As Excellent As Your Wrist, Shining Like “You.” Replica Watches

As the end of the year approaches, everything needs a refresh. Looking back on the colorful 2023, every “you” has gained a unique and extraordinary experience. Whether you are having a lot of thoughts on a quiet night, reveling in the hustle and bustle, going on outdoor adventures in the wilderness, or spending warm moments with your family, Rado Swiss radar watches are always by your side, witnessing every state change and understanding “What you feel and understand. Time flies by, and at the end of the year, a variety of high-quality watches are used to evoke the annual summary dedicated to “you.”

The flowing “crystal” pure “extracted” golden color is like a “rainbow.”

Check out the “Year Summary,” and you will find moments of joy and indulgence, just like the dazzling moments created for you by the Captain Cook series designer collaboration watch “Golden Rainbow Cook” and the Centrix Crystal Series “Golden White.” “Golden Rainbow Cook” is like “you,” full of creativity and diversity. It inherits the adventurous spirit of the Captain Cook series and enjoys exploring every inch of life. The avant-garde design of “Golden Rainbow Cook” is eye-catching. The eight gemstones sparkle and outline a colorful rainbow. The highly original second hand is presented as a pulsating heartbeat, full of vitality, exquisiteness, and charm, blooming with dazzling brilliance.

Captain Cook Captain Cook, a series designer collaboration, watches “Golden Rainbow Cook.”

The Centrix crystal series “Flowing Golden White” is just like the gentle “you,” which is simple, outstanding, sensual, and elegant. The 12 Wesselton diamonds inlaid on the dial and the exquisite “Jubilé” engraving on the bottom demonstrate low-key luxury. At the same time, the smooth and wear-resistant high-tech ceramic middle link shows the gentle and elegant beauty of the watch. Whether it is a gorgeous style at a holiday party or a calm and sleek aura, it can perfectly interpret what “you” want. As the New Year approaches, let “Golden Rainbow Cook” and “Liu Jinbai” open the new year for you excitingly and embrace a new future.

Centrix crystal series diamond-set mechanical watch “golden white.”

Shining like a “flame” and attracting attention like a “diamond.”

Dare to think, dare to do, and be brave enough to be a pioneer are the keywords that belong to “you” in the annual report. The Rado DiaStar series watch has a harsh outline combined with fine hollowing. Multiple elements flow into each square inch to create interest, making the ultimate use of materials. Like “you,” there is a delicate and firm heart under the solid and rugged exterior. Feel the changes in visual and tactile levels through the sapphire glass and glimpse the rhythmic beauty of the movement. The DiaStar series resonates strongly with “you” and interprets the beautiful life, whether the otherworldly appeal or the retro and classic fashion sense.

DiaStar Original Diamond Star Original Series Skeleton Watch

If you want to light up the “prosperous” good luck in the New Year with your fiery and unrestrained vitality, then the Captain Cook series “Blazing Cook” is best for you. The plasma high-tech ceramic case presents a mysterious and deep smoky gray matte texture, making it look fashionable on the wrist. The rose gold hour markers and smoked tone dial, combined with the sporty rotatable bezel, further highlight the outstanding style of “you.” Whether in the city or outdoors, you can fully express the uniqueness of “you.” Join hands with the Rado DiaStar watches and the Captain Cook series “Blazing Cook” to open up a new perspective in the new year. Replica watches.

Captain Cook’s high-tech ceramic skeleton watch “Flame Cook.”

Reveal your “true self” and show your true colors.

If you want to lose your old looks in the New Year and play with multiple styles in various ways, you must find your “true self,” open up your true colors, and kick off a new and exciting new year. Rado True Square Thinline ultra-thin series watch “British Green” renews the modern attitude of the New Year. With a unique and fashionable square-rounded corner design paired with a warm and wear-resistant high-tech ceramic case, the minimalist dial presents a complete sense of high-end, always highlighting your taste and style. The timeless classic “British Green” shows the elegant and quiet gentleman’s demeanor. Wearing it on your wrist, you can transform into a British gentleman and experience the pleasure and beauty of slow time in the morning and sunset.

Accurate Square Thinline ultra-thin watch “British Green.”

The True Square series “Unparalleled White” uses a modern, relaxed design style to accompany “you” to create a new future. The classic iconic square-rounded corner design and one-piece high-tech ceramics show the multi-faceted true self. The innovative double-bridge design highlights the harmonious geometric pattern and, at the same time, displays the critical movement parts, as if “you” are simple and generous and are not afraid of challenges. Paired with a vertical brushed back panel, it is more visually neat and comfortable to meet the matching needs of various festive occasions. Whether visiting relatives and friends or a workplace gathering, “Wushuang White” adds a unique aura to “you” and opens up endless possibilities. The versatile tones and unique textures of “British Green” and “Unparalleled White” will shine a new color for “you” in the new year. Fake rolex watches.

Authentic Square Series Skeleton Mechanical Watch “Unparalleled White”

The year-end summary has been completed, and the new year is still waiting. Let Rado start the New Year with “you” with its unique and exquisite timepieces, write a new chapter, and enjoy every inch of the beautiful time in the future.

Longines Presents Your Choice: Reddit Replica Watches

The end of the year bell rings, the festive atmosphere fills the winter, and the season of gifts and gifts has arrived as expected. Longines has selected a variety of elegant timepieces to illuminate holiday inspiration, convey good wishes, and add a sense of ritual to the holiday.

Longines selects new mini Daitro Wiener series watch

The festival is coming, the lights are twinkling, and the ribbons are intertwined, adding to the festive atmosphere. Longines is proud to present the Mini Datro Wiener series of watches, which combine hardness and softness between square and round shapes to set off the charm of winter. The classic square case design depicts modern aesthetics. The exquisite case is paired with a silver rectangular Roman dial to balance retro and contemporary elegance. In addition to the stainless steel style, it also offers vibrant colors to break the dullness of winter and condense your heart into the wrist in a whisper. Warm companionship. Reddit replica watches.

Longines selects the Forerunner series Zulu time watch and the Forerunner series flyback chronograph watch.

At the end of the year, we look forward to the new year and pray for endless exploration and endless travel in the new year. The Longines Pioneer Series embodies the pioneering spirit and accompanies your new adventure. The Forerunner series Zulu time watch supports multi-time zone display. The stainless steel case is paired with a colored ceramic bezel, integrating elegant aesthetics and excellent performance. The Pioneer series flyback chronograph watch is equipped with a flyback function, which is a more convenient and faster way of timing, allowing you to meet a better you in the New Year.

Longines selects Conca’s series GMT watch.

The stars and rivers flow, and the sun and the moon pass through. Longines’ new Concas diving series GMT watch draws inspiration from water sports. It is equipped with Longines’ exclusive GMT movement and displays multiple time zones simultaneously. It continues the classic sports style and accompanies you bravely exploring the unknown and “diving” elegantly in the New Year. Replica watches review.

Make a wish for time and enjoy the courtesy moment. Longines presents elegant timepieces that condense beautiful blessings and prayers, adding warmth to winter and allowing elegance to bloom in winter.

Swiss Radar Watch Festival Selection, Replica Watches For Sale

The end of the year is ringing, and the Christmas and New Year atmosphere fills the winter air. As the snowflakes fall, in the warm atmosphere of shining stars and flickering candlelight, carefully prepared gifts are exchanged with each other, lighting up the beautiful moments of the festival. Rado has selected three premium timepieces, combining cutting-edge design with innovative materials to turn love into companionship every minute and bring warmth in winter.

Rado Swiss radar watch Christmas gift box.

The pure “extraction” of liquid crystal shines in the festival.

Let a Rado Centrix series watch start the gorgeous prelude to the Christmas and New Year carnival in this romantic season. When attractive gilt meets exquisite “golden brown,” the small 30.5mm dial reflects a simple, outstanding, sensual, and charming temperament. The radial sun pattern on the dial is embossed and painted to present a smooth plane, giving it an immersive aesthetic feeling under the warm sunshine. It is also inlaid with precious diamonds and exquisite “Jubilé” engraving, which makes it even more gorgeous. The middle link of the strap is made of wear-resistant and skin-friendly high-tech ceramic material so that when worn in winter, it can instantly fit the skin temperature without feeling cold. Wearing the “Golden Brown” on your wrist embellishes passionate moments, like a sip of mellow mulled wine, warming your heart and carving out warm and unforgettable New Year memories. replica watches for sale.

Centrix Crystal Collection Diamond Mechanical Watch “Golden Brown”

“Fire” warm praise and enjoy the “flame”

On a bitter winter day surrounded by cold winds, you need a “blazing firework.” Rado Swiss radar watches Captain Cook’s “Fire Cook” series ignite your sharp vitality. “Blazing Cook” is presented in an outstanding, trendy, and relaxed style. It releases its unique personality and makes people want to walk out the door, step into the snow, and start a free and easy New Year’s adventure. The case is made of Rado’s exquisite plasma high-tech ceramic technology, showing a mysterious and deep smoke-gray matte texture. The warm and bright rose gold hour markers complement the smoky tone of the dial and the sporty rotatable bezel, showing a contrasting fashion texture. In addition to its stylish and outstanding appearance, “Blazing Cook” is equipped with the new Rado R808 hollow automatic movement. Through the sapphire glass mirror, you can savor the beauty of the open movement in operation, showing every inch’s ingenuity of mechanical craftsmanship. The rhythm of the movement records the good times spent with family and friends and is transmitted from the wrist. Swiss replica watches.

Captain Cook’s high-tech ceramic skeleton watch “Flame Cook.”

