BVLGARI Presents The New OCTO FINISSIMO ULTRA Watch, A top Replica watch

BVLGARI has launched the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory certified watch, setting a new benchmark in advanced mechanical watchmaking. This tripod-carrying masterpiece is only 1.70 mm thick, even thinner than a coin. It is a pioneering work in mechanical watches resistant to shocks and magnetic field interference and thoroughly explains Bvlgari’s bold spirit and determined pursuit of breakthrough innovation.

Ultra-thin new realm

With a thickness of 1.70 mm, the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory-certified watch set the ninth ultra-thin watch record, introducing a new standard for the watchmaking industry. The new Octo Finissimo Ultra watch is not only the slimmest mechanical watch created by Bulgari but also sets a benchmark for ultra-thin design for precision timepieces certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer (COSC). This landmark work reflects Bulgari’s excellent watchmaking philosophy, demonstrates the brand’s firm belief in challenging the boundaries of traditional fine watchmaking and redefining watch design, and shows its abilibrand’sabilibrand’snterpret profound craft heritage with modern techniques. Great strength. The slim shape of this watch is immediately apparent, leaving people in awe and thinking about the innovative process of turning bold ideas into reality. Top replica watch.

Setting a new record for the brand’s ultrabrand’satches is challenging. Bulgari’s R&DBulgari’sds to overcome various problems. The first challenge is ensuring the watch’s durability while pursuing an ultra-thin shape. Following the traditional watchmaking concept, a mechanical watch will no longer be guaranteed to be developed that refreshes the brand’s ultrabrand record. Therefore, Bulgari had to break the rules and start from scratch.

In 2022, Bulgari will release the Octo Finissimo Ultra watch with a thickness of only 1.80 mm. This is the crystallization of the brand’s keen brandbrandbrand’sion. This achievement boosted Bulgari’s conBulgari’sndhe brand to acbrand’suambitbrand’sachieve. To this end, Bulgari’s R&DBulgari’s R&DBulgari’sntith Concepto (an expert in developing complex mechanical devices) will create a new, slimmer watch. Just like a sprinter who wants to set a new personal record, every bit of progress requires exponential efforts. It has again surpassed itself based on pioneering achievements, demonstrating Bulgari’s strength, fiBulgari’s, innBulgari’strengthr. Antoine Pin, Managing Director of Bulgari’s WatBulgari’sment, said: Bulgari’sgWatBulgari’sment’snt, th” OctBulgari’ “mR&DBulgari’snttches is not only a challenging project but also provides a broad scope for design innovation. Space. The birth of this new product marks the ninth time our engineers, watchmakers, and designers have challenged the laws of physics and successfully created a slimmer and more complex timepiece. This demonstrates Bulgari’s proBulgari’sftsmanship. Bulgari’shproBulgari’sftsmanshipso reflects our brand DNA of constantly pursuing breakthroughs. Adhering to the enterprising spirit, Bulgari is determined to move forward and continues to create masterpieces that surprise the world with its exquisite watchmaking art. Swiss replica watches store.

The exquisite art of watchmaking

Because the Octo Finissimo Ultra watch has set an unsurpassed brand record in terms of movement thinness, the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory certified watch can only present an even slimmer appearance by optimizing the sapphire glass mirror and re-creating the case. Thin exterior styling. Bulgari engineers patiently tried repeatedly, finally reducing the watch’s thickness by 0.1 mm. With significant breakthroughs, the watch has again set a new record for the brand’s ultrabrand’satches.

Ibrand’s ultrabrand’satchesre, the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory certified watch, uses the back of the watch as the main board, integrating 170 components of the brand’s self-brand 180 manual brand. A 1/10-micron optical measurement system rigorously screens these components to ensure accurate dimensions, pushing precision watchmaking skills to a higher level. In addition, to make full use of the entire watch surface, the hour and minute dials, escapement mechanism, and large-sized barrel ensuring a 50-hour power reserve have been cleverly designed, breaking the circular shape of the traditional bezel and presenting a unique outline shape.

Two years ago, the Octo Finissimo Ultra watch opened the door to a new virtual and connected world for contemporary fine watchmaking. Customers can still get this watch by placing a particular order. The QR code engraved on the ratchet wheel has been transformed into a miniature data matrix containing all the watch’s relevant data, inviting ywatch’smbark on a personal and exclusive Bulgari exploration journey. By browsing pictures and videos, wearers can understand Bulgari’s pursuit of Bulgari’seBulgari’s perBulgari’s exquisite skills and ingenuity of the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Chronometer Certified watch.

The gift box is also an indispensable and essential part of the watch. Bulgari has launched an exclusive gift box for the Octo Finissimo Ultra Swiss Official Observatory certified watch, providing owners a refreshing setting and winding experience. Users looking forward to breaking through the traditional adjustment method can place the watch in an exclusive gift box equipped with a digital display, set the time, and press a button to start the setting process. In just a few seconds, the watch can complete the time setting and winding operations, and the accuracy of the entire operation is quite excellent, just like having a “home watchman” er.”

The Octo “pianissimo Ult” and S” is an Official observatory-certified watch (104081) that can be called a landmark masterpiece in watchmaking history. Twenty pieces will be specially issued.

Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, said: “The Octo Fin” ssimo Ultra Swiss O” facial Obser” story-certified watch successfully breaks the shackles of the laws of physics, and more importantly, it is exquisitely crafted. The spiritual power and profound connotation contained in the unique mechanical structure fully interpret the essence of the Bulgari brand, which makes us proud to constantly seek breakthroughs, unleash our creativity, and pursue more outstanding, reliable quality, powerful performance, and elegant style. , this is an inexhaustible driving force for us to move forward.”

Bulgari”OCTO FINISSIMO ULTR” platinum wa “ch

The case, dial, and bracelet of the Octo Finissimo series are all made of ultra-light titanium. This has become the series’ iconic aesthetic feature and has helped it continue to refresh the brand’ ssrecorbrand’ sltra-thinnwatbrand’ sirecorbrand’ sltra-thinternationalinternational awards in twelve years.

Following the launch of the first Octo Finissimo Ultra watch made of titanium in 2022, Bulgari has once again reached its peak and reinterpreted the Octo Finissimo Ultra watch in platinum. Due to platinum and its thickness, which requires creating thin dimensions, it is self-evident that this precious metal is complicated to manufacture and process.

The new Octo Finissimo Ultra platinum watch is made of 950 platinum. The middle case and bezel are satin-finished, polished, and sandblasted, and the case back (mainboard) is made of tungsten carbide. The bracelet is also made of platinum and has been satin-finished and polished. The integrated clasp is made of titanium to ensure reliability (tested 5,000 times). In addition, the new watch is equipped with the brand’s self-brand 180 movements. The brand’s self-brand Ls of the watch is only 1.80 mm, a pioneering initiative among platinum watches.

The Octo Finissimo Ultra platinum watch (103832) will be produced in a special edition of 20 pieces.