mechanical watch reveals the true power of women. As the brand’s first square watch with a one-piece high-tech ceramic case, the True Square series shows the unique beauty of balance between round and square, rigid and soft. The 12 Wesselton diamonds on the scale are particularly eye-catching, capturing the hearts of the Yuejili people in one fell swoop. Through the continuous exploration of balance between the outer and inner aspects of female identity, whether returning to the family or traveling around the city, the True Square series of open-core “white square” watches encourage women to pursue true beauty.

True Square series open core “White Square” mechanical watch

Attitude is the foundation of women’s freedom. Taking the opportunity as an excuse, Rado Swiss Radar Watch presents contemporary women on Women’s Day and sells a limited edition of 888 pieces of the True Round series hollow mechanical watch “Core and Colorful” to help good luck every day and witness it. Move forward with courage.