Colorful courtesy “Fang” shows the actual character.

Breaking the dull winter with bright colors, the Rado True Square Thinline ultra-thin watch “Cream White” is inspired by the dopamine color scheme to light up the vitality of Christmas. Breaking away from the conventional festive dressing routine, the noble and charming “cream white” shows the luxurious and elegant style of old money. It is like a British gentleman leaning on the fireside to sip tea and read in the snowy winter, surrounded by the aroma of pine wood, and Enjoy the tranquility of this winter day with the sound of firewood. As the brand’s first ultra-thin square one-piece high-tech ceramic watch, “Cream White” is made of lightweight and wear-resistant high-tech ceramic material. The unique square and rounded corner design presents a rational and romantic texture, while the minimalist style makes it easy to cope with various dressing scenes. The ultra-thin case of only 5 mm is equipped with a PVD-coated titanium three-fold clasp, which is easy to wear, records every moment of gathering with family and friends, and lights up the joy and warmth of every moment.

True Square Thinline True Square Thinline Series “Cream White”

In this Christmas and New Year gift season, let the Rado Swiss Radar watch inject endless warmth into you with its unique and ingenious timepieces, and enjoy a splendid and joyful time together.

Swiss Mido Helmsman Series Skeleton Watch, Replica Luxury Watches

Swiss Mido Watch has launched a new helmsman series skeletonized watch, which displays the exquisitely operating fully automatic mechanical movement through the delicate hollowed-out main plate, fully showing the mechanical aesthetics of gear transmission and making it unforgettable. The dark blue dial shimmers with metallic luster and complements the mercerized stainless steel case. The new watch combines technical prowess with sporty style. The dial design combines ingenuity and stands out with its unique and dazzling appearance. Replica luxury watches.

The new helmsman series skeleton watch is dipped in dark blue with exquisite artistry, revealing a precision-operated transmission system, boldly demonstrating its powerful functions and extraordinary temperament. The design elements of this new watch continue from the four best-selling models that first presented the appearance of a hollow dial since the birth of the Helmsman series in 1934, bringing an extraordinary visual effect – the vertical Geneva strip extends from the dial to the main plate. Amidst the surging ripples, the movement is looming and fascinating.

Extraordinary aesthetic design

Bold and assertive, but retaining a charming and mysterious atmosphere. The new helmsman series skeletonized watch brings together ingenuity in its aesthetic appearance. Vertical Côtes de Genève ripples extend across the dial to the anthracite gray main plate of the movement, creating an extraordinary visual beauty. The hour markers treated with Super-LumiNova white luminous coating shine against the blue dial and complement the anthracite gray minute scale. Swiss fake watches.

The new watch is made of stainless steel, uses a spiral back and crown, and is paired with a mercerized stainless steel strap and folding clasp. It is dynamic and breaks through the limits.

Strong momentum and vertical lines

Whether viewed from the front or back, you can discover the unique aesthetic charm of the new Helmsman series skeleton watch. You can observe its finely carved movement through the transparent sapphire glass back. The automatic oscillating weight is engraved with the MIDO logo and decorated with Geneva ripples, echoing the dial design. The new timepiece is equipped with Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement.

The new Helmsman series skeletonized watch inspires adrenaline with solid precision and uses mechanical aesthetics to burst the energy in the wrist.

TAG HEUER And Red Bull Racing Are Heading Towards The Future At Full Speed; Replicas Watch China

The roar of engines at the Las Vegas Grand Prix kicks off an essential moment in F1 racing. As a symbol of precision and excellence, TAG Heuer is pleased to announce the renewal of its long-term partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing.

The cooperation between TAG Heuer and Red Bull Racing that began in 2016 has developed into a strong partnership. Max Verstappen, who has been involved since he was 18, played a pivotal role in the collaboration. Over the years, both parties have witnessed his transformation from a young talent with a promising future to a 26-year-old winning champion. This has also added a layer of profound significance to the cooperation between TAG Heuer and Red Bull Racing.

TAG Heuer and Red Bull Racing have already experienced many successful seasons together. The extraordinary cooperation between the two parties will be further strengthened based on the shared passion and focus over the years. As the partnership continues, fans can look forward to exciting new experiences and activities that immerse them in F1 racing.

Over the years, TAG Heuer and Red Bull Racing have celebrated important chapters in F1 history. These extraordinary moments include iconic events such as the venerable Monaco Grand Prix, recognized as the “crown jewel” of every season. The cooperation between the two parties has reached new heights, especially when celebrating Max Verstappen’s Drivers’ World Championship victory in Qatar and Red Bull Racing’s sixth Constructors’ Championship trophy in Suzuka. After that, Verstappen did not stop his pursuit of winning the championship and appeared in every victory moment with the Red Bull Racing Team. Tag Heuer replica watches.

In addition, TAG Heuer also teamed up with Red Bull Racing to create a vibrant and immersive limited-time experience in Singapore. The collaboration is a testament to the passion and dedication both parties share with their fans and offers a glimpse into their world. These milestone events, marked by creativity and innovation, provide fans with an exclusive backstage pass into motorsport, taking them close to the heart of F1 motorsport and the compelling lives of its drivers.

The partnership between TAG Heuer and Red Bull Racing fully aligns with the core values of both parties and not only symbolizes the pursuit of excellence but also demonstrates their shared love for motorsports and consolidates their position as industry leaders.

On the one hand, Red Bull Racing has brought continuous innovation and a way of breaking tradition to the F1 world. The dynamic duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez represent an unparalleled line-up of drivers who have continually pushed the limits to win the iconic Monaco Grand Prix and a string of championship titles.

On the other hand, TAG Heuer, a Swiss watch brand with a history and heritage spanning 163 years, has roots closely connected with the world of racing. It has provided services to some of the greatest F1 teams, legendary drivers, and iconic races for decades. Tao provides support. Replicas watch china.

As proof of the tremendous success of the cooperation between the two parties, the joint watch launched by TAG Heuer and Red Bull Racing has become one of TAG Heuer’s best-selling products. These timepieces, represented by the TAG Heuer F1 Series Red Bull Racing Special Edition, embody the high precision and superior performance consistent with F1 racing and are also a symbol of the flourishing partnership between the two parties. The love of these watches by fans worldwide has cemented the bond between the watchmaker and the team.

Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer, shared his excitement: “TAG Heuer is one of the most recognized and respected brands in F1 racing. Over the past fifty years, we have participated in a total of 14 Drivers’ World Championships. title and 11-time Constructors’ World Championship, we are therefore honored to continue our partnership with the most dominant and inspiring presence in the paddock – Red Bull Racing. This contract extension is our longest ever. contract to celebrate the incredible journey we have been on together, all rooted in our shared passion for excellence and the relentless pursuit of pushing the envelope. We look forward to continuing to support Max Verstappen and Sergio ·Perez continues to make history again and looks forward to creating new timepieces for Red Bull Racing’s global fans.”

Red Bull Racing team manager Christian Horner added: “TAG Heuer is one of the most trusted and iconic brands in Formula 1 racing and we are very proud to continue our partnership with TAG Heuer. . Our collaboration with TAG Heuer is a source of inspiration and innovation in the paddock, and there is no doubt that we will continue to work together to bring joint activities and co-branded products that wow audiences around the world.” The checkered Flag for this Flying with the extraordinary official announcement symbolizes an exciting and harmonious partnership that embodies the spirit of innovation, high precision, and passion for F1 racing. TAG Heuer and Red Bull Racing will continue to set the standard of excellence in the sport and push the limits of achievable goals.

Girard-Perregaux Double Flybridge Aston Martin Limited Edition, Replica Watch China

A perfect combination of aesthetics and engineering design

In 2021, the Swiss high-end watchmaking brand GP Girard-Perregaux officially became the official timepiece partner of the British classic ultra-luxury car brand Aston Martin. Girard-Perregaux and Aston Martin both have a rich historical heritage. The two brands have a combined history of more than 300 years. They share common values and pursue extraordinary and pure design. Their cooperation has produced several outstanding timepieces. Work.

Girard-Perregaux and Aston Martin have collaborated to release the fifth joint timepiece – the Double Flying Bridge Aston Martin Limited Edition- reflecting both parties’ commitment to breaking through performance limits in design and watchmaking skills. The watch is fashionable in Modern style, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and engineering design concepts, achieving outstanding and extraordinary performance. Replica watch China.

“For the newly launched Aston Martin Limited Edition Double Flybridge, a joint creative team composed of designers from both parties decided to challenge some of the accepted watchmaking conventions around the movement design. Their focus is on structural rigidity, performance, and aesthetics. New considerations were made, and I am very satisfied with the results.”

Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Girard-Perregaux, said: “This is not just about putting the Aston Martin name on our timepieces. Aston Martin is also passionate about this watch. played a decisive role in the conception, examining the materials used in the timepiece and the design of the movement. The Double Flying Bridge Aston Martin Limited Edition is an outstanding culmination of the collaboration between the two companies.”

Respect tradition and embrace the future

The Double Flying Bridge Aston Martin Limited Edition is the latest product in the Girard-Perregaux Golden Bridge series, which has long been firmly committed to the brand’s DNA. In 1867, Constant Girard drew a pocket watch with three parallel bridges. Once an essential part of the movement, the bridges were given exquisite decoration and became a famous aesthetic design element. While GP Girard-Perregaux is proud of its heritage, it does not dwell on the past but embraces the future wholeheartedly. Its works often cleverly combine thought-provoking individual designs with cutting-edge materials and creative devices – a new double-flying watch. The Bridge Watch Aston Martin Limited Edition demonstrates this feature. Rolex replica watches.


