New True Square “Colorful Gems” Mechanical Watch, Fake Watches

Rado’s square high-tech ceramic watches have long been well-known, with the True Square series as the representative: hollow dial, sharp lines, one-piece high-tech ceramic case made of injection molding, light and not easy to wear, and highly comfortable to wear. With the footsteps of summer quietly approaching, the True Square “Colorful Gems” mechanical watch has made a dazzling debut, which concretizes the colorful elements. It continues the classic essence of the series and makes bold innovations and breakthroughs in detail, injecting new vitality into the entire series. Fake watches.

New True Square “Colorful Gems” Mechanical Watch

Starlight on the Wrist

In the vast universe, the world is as colorful as a palette, and it is not an exaggeration to describe the new True Square “Colorful Gems” mechanical watch as “a group of stars shining.” Twelve sparkling colored gemstones are dotted on the polished white high-tech ceramic case, like stars, and a feast of colors gradually begins, symbolizing the philosophy of breaking free from constraints and being truly free. Gently turn your wrist, and the diamonds will sparkle with dazzling light under the caress of the light, bringing vitality and good luck to the wearer, as if the whole world is lit up.

Jin Chen, the brand spokesperson of Rado Swiss Rado

The outstanding performance of Jin Chen, the brand spokesperson of Rado Swiss Rado, has injected new vitality into the True Square series “Colorful Gems” mechanical watch. Colorful gemstones flow between her wrists, blooming with summer vitality. Gems of different colors also represent the multiple aspects of life and form an incredible resonance with Jin Chen’s “true self” spirit of continuous experimentation, self-breakthrough, and refusal to be defined over the years. Replica Rolex watches.

Colorful Aesthetics

The dial of the True Square “Colorful Gems” mechanical watch adopts a white vertical brushed design with rhodium chamfers, and the colored gemstone hour markers are the finishing touch, injecting vitality into this watch. Each gemstone has been carefully polished, with exquisite colors and shining luster, which perfectly echoes the rhodium-colored central hour and minute hands with orange Super-LumiNova luminous coating, showing Rado’s unique insights into color aesthetics. Whether it is a star-studded dinner party or a creative art exhibition, it can become the bright focus of the wrist and attract everyone’s attention silently.

The new True Square “Colorful Gems” mechanical watch

The built-in excellent Rado Swiss Rado R734 automatic mechanical movement provides the wearer up to 80 hours of power reserve. Equipped with a Nivachron anti-magnetic hairspring and passing 5-position tests, it can ensure accurate travel time in all environments. The movement is decorated with a charming round rice grain texture, and the movement bracket decorated with Geneva stripes further adds to its beauty.

With a light and free form and colorful visual aesthetics, the arrival of “Colorful Treasures” brings new vitality to the True Square series. It will continue the consistent concept of the True Square series, continue to protect every independent soul, and pass on the belief of true freedom and self-unfetteredness to every undefined life.