Piaget Polo 79 Watch, Best Replica Watches Review

In 1979, Piaget vividly interpreted the spirit of the 1980s with an exquisite watch masterpiece. Today, this classic watch is reborn as a tribute to Piaget’s 150th anniversary.

Piaget has always been renowned for its elegant timepieces. By the early 1980s, people’s lifestyles began to change. “We previously focused on meeting customers’ needs for dress watches.” Yves Piaget once explained: “Today, people are increasingly interested in various sports, which reflects the evolution of Today’s daily life. . Even in sports situations, people also want to wear a timepiece that shows exquisite style and texture. For this reason, this series of sports watches that are both waterproof and shock-resistant came into being.”

It is precisely the Piaget Polo series watch. This watch is named after the sport of polo (Polo), which is popular among the elite, and it exactly echoes Piaget’s extraordinary status in the minds of the Piaget Society’s celebrities. Forty-five years after its creation, this historical masterpiece was reborn as the Piaget Polo 79 watch, showing its vitality and the spirit of the Piaget Society. Best replica watches review.

(PIAGET Piaget Polo 79 watch)

In the 1970s, top brands in the Swiss watchmaking industry successively launched various elegant sports-style watches, most of which were made of stainless steel. Among them, the Piaget Polo series of watches is unique, cleverly combining modern design with precise timing performance. The case and strap are integrated and made of all gold.

At that time, Mr. Yves Piaget, who was keen on participating in polo matches, entirely devoted his passion for equestrianism and elegant life to creating timepieces, making the Piaget Piaget Polo series of watches a charm in the 1980s. Logo. Whether it is Regine’s Nightclub and 54 Club in New York or the Palm Beach Polo Club, you can always get a glimpse of the elegant figure of this watch.

The polished round mold carving decoration alternates with the satin polishing of the bracelet links, extending smoothly from the bracelet to the case and even the dial. The bracelet naturally fits the wrist like a second layer of skin and has been carefully polished by Piaget’s workshop as if carved from a single piece of gold. Piaget Polo series watches not only have outstanding shock resistance and waterproof performance but also have no compromise on luxury style and were only made of precious metals at the time. As Piaget’s advertisement hailed it as “the pinnacle of today’s sports watches,” this watch demonstrates an innovative vision and fashionable style that subverts convention.

Piaget’s extraordinary achievements in ultra-thin mechanical movements and quartz movements make the timepieces show off their slim beauty on the wrist. In 1976, Piaget launched the famous 7P movement, one of the world’s thinnest quartz movements, and was installed in the early Polo series of watches. By the early 1980s, this movement was replaced by the 8P movement, and the thickness was further reduced to 1.95 mm. At the same time, the prestigious 9P mechanical movement was also launched, which is used in the rich and diverse models of the Piaget Polo series, such as round and square case models, gem-set models, two-color gold models, and basic time function models. , perpetual calendar complex function models, etc., and even leather strap models. Rolex replica watches.

This time, the new Piaget Polo 79 watch returns to the pure design of the original model, with only some details slightly updated. To fit the contemporary watchmaking style, the original quartz movement was replaced by the 1200P1 in-house ultra-thin self-winding movement. The diameter of the case is slightly expanded to 38 mm, and the exquisite structure of the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal bottom cover.

In addition, the new watch faithfully reproduces the aesthetic essence of the original and is made entirely of 18K gold. Forty-five years ago, this timepiece masterpiece was regarded as a classic by the elite who travel elegantly, and it is still favored by watch connoisseurs Today. There are countless elegant and refined sports watches, but the Piaget Polo 79 watch takes a different approach and defines a unique style of sporty elegance.