Girard-Perregaux and Aston Martin share a common language in “luxury.” Both parties know maintaining a consistent design is as important as seeking breakthroughs. Consolidating this shared philosophy means firmly believing that mechanical components should evoke emotional solid resonance.

The Aston Martin Limited Edition, Double Flybridge watch inherits the design concept of the previous joint watches between the two parties and reinterprets the appearance, adding exquisite details. The watch abandons the conventional dial design and exposes the GP0840000-2164 movement, which is usually located on the back of the watch, on the front of the watch in an inverted manner. As a result, each functional component becomes part of the overall visual charm of the watch, faithfully adhering to the spiritual core of the Golden Bridge series. The new arrow-shaped bridge provides support for the transmission wheel train and balance wheel. The wearer can witness the interaction of different components and tell the passage of time together. Inheriting the tradition of Girard-Perregaux, the layout of the movement components is symmetrical, achieving a harmonious and unified appearance.

Consistent design

Drawing on the automotive industry’s practice of eliminating unnecessary materials to reduce weight, this watch abandons the traditional dial. The design of the hands and time scales inherits the style of previous joint watches. Skeleton baton hour markers indicate the hours and minutes. The hands are made of luminous material, and the color is low-key and elegant. Aston Martin Competition Green. The floating time scale is located on the ring of the dial and protrudes outward. It also uses green luminous material, which is conducive to reading the time in an environment with poor lighting. Green marks between each time scale are set on the dial ring to indicate each minute. The two new axles in Aston Martin Green are a contemporary nod to Constant’s creations in the 19th century. In contrast, the color of the axles pays homage to Aston Martin and its rich history of refined performance cars.

Essential power for outstanding performance

Power is a prerequisite for performance and the essence of Girard-Perregaux and Aston Martin’s works. The “fuel tank” of the Aston Martin Limited Edition Double Flybridge Watch – the barrel, is set at 1:30. The barrel is supported by a black hollow bridge bearing the Girard-Perregaux brand name. The watch is self-winding, drawing energy from the wrist’s natural movement thanks to a small rotor called a micro-rotor. The thickness of the micro-rotor is only 5.45 mm, which contributes to the slim appearance of the movement and makes it visible. The watch’s micro-rotor is engraved with the Aston Martin brand name, which complements the Girard-Perregaux brand name on the barrel. When designing the barrel and micro-rotor, the joint creative team took inspiration from the brakes behind Aston Martin’s DB12 spoked wheels, showing off sharp lines and extra openings.

Play with colors on your wrist.

Color is a practical way to highlight shapes, lending light, emotion, and passion to sculptural forms. On the Aston Martin Limited Edition Double Flying Bridge watch, matte gray, vivid ruby, majestic black and silver gears jointly interpret the flow of time. The Aston Martin Competition Green in New Banqiao follows the light, presenting rich and varied colors. Giving the bridge’s color was an absolute technical challenge while maintaining its charming three-dimensional appearance.

The lightweight case with a diameter of 45 mm is made of titanium, and the surface is treated with a black DLC coating process – simple and elegant; it highlights the unique personality of the watch, and both static and dynamic movement components can show off their dazzling style.

DB12 on the wrist

The world’s first super GT sports car, the curvy Aston Martin DB12, is designed to ensure comfort during long-distance driving while making every kilometer experience unforgettable. The Double Flybridge Aston Martin Limited Edition shares the same philosophy. Every line and surface has been carefully planned for performance and an excellent wearing experience. The combination of different materials creates an extraordinary touch. The strap is made of black rubber with a fabric effect, green stitching, and a titanium DLC-coated triple folding clasp, giving the wrist unparalleled wearing comfort and an attractive appearance.

ZENITH PILOT Pilot Series Watches, Swiss Made Replicas Watches

ZENITH PILOT pilot series watches integrate historical genes into modern watches

Since the end of the 19th century, ZENITH has been active in aviation. As a pioneer manufacturer of aircraft instruments and flight watches, its accurate, reliable, durable, clear, and easy-to-read precision instruments have accompanied the increasingly prosperous development of the aviation industry. As the oldest series of the Zenith watch factory, the PILOT pilot series watches have been working side by side with brave aviation pioneers, including Louis Blériot, since the beginning of the 20th century, constantly pursuing the pursuit of flying in the sky. The lofty dream demonstrates the courage to challenge oneself and relentlessly explore the unknown and limits. The PILOT pilot series watches are innovative, inheriting the historical heritage while balancing with the modern atmosphere. They will present a new series of watches at the 2023 “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition in Geneva, absorbing historical imprints and innovating with modern aesthetics. Several PILOT pilot series watches have inherited the past and the new masterpieces in 2023. They all carry Zenith’s brand spirit of “Time To Reach Your Star” (dream on stars, walk with truth) and are also a symbol of human aviation and truth—the epitome of Lishi’s joint development process.

Accurate and reliable, soaring thousands of miles

ZENITH Type 20 aircraft watch, 1939

On July 25, 1909, Louis Blériot piloted the Bleriot XI across the English Channel, a 40-kilometer journey that lasted 37 minutes. Leo became a veritable “King of Breaking Limits,” and with the Zenith watch he wore, he witnessed the first leap in the history of human aviation. Among the many pilot watches, Blériot praised the Zenith Type 20 aircraft watch, also widely used in the French aviation industry. The watch’s small second hand, large luminous hands, and time scales at 6 o’clock are all straightforward to read. The design of the watch’s crown makes it easy to operate even when wearing gloves. This watch is equipped with a bimetallic balance wheel, an antimagnetic automatic compensation hairspring, and a Swiss fork escapement to ensure reliability and accuracy in the air. Swiss made replicas watches.

ZENITH PILOT pilot series Type 20 aircraft watch

Model: 95.2420.5011/21.C723, 2012

Retaining the iconic design elements of its predecessors, the PILOT pilot series Type 20 aircraft watch, limited to 250 pieces, was released in 2012 to pay tribute to the pioneers. The notched crown of the watch is reminiscent of the crown of old pilot watches, 57.5 mm. The diameter watch case is made of titanium to balance the weight of the 5011K manual winding mechanical movement. Its hand-stitched and rolled leather strap is consistent with the black dial style, demonstrating the heroic appearance. Its small seconds hand at 9 o’clock and the power reserve display at 3 o’clock achieve a perfect visual balance. It condenses the concept and function of early pilot watches and cleverly interprets the aesthetic style of flying thousands of miles. Patek philippe replica.

Solemn and classical, balanced and elegant

(From left to right) ZENITH hand-wound chronograph watch, 1960

ZENITH PILOT Big Date Special watch, 2012

ZENITH PILOT Big Date Special watch is in the same line as the chronograph watches produced from the 1960s to the 1980s, focusing on functional display. The 42mm stainless steel case alternates between polished and satin finishes, presenting a classic and elegant style. The black matte dial has been sandblasted five times, making it easy to read and showing excellent visual balance. The small seconds hand is at 9 o’clock, and the 30-minute indicator dial is at 3 o’clock. Both are dyed blue to form perfect symmetry, a very modern design ingenuity. The black ruthenium-plated hands covered with luminous paint show elegance and elegance. The dial is graceful and sporty, perfectly echoing the simple style of the Arabic numerals. This subtle and solemn design is reminiscent of the Zenith manual winding watch released in 1960—a tribute to the clock.

The highly historic 1960 hand-wound chronograph watch has a 146 DP movement. A total of 2,500 pieces were produced. Because it is clear, easy to read, and completely ergonomic, it has become a favorite among collectors as time goes by. It’s a police classic. Its black dial contrasts sharply with luminous digital time scales and hands. The case diameter is 45 mm, and it is equipped with a rotating bezel with a 60-minute scale, showing a retro and modern style.

Intelligent colors, pioneering timing

(From left to right) ZENITH PILOT Pilot Series Doublematic dual time zone watch, 2012

ZENITH El Primero Rainbow Flyback watch, 1997

Traveling in the blue sky, overlooking the earth, and making adventurous journeys across different time zones, the ZENITH PILOT series problematic dual time zone watch condenses the dream of traveling in the sky into a small space on the wrist. The 30-minute indicator dial at 3 o’clock is equipped with an extensive calendar window, and the central rattrapante needle is decorated with an arrow coated with luminous material. The design of the hour and minute hands fully demonstrates the sports style of the 21st century. There are two barrels, one for timing and the other for the alarm function. The button and crown can be used at 8 o’clock, respectively. Start and set alarms.

Like the PILOT Pilot Series Doublematic dual time zone watch, the El Primero Rainbow Flyback watch with a secondary color on the bezel is distinguished by its unique rainbow ring chronograph dial, second-hand scale display with color gradient on the bezel, and bright orange-coated center. The second-hand and minute-hand design extends the practicality of the chronograph function to a bright and eye-catching appearance. It has also become the source of watch design for the subsequent new PILOT pilot series large calendar flyback watch stainless steel model.

Wandering in the sky, freedom is yours.

ZENITH combines classic design elements with modern aesthetic concepts

Presented to the new PILOT pilot series significant date flyback watch

ZENITH has never stopped moving forward to break through itself. After accumulating experience in the bold design and pioneering technology of previous generations of watches, the new ZENITH PILOT pilot series watches incorporate modern innovative elements and open a new chapter in 2023. Soaring in the sky and clouds, it perfectly inherits the fearless spirit of pilots who dare to explore the unknown. The PILOT pilot series large calendar flyback watch combines concise and powerful modern aesthetic concepts. It is made of two different materials, ceramic and stainless steel, and has both practical functions and a dazzling appearance. The stainless steel model alternates with colored minute counter designs and bright orange central seconds and minutes hands. These classic design elements are instantly recognizable in the El Primero Rainbow Flyback watch, released in 1997. The design closely connects tradition and modernity, and at the same time, it revitalizes the historical heritage with a new look.

