Bell & Ross Launches The Year Of The Dragon Limited Edition Watch, Swiss Watch Replicas

In 2024, the Year of the Dragon, people with the dragon sign are active, perseverant, confident, and entrepreneurial. To welcome the coming of the New Year, Bell & Ross has specially launched the BR 05 Artline Dragon Year of the Dragon limited edition watch. The unique laser-engraved pattern has the charm of traditional tattoos, which means that the dragon is strong, the tiger is strong, and the dragon is in charge.

Artline: Carve a unique style

Bell & Ross has created many professional, functional watches for professionals over the years, establishing an authoritative position in professional timepieces. However, the brand is also determined to innovate. For example, the BR 05 Artline is derived from the BR05 series. The design is full of artistic solid sense and pays attention to gorgeous decoration, including delicate round mold carving. Bell&Ross creative director Bruno Belamich explained: “We wanted to conceive a watch with gorgeous decoration and exquisite decoration. It is very suitable to start with the BR 05 series because the case has enough space to accommodate decorative details.”

Bell & Ross is committed to broadening the boundaries of watchmaking technology. The innovation of BR 05 Artline Dragon is to integrate the culture of tattoo craftsmanship. The thick or fine engraving textures reflect the light and shadow, and the graphic patterns are transformed into tattoo pattern engravings on the metal surface. Swiss watch replicas.

Jiachen Year of the Dragon: Turning the tables

According to the lunar calendar, February 10, 2024, is the first day of the Lunar New Year in the Year of the Dragon. In traditional Chinese culture, dragons are not only auspicious animals, but legends also say that dragons ensure good weather and good harvests worldwide. When Bell & Ross designed the BR 05 Artline Dragon, it used elements that symbolize nature, such as the sun, moon, swallows, animals, and plants, to express the dragon’s profound cultural and spiritual connotation. Swiss models replica watches.

Those who sign the dragon have strength, courage, and power. The dragon symbolizes kindness, prosperity, and good luck and is a good omen.

For artists, dragons are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, inspiring countless symbolic or sophisticated images. The image of the dragon is a combination of snake body, antlers, eagle claws, fish scales, and rabbit eyes. Bell & Ross graphic designers worked closely with watchmakers to conceive of harmonious and unified themes and engravings covering the entire watch surface.

BR 05 Artline Dragon retains the design of the BR 05 series’ rounded bezel and four screws embedded in the case, allowing for precise time display without compromising the coherence of the overall design.

Engraving process

Chinese carving crafts have a long history. The dial and bracelet of BR 05 Artline Dragon are very delicate and eye-catching.

Traditional watchmaking circles regard engraving as the first decoration without a timepiece function. Bell & Ross’ production of BR 05 Artline Dragon pays tribute to Chinese culture and engraving technology and elevates its watchmaking technology to a higher level. The output of the case and bracelet of the Year of the Dragon watch involves cutting-edge laser engraving technology. Each link of the bracelet is etched and then assembled. The technology is exact, and the pattern must not be deformed. There is no room for error in every meticulous process. Each link is made with precision so that the overall pattern is consistent.

BR 05: Elegant sense of the times

The BR05 series, launched in 2019, is Bell & Ross’s masterpiece in exploring the urban fashion watch market. Each style exudes a strong sense of elegance and contemporary style.

All timepieces developed by Bell & Ross follow the principle of technical excellence, and the BR 05 Artline Dragon is no exception. This limited edition new work is equipped with the BR-CAL.321 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 54 hours, ensuring accurate and stable travel time, and is especially suitable for the active lifestyle of handsome urban men. The hour scale is set on the beveled edge of the dial and will not interfere with the integrity of the faucet engraving pattern on the dial.

Premium timepieces

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, the BR 05 Artline Dragon vividly depicts the dragon’s demeanor and symbolic meaning. The artistry is sophisticated and complex, and the concept and design are rare.