The new ZENITH PILOT pilot series watch adopts a straightforward black-and-white design. It chooses a more modern font as its Arabic numerals and luminous white time scales contrast sharply with the black opal corrugated dial. The word “Pilot” decorated on the dial tells the story of the indissoluble bond between Zenith and the blue sky since 1888. It also proves that Zenith is the first and only company with the right to design and display products on the dial of timepieces—brands using this technical aviation term. The new ZENITH PILOT series of watches combines the iconic features of PILOT pilot watches and flight instruments dating from the early 1900s. It also adds innovative, unique functions and aesthetic designs to this series of watches to appeal to the new generation of pilots. Spirit, inheriting the past of the previous generation of watches, accompanied aviation pioneers as they roamed the sky and, at the same time, marked the beginning of the next exciting adventure.

TAG HEUER Carrera Series, Who Sells The Best Replica Watches

TAG Heuer presents a new Carrera series tourbillon chronograph, inspired by the charming night view and city skyline of Shanghai, integrating advanced watchmaking skills and the soul of this city, becoming the brand’s tourbillon chronograph The collection infuses bold and captivating glamour.

Swiss pioneer watchmaking brand TAG Heuer proudly presents the Shanghai Limited Edition of the TAG Heuer Carrera Series Tourbillon Chronograph, confirming the strength of its professional watchmaking skills. This watch, limited to 8 pieces, cleverly combines the brand’s pioneering watchmaking craftsmanship with the unique essence of Shanghai, paying tribute to this vibrant international metropolis.

With its ever-changing urban rhythm and urban spirit that always pursues excellence, Shanghai is famous for its unique charm. When night falls and the lights first come on, the skyscrapers and crisscrossing roads in this bustling city form an unforgettable night scene, and the skyline composed of the iconic buildings in Lujiazui is the most dazzling part of it, becoming Shanghai A unique symbol. Inspired by the city’s striking appearance, the TAG Heuer Carrera Series Tourbillon Chronograph Shanghai Limited Edition pays tribute to Shanghai with its modern design and extraordinary performance, consistently demonstrating the brand’s fearless challenge and pursuit of excellence. Excellent determination. Who sells the best replica watches.

As a high-profile, complex function watch in the brand’s product lineup, this TAG Heuer Carrera Series Tourbillon Chronograph incorporates the unique charm of Shanghai into the watch. The color design of the watch cleverly captures The vitality and mystery of this city. During the day, the watch presents a low-key and dynamic style, showing delicate beauty with subtle embellishments. When night falls, the hollow dial emits a charming light of blue and pink, like bunches of neon lights that make up the graceful night scene of Shanghai, making the watch particularly eye-catching and attracting the keen eyes of fine watchmaking enthusiasts.

This 45mm watch continues the iconic case, bezel, and strap design of the Carrera Turbillon watch. Its all-black case is highly wear-resistant and ultra-light black PVD-coated grade 2 titanium that has been finely frosted and paired with a carbon-fixed bezel with a tachymeter scale. The dial adopts the elegant and balanced classic Tricompax layout of the TAG Heuer Carrera series, with a black hollow design and blue Super-LumiNova fluorescent paint. The dial’s center is printed with the unique word “SHANGHAI.” Sub-dials are decorated with emerald blue and purple at 3 and 9 o’clock, and a tourbillon with an emerald blue fixed bracket at 6 o’clock. The three-dimensional TAG Heuer logo is rhodium-plated, and the hour markers are covered with blue and pink Super-LumiNova fluorescent paint. Swiss replica watches.

The watch is equipped with an anti-reflective curved beveled sapphire mirror, black PVD-coated grade 2 titanium buttons, and a rubber crown, and the button at 2 o’clock is decorated with emerald blue accents. The exquisite design complements the outstanding movement. This watch is equipped with the Heuer 02T tourbillon chronograph movement independently developed by the TAG Heuer brand and certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). It provides a power reserve of up to 65 hours. The case back of the black PVD-coated grade 2 titanium screwed into sapphire can be seen at a glance. “SHANGHAI LIMITED EDITION,” “ONE OF 8,” and the outline of the Shanghai skyline are specially engraved on the back of the case.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Series Tourbillon Chronograph Shanghai Limited Edition uses a strap made of high-end black calfskin and rubber, fixed with a sandblasted black grade 2 titanium folding clasp, and equipped with a double Safety button with TAG Heuer coat of arms.

As a bold and stunning masterpiece, the TAG Heuer Tourbillon Chronograph seamlessly blends unique color combinations and urban landscapes with the brand’s most sophisticated watches, embodying TAG Heuer’s commitment to innovation and consistent commitment to design. Starting November 2023, this timepiece, limited to only eight pieces, will be sold exclusively in TAG Heuer boutiques in mainland China.

Black Tie Collection Watch Timeless Charm, Top Replica Watch

The Piaget Black Tie watch is a timepiece masterpiece loved by art master Andy Warhol. It interprets timeless style with elegant and smooth lines and still exudes charm today. This legendary masterpiece adheres to the spirit of contemporary watchmaking and continues to innovate and evolve, deriving a series of classic and handed-down watches. Each launch has its unique, mysterious charm, which attracts discerning watch collectors. Tracing its history, the first Black Tie series watch, which came out in 1972, already showed its avant-garde attitude in transforming the pattern of the watch industry with its large-size dial and iconic round mold carving decoration.

(PIAGET Piaget Metaphoria series of metaphors of all things

Terrae earth-themed Black Tie high-end jewelry watch)

Master’s handwriting, encounter with a confidant.

Black Tie watches were produced in limited quantities until 1977, including white gold and yellow gold styles. This masterpiece of Count Piaget immediately attracted the attention of Andy Warhol, a pioneer of art innovation at that time.

(PIAGET Black Tie Vintage Watch)

In 1973, Andy Warhol bought a black-tie gold watch in New York that he fell in love with at first sight. The watch has an electroplated anthracite dial powered by the Beta 21 quartz movement. This masterpiece, together with the previous 6 Piaget watches, was regarded as a private collection by the master of art. Four of these seven watches have now been included in the Piaget collection, and the Black Tie watch has forged an indissoluble bond with Andy Warhol that has lasted for many years. Top replica watch.

In 1979, Mr. Yves Piaget, the fourth generation of the Piaget family, and Master Andy Warhol were introduced by Gerry Grinberg, the exclusive agent of Piaget’s high-end watches in the United States. Andy Warhol immediately became a formal member of the Piaget Society and became a close friend of Yves Count. The two attended various events held by the brand in New York and Palm Beach in the United States and also spent many exciting times together at the 54 Club in New York and the Chez Régine Club in Paris. In 1983, Mr. Yves Count was invited by Andy Warhol to be a featured figure in the famous magazine “Interview” founded by him in 1969 and to accept the young artist and gallerist Robert Lee Morris. (Interview with Robert Lee Morris). Luxury replica watches.

Chic charm

In 2014, the Black Tie watch made an eye-catching return in the Extremely Piaget high-end jewelry series and has become unique in the watch industry.

(PIAGET Black Tie Vintage Watch)

Since its inception, the Black Tie Collection Watch has launched two designs, namely a white gold case with a malachite dial and a rose gold case with a deep black dial, which are very popular among watch collectors. The watch in the picture presents an elegant combination of a rose gold case and a malachite dial.

The Black Tie collector’s watch is designed with a 45 mm case and is embellished with the brand’s iconic decorative gemstones. When it was first released, it aroused intense interest among discerning collectors keen on rare timepieces. At the 2023 “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, the Society Bar area of ​​Piaget’s booth displayed ten unique custom-made watches from the private collection, showing the extraordinary charm of this watch. Its design inspiration comes from Ann Dee Warhol’s Piaget timepiece collection. The dial is decorated with rich and bright turquoise, magnificent and charming jasper, crimson and clear carnelian, and eye-catching electric blue lapis lazuli. They are all-natural gems that gem experts carefully search for to decorate precious timepieces.

Hublot Releases New Timepieces, Best Replica Watches Review

Swiss luxury watch brand HUBLOT officially released the latest masterpiece of the brand’s high-end jewelry watch series – the Classic Fusion series high-end jewelry watch (42 mm). The new watch is white gold and set with rectangular-cut brilliant diamonds. It joins the Big Bang, Big Bang Soul, and Square Bang Unico series, high-end jewelry imitation watches made of white gold and embellished with diamonds and even colorful gemstones. , becoming the iconic work of Hublot’s high-end jewelry watch series. The new Classic Fusion series high-end jewelry watch (42mm) cleverly combines the series’ classic design with excellent gem-setting technology. The lines of the watch are cut and outlined with diamonds and paired with white gold, further enhancing the overall design aesthetic and making it an accurate model of Hublot. This praise is undoubtedly the highest honor for this watch with timeless charm. Best replica watches review.

Simplicity is the highest level of sophistication and complexity, so Hublot returned to its roots, reinterpreting the iconic watch shape when the brand was founded in 1980. It successfully created this highly acclaimed high-end jewelry watch, vividly demonstrating the classic look. The timeless pure beauty of the Fusion collection. This is a fantastic watch! Hublot’s gem-setting masters used their superb skills to perfectly set at least 431 baguette-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 14.6 carats, for the 2023 new Classic Fusion series high-end jewelry watch. These sparkling diamonds are paved on the case, bezel, dial and buckle of the watch, bringing a stunning visual feast. The dial alone is set with 241 baguette-cut diamonds. The meticulous setting took 120 hours, almost equivalent to three weeks of full-time work for the artisans! In addition, a total of 60 dazzling diamonds are set around the bezel of the watch.

The 42mm case of the new watch is set with 94 baguette-cut diamonds and is equipped with the HUB1710 movement. Through the sapphire case back, the rhythmic beauty of the movement can be seen at a glance.

Such excellent watchmaking requires excellence in every detail: the folding clasp of the black alligator leather strap (black rubber lining) is also decorated with 36 baguette-cut diamonds.

The new Classic Fusion series high-end jewelry watch (42 mm) is set with 431 diamonds. The entire setting process took over 200 hours, achieving an outstanding fusion of excellent watchmaking technology and extraordinary jewelry aesthetics.

Panerai Luminor Quaranta Bitempo Luminor Series Is A Two-time Imitation Watches

The Luminor Quaranta series of watches presents the unique beauty of the series with its exquisite size, delicately balancing historical heritage and modern innovation. The new Luminor Quaranta BiTempo series of dual-time watches continues its characteristics and is equipped with double-time complications.

The new work adopts a 40 mm diameter stainless steel case with a P.900/GMT automatic movement and a 3-day power reserve. Panerai’s Swiss watchmaking technology and exquisite craftsmanship can be seen at a glance through the sapphire crystal glass case back.

The second time zone display function allows the wearer to conveniently read the time simultaneously in two different time zones, an indispensable and essential function for contemporary travelers. The tip of the second time zone hand is embellished with blue, while the hour markers display green luminous light. Even if the light is insufficient, the reading time is precise and adds to the aesthetic features of the watch. Fake watches for sale.

The new work is equipped with a more eye-catching date window, improving the watch’s readability. Continuing Panerai’s watchmaking tradition, the new watch has a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, unique luminous hour markers, and the iconic elements of the Luminor series – pillow-shaped case and crown guard. The device is reminiscent of classic imitation watches from the 2000s.

The new watch is available in black and white dial styles with crocodile leather straps and embellished with same-color stitching. The frosted steel buckle contrasts sharply with the polished stainless steel bezel, which is simple and uniquely dynamic. To satisfy watch enthusiasts who pursue diversification and personalization, each watch is equipped with a Panerai strap quick-detachment system and comes with an additional rubber strap that the wearer can easily replace at will. PAM01365 has a matte black dial with a white Super-LumiNova and a black rubber strap; PAM01367 has a matte white dial with a gray Super-LumiNova and a blue rubber strap.

“BiTempo” engraved on the dial means “Two Times” in Italian, highlighting Panerai’s profound historical heritage and Italian design aesthetic tradition. Panerai takes high-tech materials, reliable performance, and innovative design as its core pillars to inherit the brand’s long-lasting, exemplary watchmaking expertise.

Carl F. Bucherer Accompanies You To Travel Around The World, Replica Luxury Watches

Travel is a way of life, a color, a dessert, and an experience; travel means being in a new world and enjoying different beauty. It coincides with World Tourism Day, and with the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Flyback chronograph, we can measure the world with our steps, discover the beauty with our eyes, and feel nature with our hearts.

Field green and green Manero Flyback chronograph (Manero Flyback) photographed by German nature photographer Hannes Becker

Cherish every moment during the trip, never be a tourist in a hurry, be a traveler who truly knows how to enjoy, wear a 40mm Maliron flyback chronograph, and face every departure confidently and calmly. Follow the ripples of your heart for a moment and draw your destination on the map. The Maliron Flyback Chronograph is equipped with the CFB 1973 movement, providing up to 56 hours of power reserve. It has central hour, minute, and chronograph seconds hands and the 6 o’clock position on the dial. It also has a date window, which is all-in-one, allowing you to record the unforgettable moments of every trip accurately. Replica luxury watches.

The deep red mountains and a red Manero Flyback chronograph (Manero Flyback) captured by German nature photographer Hannes Becker

The colorful renewable fabric strap and small dials of the same color as the Maliron Flyback Chronograph are inspired by the various colors in nature. With love for the distance and substantial feelings, Carl F. Bucherer is with you. Hublot replica.

Technical Specifications: 40mm Manero Flyback Chronograph

  • Model: 00.10927.08.13.02 (green dial, green fabric strap)
  • 00.10927.08.13.22 (green dial, stainless steel strap)
  • 00.10927.08.13.24 (red dial, stainless steel strap)
  • Movement: CFB 1973 self-winding movement, diameter 30.40 mm, thickness 7.9 mm, 29 jewels, power reserve 56 hours
  • Functions: Timing functions with minute and seconds counters, flyback function, tachymeter, date display, hours, minutes, and small seconds
  • Case: Stainless steel case, double-sided anti-reflective curved sapphire glass, sapphire crystal back, water-resistant to 30 meters (3 atm), diameter 40 mm, thickness 14.45 mm
  • Dial: Silver with green or red counters, silver-white sunray brushed craftsmanship, rhodium wedge-shaped hour markers, SLN-coated wedge-shaped hands
  • Strap: fabric strap made of recycled material (pure vegetable), stainless steel strap with quick release system, and stainless steel pin folding clasp

Bell&Ross Launches New Br 03 Gyrocompass, Swiss Replica Watches


Precise navigation: don’t miss the opportunity

Bell & Ross, the authority on professional tool watches, draws inspiration from the most representative flight display in the aircraft cockpit – the flying gyro compass and presents the new BR 03 Gyrocompass watch, limited to 999 pieces, for watch fans who love aerospace technology.

The bright yellow outline of a fighter jet hovers in the center of the black dial of the BR 03 Gyrocompass. The meaning behind it is clear. It is the inspiration of the aerospace country that is familiar to senior watch fans. The watch’s design aligns with the graphic details of the navigation instruments operated by pilots. The flight navigator on the instrument panel has clear first-level instructions. If necessary, you can check it with the compass. The pilot can know the flight direction of the aircraft at a glance. Bell & Ross’ new work transplants the idea of a navigator into the square inches of a watch, implying that it always adheres to the flight path and never loses flight. Swiss replica watches.

BR 03 is the mainstay of the Bell & Ross timepiece series. Since its launch in 2006, it has become a masterpiece that showcases the brand’s watchmaking technology and transplants the concept of flight instrument panel display to a watch. This year, the BR 03 family has undergone a subtle transformation. The classic round case has been slightly reduced to 41 mm in width. The BR 03 Gyrocompass also debuted in this new size case. The black ceramic case is only 10.6 mm thick and is waterproof to about 100 mm. rice. Bell & Ross launched the classic Flight Instruments series in 2010. The BR 03 Gyrocompass shows its outstanding functions with a distinctive personality, elegantly presenting the beauty of flight navigation instruments integrated into the watch design, and writes a beautiful chapter for the Flights Instruments series. The solid black rubber strap has a black PVD electroplated steel pin buckle. The firm texture also reflects the shadow of flight instruments. The professional tool characteristics of the watch can be seen at a glance. Rolex replica watches.

Clear display day and night

The display design of the BR 03 Gyrocompass takes into account different environments and the requirements for clarity and legibility day and night:

  • The eye-catching fighter plane turns into an hour hand.
  • The nose of the aircraft is aligned with the white time scale.
  • The time is displayed.

This is a design concept proposed by Bell & Ross in 2013: minutes. The scale is moved to the outer edge of the dial, with a white arrow-shaped minute hand, making it easy to read the hours and minutes; the central second hand slowly slides across the surface with a long balance weight, creating a unique visual effect; the calendar window is implicitly placed at four and a half o’clock. The date is displayed discreetly without taking the spotlight from the hours, minutes, and seconds.

To display clearly in a dark environment, the help of luminous materials is naturally indispensable: the four azimuth letters and their triangular marks on the dial are coated with Super-LumiNova, which will emit green light, while the hour and minute scales are luminous in blue, and the outline of the fighter plane is also It emits green light with a yellowish tint.

Excellent mechanical properties

In addition to its unique display mode, this new work embodies the complex mechanical concept of a flying gyrocompass. The most important thing for a pilot to fly an airplane is to know the flight direction at all times accurately, so engineers developed a seemingly simple but quite complex mechanical system that displays the aircraft’s flight direction vertically on the dial. Although the BR 03 Gyrocompass does not have a flying gyro compass device, it is equipped with the accurate and reliable BR-CAL.302 self-winding movement: the vibration frequency of the signal is 28,800 times per hour (4Hz), and the power reserve is 54 hours. It has professional performance no matter where it flies. Or galloping across the land, they all performed outstandingly.

The BR 03 Gyrocompass is original, innovative, and engaging. It closely adheres to the idea that a flying tool has a unique display concept and design features. Aircraft fans will welcome it.



  • Movement type: Movement number BR-CAL.302. Automatic mechanical movement.
  • Mirror: Anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal.
  • Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date.
  • Waterproof performance: 100 meters.
  • Case: Width 41mm. Thickness 10.60mm. Micro-blasted black ceramic.
  • Strap: black rubber and ultra-tough black synthetic fabric.
  • Dial: black. The azimuth base point and triangular hour markers are covered with Super-LumiNova green luminous coating—black inner bezel with white-coated minute scale.
  • Buckle: pin buckle. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment of stainless steel.

Swiss Mido Watch Recommendation, Swiss Watch Replica

Rich colors are gradually dyeing the treetops, and the coolness of early autumn has not yet penetrated the air. The pleasant autumn weather coincides with the golden holiday, an excellent time to travel with your companions. Swiss Mido watches will accompany you immediately with the Navigator series “Rainbow Circle” watch. From diving in exotic countries to climbing rivers, they can be easily adapted with practical functions, making the journey more relaxing. The retro rainbow shines on your wrist, adding a touch of dazzling color to your holiday outfits. Whether you are traveling with your family or with friends, it adds a rainbow-colored filter to your beautiful memories. Replica Rolex watches.

Riding the wind and waves, diving to your heart’s content, the island’s water sports season is far from over. With a plane ticket, you can gather friends and companions, escape from the distinct four seasons, plunge into the island of eternal summer, and be with gulls and herons as if swimming as happily as a fish. The sea breeze blows by the ears, the tide reaches the ankles, the sun is setting, the moon is not complete, and the blues time is performed as scheduled, incorporating the sea and the sky into the boundless blue. After a brief period of splendor, the sky sank into endless darkness, while the rainbow on the wrist contrasted with the sea blue tones, faithfully telling the passion of chasing waves and the wonders of the blues.

The three-dimensional MIDO italic logo is ready to appear on the navy blue dial of the Swiss Mido OCEAN STAR Pilot Series “Rainbow Circle” watch. This watch takes every 6 meters underwater as a decompression level and represents it with four colored circles: yellow, green, pink, and blue. Add more vitality. The rotating bezel has a blue aluminum ring and uses silver dots to mark significant cities worldwide. The red arrow indicates the travel time zone, while the diamond-cut hour, minute, and second hands indicate “home time.” The two present a sharp contrast. The hour, minute, and second hands, the new world time zone, and the scales and dots on the bezel are all treated with Super-LumiNova natural-color luminous coating, which can still be read even in dim environments, ensuring convenience in various travel scenarios. Swiss watch replica.

Put down the baggage of city life, pick up the luggage for the journey, and set off now to go wild into the mountains and forests to capture the moment the leaves turn red. When the night gradually falls amidst the chirping of birds, or when the rising sun peeks out from between the mountain ridges, the rays of light break through the clouds and reflect into the pupils, igniting everything between the stars and me with golden light. A warm sun shines here from the universe to the wrist.

On the black dial of the Swiss Mido OCEAN STAR Pilot Series “Rainbow Circle” watch, the four decompression levels display colorful circles from yellow to orange, showing a gradient color as bright as the sun, which is brilliant, eye-catching, and perfect for holidays. Add a finishing touch to the look. The Navigator series “Rainbow Circle” watch was born in the 1960s and uses a color display function of decompression dwell time. Today, the new OCEAN STAR pilot series “Rainbow Circle” watch retains this unique function, continues the retro design, and adds an additional world time zone display function to help sailing explorers open up a new blue world and witness different records. The beautiful glow of the time zone. The watch uses a mercerized stainless steel case with a diameter of 40.5 mm, which is durable and practical. It is equipped with Mido Caliber80 fully automatic mechanical movement. Its vital kinetic energy ensures that the wearer can enjoy outdoor fun. The watch has two straps: a deep matte black textured rubber strap and a mercerized stainless steel Milanese braided strap. In addition, it is also equipped with an ingenious strap replacement system, which can quickly change straps and bring a comfortable wearing experience.


Technical Information

Swiss Mido OCEAN STAR Pilot Series “Rainbow Circle” Watch [Model: M026.829.17.041.00]

Movement Mido Caliber80 fully automatic mechanical movement (based on ETA C07.661 movement), 11½”, diameter 25.60 mm, thickness 5.86 mm, 25 diamonds, 21,600 swings/hour, Nivachron hairspring, finely carved Finely engraved movement, automatic rotor decorated with Côtes de Genève and MIDO logo. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date + “GMT 24-hour time” display; adjust its travel time accuracy in three directions.

Case Stainless steel case with mercerized finish, 40.5mm diameter, composed of 2 parts, bi-directional rotating bezel with blue aluminum ring and silver markers, natural-color Super-LumiNova luminous coating at noon Handled hour markers; box-shaped sapphire glass mirror, screw-down crown and case, case back decorated with polished starfish pattern, engraved serial number, water-resistant to 200 meters, total lug length 46.99mm.

The dark blue rubber strap has a stainless steel pin buckle engraved with the MIDO logo.

It also has a mercerized polished stainless steel Milanese braided strap with a sliding buckle for easy adjustment and a comfortable wearing experience.

Dial Blue dial, polished three-dimensional scales treated with Super-LumiNova natural color luminous coating, date window at 3 o’clock, and finished with shiny MIDO italic logo. The level of decompression is represented by four colored circles (yellow, green, pink, and blue).

Hands: diamond-cut hour and minute hands, treated with natural-color Super-LumiNova; diamond-cut second hand, second-time zone hand, red spray paint, and decorated with natural-color Super-LumiNova.

Swiss Mido OCEAN STAR Pilot Series “Rainbow Circle” Watch [Model: M026.829.17.051.00]

Movement Mido Caliber80 fully automatic mechanical movement (based on ETA C07.661 movement), 11½”, diameter 25.60 mm, thickness 5.86 mm, 25 diamonds, 21,600 swings/hour, Nivachron hairspring, finely carved Finely engraved movement, automatic rotor decorated with Côtes de Genève and MIDO logo. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date + “GMT 24-hour time” display; adjust its travel time accuracy in three directions.

Case Stainless steel case with mercerized finish, 40.5mm diameter, composed of 2 parts, bi-directional rotating bezel with black aluminum ring and silver markers, decorated with natural-color Super-LumiNova at noon hour markers; box-shaped sapphire glass mirror, screw-type crown and case, the back of the matter is decorated with a polished starfish pattern, engraved with a serial number, water-resistant to 200 meters, and the total lug length is 46.99mm.

Strap Matt black rubber strap with stainless steel pin buckle engraved with MIDO logo.

It also has a mercerized polished stainless steel Milanese braided strap with a sliding buckle for easy adjustment and a comfortable wearing experience.

Dial Black dial, polished scales treated with Super-LumiNova natural color luminous coating, date window at 3 o’clock, and finished with shiny MIDO italic logo. The level of decompression is represented by four colored circles (gradient from yellow to orange).

Hands: diamond-cut hour and minute hands, treated with natural-color Super-LumiNova; diamond-cut second hand, second-time zone hand, red spray paint, and decorated with natural-color Super-LumiNova.

The New Baumatic Watch From The Clifton Series, Fake Gold Watches

Baume & Mercier will participate in Shanghai’s third “Watches and Miracles” high-end watch exhibition. At this “Watches and Miracles” Shanghai Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, Baume & Mercier will focus on the 50th anniversary of the Riviera series, displaying the newly launched Riviera series perpetual calendar watches, and anniversary special edition watches, Clifton series Baumatic watches; looking forward to your attention!

Baume & Mercier 2023 “Watches and Miracles” Shanghai Haute Horlogerie Exhibition Hall

That’s when the heart hits Levia. The overall design of the exhibition hall is inspired by the coast of South Falivella, introducing elements such as the classic dodecagon of the Rivera series, the blue symbolizing the sea, and the particle decoration symbolizing the white sandy beach, allowing visitors to stand On the deck of a cruise ship, enjoy a comfortable visual experience as if you are on the coast of Riviera.

The Baume & Mercier Clifton series adds two new elegant Baumatic watches. After the ingenious and innovative design, the two new timepieces demonstrate the core concepts of Baume & Mercier: simple and restrained beauty, low-key yet luxurious, exquisite design, and persistence in original streamlined shapes from beginning to end, all with the blessing of Baume & Mercier’s century-old watchmaking skills. , combining reliability, durability, and excellent performance, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. Fake gold watches.

Expertise in craftsmanship and craftsmanship: the Mercier Clifton series combines exquisite design and sophisticated finishes.

Whether it is relaxed and casual or elegant and luxurious, Baume & Mercier has always been able to play with various styles easily. The Clifton series fully demonstrates this brand concept and style with unlimited creativity and exquisite watchmaking skills. The new Baumatic Clifton series Baumatic date and moon phase watch M0A10736 and Baume & Mercier Clifton series Baumatic “Chocolate” watch M0A10713 luxury models, respectively, adopt polished and satin-finished 18K rose gold cases and polished and satin-finished stainless steel. With a stainless steel, 18K rose gold case, its gold-plated engravings and hands complement the exquisite finish. Based on the existing 42mm case style, the new 39mm Baumatic Clifton series Baumatic date and moon phase watch M0A10736 is officially launched, bringing a surprising experience to the wearer with its new size.

Both watches are equipped with the brand’s self-winding Baumatic movement. The bridges are decorated with circular patterns, the sandblasted main plate is decorated with snailed patterns, and the hollow gold-plated oscillating weight is decorated with Côtes de Genève and snailed patterns. The dial of the Baume & Mercier Clifton Series Baumatic “Chocolate” watch M0A10713 is full of elegance and charm. The chocolate tone contains subtle gradient style and layering, demonstrating the brand’s careful craftsmanship and control of color and light and shadow effects from beginning to end. You can also feel Baume & Mercier’s pursuit of elegance and meticulousness by taking a closer look at the straps: the Baume & Mercier Clifton series Baumatic date and moon phase watch M0A10736 uses a brown crocodile leather strap, while the Baume & Mercier Clifton series Baumatic “Chocolate” watch M0A10713 is equipped with Antiqued brown calfskin strap. Technically, the Baume & Mercier Clifton series Baumatic date and moon phase watch M0A10736 is fitted with a poetic horological complication: the moon phase display.

Low-key luxury, achieving perfection

Baumatic watches from the Baume & Mercier Clifton series feature superb professional watchmaking skills and are suitable for various styles and occasions. Baume & Mercier’s admiration for the traditional craftsmanship of high-end watchmaking has been deeply rooted in the brand’s genes since its inception. Baume & Mercier’s designers and watchmakers prefer timeless and elegant works. They are committed to starting from minor details, carefully selecting material quality, and achieving rich presentation and aesthetics of texture and color through the coordination and diversification of shapes, materials, and tones. Effect. The timepieces and clocks produced in the Baume & Mercier Les Brenets watchmaking workshop will use the best components, undergo careful surface modification, and are finally carefully assembled on each watch. Beginning with watchmaker William Baume and esthete Paul Mercier, this dialogue between rigor and freedom has continued for nearly 200 years. Baume & Mercier’s mastery and understanding of beauty and style are indispensable. In the world of celebrities, time flows in the space of the noble and straightforward streamlined watch case for anyone to appreciate.

Brand-made Baumatic movement, the promise of durability

Adhering to the mission of high quality and reliability, the two new watches are equipped with the brand’s Baumatic self-winding movement, providing wearers with eyes with reliability, high performance, and comfort. During the development process, the Baumatic motion passed Baume & Mercier’s rigorous testing, proving its anti-magnetic ability of at least 1500 Gauss and its durability, as well as its excellent travel time accuracy of -4/+6 seconds per day (equipped with a watch certified by the COSC Observatory). movement) and a vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour), as well as a power reserve of up to 5 days (120 hours) to ensure excellent autonomy. Its waterproof depth is up to 5 ATM (approximately 50 meters), further improving the movement’s technical advantages. Replica watches.

As with all models equipped with Baumatic movements, in addition to the 2-year standard international warranty, it also enjoys an additional 6-year extended warranty. The watch owner only needs to register on the Baume & Mercier website within 60 days of purchasing the watch to activate and enjoy the comprehensive warranty service quickly.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Series Baumatic Date and Moon Phase Watch M0A10736

This timepiece is equipped with a polished and satin-finished 18K rose gold round case with a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of 12.6 mm and an 18K rose gold crown. The sapphire crystal on the case back is fixed with four screws and can be engraved upon request.

Hours/minutes/seconds, date, and moon phase cycles are elegantly displayed on the off-white dial with fine graining, thanks to the combination of riveted gold-plated slender trapezoidal scales, gold-plated Alpha hands, and sub-dial hands. The calendar and astronomical displays of this model have been redesigned: the dates are dispersed on a gold-plated ring decorated with exquisite snailing and diamond grinding and polishing, echoing the iconic round shape of the series and setting off the same gold-plated The moon phase display disc – its polished black lacquer surface is dotted with bright stars.

The brand’s in-house Baumatic BM14-1975 AC1 automatic movement breathes life into this elegant timepiece. This quick-release strap features a highly reliable and durable curved pin-lever system that can be quickly replaced without using any tools. Its pin buckle is made of polished and satin-finished 18K rose gold.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Series Baumatic “Chocolate” Watch M0A10713

It comprises polished and satin-finished stainless steel and steel-coated rose gold cases. The crown is made of 5N gold-plated PVD stainless steel. The contrast of materials gives the watch its unique personality and layered effect. A scratch-resistant, curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides protects the dial. The sapphire crystal on the case back is secured with four screws and can be custom-engraved.

The gradient chocolate lacquer dial with white cross lines in the center brings this watch elegant and subtle layering. The multi-gloss gradient tone (gradually deepening from the center to the edges) demonstrates the brand’s precise control of color effects – a skill that Baume & Mercier has always excelled in.

Hours/minutes/seconds, date, and COSC Observatory-certified chronometer are harmoniously displayed on the dial, told through riveted gold-plated slender trapezoidal scales, gold-plated Alpha hands, and an enlarged date window at 3 o’clock—the story of time.

The brand-made Baumatic BM13-1975A COSC automatic movement provides the watch with reliability and accuracy. This quick-release brown Patina brushed calfskin strap is equipped with a very reliable curved latching lever system, which can be removed and installed without using any tools; its triple folding clasp is made of stainless steel and has a safety button.

The two new Clifton series Baumatic watches again demonstrate Baume & Mercier’s centuries-old watchmaking aesthetics and unremitting pursuit of excellent quality. The simple and luxurious design confirms the elegant and refined nature of Baume & Mercier, reflected in the concept of balancing style and practicality, purity and simplicity, and superb watchmaking skills.

Longines Master Series Launches New Small-second Dial Style, Fake Watches For Sale

Adhering to Longines’ consistent watchmaking heritage and classic design style, the Master Series launches a 38.5 mm diameter stainless steel watch with a small seconds dial, moderate in size and unique.

The Arabic numerals and black hands contrast sharply with the dial, creating a subtle sense of harmony. The small seconds dial set at 6 o’clock is the most prominent feature of the watch, and the beaded minute display on the flange adds a bit of elegance to the look. Fake watches for sale.

In addition, two other eye-catching new watches are also launched in the series. One has a sandblasted silver dial with blue steel hands and Arabic numerals; the other has a dark gray textured dial with 5N red gold hands and scales.

Inspired by the commemorative watch launched by Longines in 2022 to celebrate its 190th anniversary, the dial of the new Master Series uses seal engraving technology, giving the timepiece a pure and elegant aesthetic style. Through the transparent case back, the exquisite operation of the L893 movement can be seen at a glance. The self-winding mechanical movement of this watch has a built-in silicon hairspring and a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. Swiss replica watches.

The new Masterpiece series watch is equipped with a soft and gorgeous gray alligator leather strap, a triple folding safety buckle, and a push-open device, which is safe and easy to operate. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and enjoys Longines’ five-year warranty.

The new Masterpiece series with a classic small-second dial demonstrates Longines’ watchmaking expertise and elegant aesthetics.

[Watch Description]

Longines Master Series Watch Watch Number: L2.843.4.93.2

Longines’ new Masterpiece series watch has a new small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, inheriting Longines’ classic elegant style and demonstrating extraordinary quality with exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and exquisite details. The watch adopts a 38.5 mm diameter stainless steel case equipped with the L893 self-winding mechanical movement; the unique salmon-colored dial uses seal engraving technology with Arabic numerals and black hands, exuding a chic retro atmosphere. The soft and gorgeous gray alligator leather strap has a triple folding safety buckle and a push-to-open device, creating a harmonious and harmonious aesthetic.

Longines Master Series Watch Number: L2.843.4.73.2

Longines’ new Masterpiece series watch has a new small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, inheriting Longines’ classic elegant style and demonstrating extraordinary quality with exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and exquisite details. The watch adopts a 38.5 mm diameter stainless steel case and is equipped with the L893 self-winding mechanical movement. The sandblasted silver dial uses seal engraving technology, with Arabic numerals and blue stainless steel hands, which sets off the simple and elegant style of the dial. The soft and gorgeous gray alligator leather strap has a triple folding safety buckle and a push-to-open device, creating a harmonious and harmonious aesthetic.

Longines Master Series Watch Number: L2.843.4.63.2

Longines’ new Masterpiece series watch has a new small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, inheriting Longines’ classic elegant style and demonstrating extraordinary quality with exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and exquisite details. The watch adopts a 38.5mm diameter stainless steel case equipped with the L893 self-winding mechanical movement; the dark gray textured dial uses seal engraving technology with Arabic numerals and 5N red gold stainless steel hands, exuding a chic retro atmosphere. The soft and gorgeous gray alligator leather strap has a triple folding safety buckle and a push-to-open device, creating a harmonious and harmonious aesthetic.

Rado Swiss Radar Watch, Best Replica Watches Review

Tracing back more than 300 years of watch development history, metal materials have always occupied the mainstream position. However, the world-renowned Rado Swiss radar watch insists on continually exploring ceramic materials. As a “material master” in the watchmaking industry, Rado is one of the first brands to develop and use high-tech ceramic materials, and its history of getting involved in ceramic materials can be traced back to the 1980s. As early as the 1960s, Rado started with hard metals and explored how to make “hard-wearing” watches. The first watch in the brand’s history to use hard metals, DiaStar Diamond Star Series No. 1, was born. 1986, the Integral precision ceramic series watch with a high-tech ceramic watch chain was born, and Rado began exploring high-tech ceramic watches. As one of the most ideal watchmaking materials, high-tech ceramics have the characteristics of light texture, anti-wear, anti-allergic, and non-fading. Today, Rado is bringing the art of high-tech ceramics into a new era.

High-tech ceramic watch case production process

Start with the original intention and create a new trend.

In 1962, DiaStar Diamond Star Series No. 1, the first watch made of hard metal, came out. This landmark watch integrated a wear-resistant hard metal case with a sapphire glass mirror to create a look that is not prone to wear and tear. These materials were exceptional in the early 60s, and the production of these materials required huge innovations in themselves. The birth of this extraordinary and unique watch has laid the foundation for Rado’s innovation in materials and design. Best replica watches review.

DiaStar Diamond Star Series No. 1

High-tech ceramics, pioneering and innovative benchmark

In 2011, Rado developed and launched the one-piece high-tech ceramic case for the first time, again setting a new industry benchmark for the high-tech ceramic watchmaking field. The simple design structure of the one-piece suit subverts the traditional form of the high-tech ceramic case in the past. It endows the ceramic watch with a light and thin texture, which interprets Rado’s brand concept of continuous innovation. Since then, Rado watches have widely used one-piece high-tech ceramic cases. Today, Rado introduces high-tech ceramics, ultra-light high-tech ceramics, plasma high-tech ceramics, colored high-tech ceramics, and Ceramos metal ceramics into its series of products full of design sense, using its breakthrough and innovative Carve out an art world dedicated to “high-tech ceramics.” Swiss models replica watches.

One-piece high-tech ceramic case

In 2020, Rado’s first square watch with an integrated high-tech ceramic case, the Square series watch, was born, incorporating the brand’s classic square rounded corner design and durable high-tech ceramics. The look, with the automatic mechanical hollow movement of materials and excellent craftsmanship, embodies the watchmaking ingenuity and endless creativity of the Rado Swiss radar watch.

TrueSquare series “White Fang” open-core mechanical watch

TrueSquare series hollow mechanical watch “Wu Shuangbai”

TrueSquare Real Me series hollow mechanical watch “Wu Shuang Black”

Plasma ceramic technology shines with blazing light.

Although many achievements have been made due to high-tech ceramic watches, the Rado Swiss radar watch is still active. Still, it has launched a deeper exploration of “material.” The birth of the plasma high-tech ceramic watch is a new attempt by the brand. This material has an attractive metallic look while retaining its high hardness, resistance to wear, lightness, and hypoallergenic. Plasma ceramics can withstand temperatures approximately four times the sun’s surface temperature. It can be said to be sublimated in the “hot,” which once again demonstrates the superb skills of watchmakers. Among them, the TrueSquare series hollow mechanical watch “Unparalleled Gray” and the Captain Cook series skeleton watch “Blazing Cook” are representative watches made of this material.

True Square real self series hollow mechanical watch “peerless gray.”

Captain Cook Captain Cook series high-tech ceramic hollow watch “Blazing Cook”

Ceramos Cermet continues to write a new chapter in the legend.

To explore more possibilities of high-tech ceramics, Rado Swiss radar watches have taken great pains to improve the “solid core” of materials, so the innovative composite material Ceramos cermet came into being. It has the hardness characteristics of ceramics and the luster and toughness of metal alloys. The titanium carbide content of about 90% makes it lighter than hard metals, and its unique tone and brightness make it special. The representative new works of this material, the 60th-anniversary DiaStar Original series watch and the newly launched DiaStar Original series hollow watch write a new chapter in the legendary story of “not easy to wear.”

DiaStar Original 60th Anniversary Edition

DiaStar Original Diamond Star Founding Series Skeleton Watch

Symphony of high-tech ceramics, step into the colorful garden.

With a solid core and a dazzling appearance, Rado Swiss radar watches did not forget to expand the colorful possibilities of “high-tech ceramics” – thus, colored ceramics were born. The Rado TrueThinline series World Garden cooperation watch reflects natural and bright colors, allowing vitality and style to bloom on the wrist. It is colorful and breaks through the thicker appearance of metal watch cases. The Rado True Thinline series world phantom watch uses a high-tech ceramic case of no more than 5 mm thickness. It is thin and light, highlighting the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship. From the early classic black and white tones to today’s rich and colorful, the “material master” Rado Swiss radar watch gives the watch a richer look and feel, showing more possibilities for the eye.

Authentic Thinline World Garden Cooperation Watch

Accurate Thinline series fantasy limited edition watch

The “Material Master” Rado Swiss radar watch has spanned half a century, developing and exploring. With its top ceramic watchmaking technology in the industry, it continues to explore more possibilities of materials. In the future, Rado will also forge ahead to create more fantastic watch series and bring more timepieces with both design and practicality to most watch lovers.

Audemars Piguet Joins Hands With Designers To Create Four New Swiss Replica Watches

In August 2023, Brassus – Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Audemars Piguet, is pleased to announce a new cooperation with 1017 ALYX 9SM, the personal brand founded by American fashion designer Matthew Williams, and simultaneously launch four Royal Oak series Watches and new Royal Oak Offshore swiss replica watches, as well as a Royal Oak Royal Oak series orphan watch. The joint work of the two brands is full of modernity. It ingeniously integrates Audemars Piguet’s highly recognizable aesthetic elements and the designer’s exquisite ideas. Urban fashion lovers will favor it and show its unique personality.

The five new swiss models include 18K gold, 18K white gold, and two-tone styles. The exquisite dial is decorated with the double logo of “AUDEMARS PIGUET” and Matthew Williams’ brand “1017 ALYX 9SM”.

The creative intersection of two worlds

Audemars Piguet has always been committed to establishing close cooperation with different creative fields, including the fashion industry. This time, Audemars Piguet and the designer brand 1017 ALYX 9SM, established in 2015, joined hands to launch a breakthrough cooperation, which once again demonstrated the spirit of exploration of Audemars Piguet.

Designer Matthew Williams was born in Chicago, USA. He is good at using high-quality and innovative high-tech materials to create notable subversive works. This avant-garde creative spirit, passion for details, exquisite craftsmanship, and relentless pursuit of comprehensive sustainable development reflect the familiar concept of the two brands.

“This collaboration gave me the opportunity to explore across boundaries and expand my horizons to another area of excellence.”

Matthew Williams
1017 ALYX 9SM brand founder and designer

Sophisticated Modern Aesthetics

Matthew Williams believes that a watch is a vivid presentation of individual identity. This time, he and Audemars Piguet jointly created a set of new eyes with minimalist aesthetics. These understated timepieces reveal the wearer’s unique personality and interpret the subtle encounter between urban fashion and advanced watchmaking art.

Four new watches are made of 18K gold or platinum, including two Royal Oak series watches of different diameters and two new Royal Oak Offshore watches. This is also the first time Audemars Piguet has simultaneously performed the same design in two timepiece series. Audemars Piguet and the designer simplified the complexity to present a simple and pure aesthetic feeling. Without the time scale and date window of the Royal Oak series, the elegant vertical satin brushed finish on the gold dial is more prominent. The fusion of refined aesthetics and advanced watchmaking craftsmanship creates a masterpiece of monochromatic timepieces that exude timeless charm.

The two new Royal Oak series watches are made of 18K gold. The first is a 37mm self-winding watch with hours, minutes, and seconds, suitable for slender wrists. The minimalist dial features luminescent gold hands, gold three-dimensional appliqués “AUDEMARS PIGUET,” and the transferred “1017 ALYX 9SM” logo. The second is a self-winding chronograph with a diameter of 41 mm. The dial design interprets the simple aesthetics to a new level, boldly abandoning the chronograph sub-dial and only setting slowly rotating chronograph hands at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock. These two new Royal Oak series watches are in limited production.

The two new Royal Oak Offshore watches adhere to the same design concept, and the dial display layout is unique. Only the iconic date window of the Royal Oak Offshore is reserved at 3 o’clock, near the abbreviation “AP.” “1017 ALYX 9SM” logo at 6 o’clock. The chronograph sub-dials previously located at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock have also been removed, and only the hour hands are designed, which is the first of its kind in the Royal Oak Offshore Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph. The two new works include 18K white gold and gold styles, with a diameter of 42 mm, both of which are limited editions, radiating attention in restraint. Both models are equipped with Audemars Piguet’s self-replacement strap design, and a black rubber strap is also attached to present a sharp contrast.

These four new works continue Audemars Piguet’s tradition of exquisite manual retouching, using the brand’s iconic polishing and satin brushing alternately to create endless changes in light and shadow effects. The words “Limited Edition” (limited edition) are engraved on the bottom of the watch.

Equipped with three latest movements and exclusive self-winding oscillating weight

The new Royal Oak series self-winding watch, clock, and two new Royal Oak Offshore self-winding timepieces are equipped with the latest movement generation.

Among them, the Royal Oak series 37mm self-winding watch is equipped with the Caliber 5909 movement launched by Audemars Piguet in 2022, with a thickness of only 4 mm, a balance wheel frequency of 4 Hz, and a power reserve of 60 hours.

The last two Royal Oak Offshore models have Caliber 4404 movement, an integrated timing device, and a flyback function. This movement has the same function as the Caliber 4409 movement, but the thickness is slightly increased, which fits perfectly with the large-sized case of the Royal Oak Offshore Royal Oak Offshore.

Each watch is paired with a sapphire crystal case back. Through the transparent case back, the self-winding oscillating weight specially created for this limited edition watch can be seen at a glance. The oscillating weight is made of 22K gold or platinum, engraved with the “1017 ALYX 9SM” logo, the magnitude of the torque, and the importance of the oscillating weight, ingeniously echoing the detailed design of the technical parameters of Matthew Williams’ classic buckle. The wearer can also appreciate the exquisite finishing details of the movement, including the Geneva pattern, pearl dot pattern, radial pattern, satin polishing, and polished chamfering.

“This is the first time that Audemars Piguet injects aesthetic new ideas into the Royal Oak series and the Royal Oak Offshore Royal Oak series at the same time, which is exquisitely presented by Matthew Williams in a simple and modern design. Each other achieves and attains perfection.”

François-Henry Bennahmias
Global CEO of Audemars Piguet

Orphan Works Help Disadvantaged Children

In addition to the four new watch products released in the Audemars Piguet boutique, Audemars Piguet joined the designers to create a unique Royal Oak series self-winding chronograph. The dial is finished with a vertical satin-brushed finish and is decorated with two brand logos and gold chronograph hands. The three gold central hands are covered with a fluorescent coating, which can be read even in the dark, adding the finishing touch to the overall design. The watch is equipped with Caliber 4409 movement, which combines cutting-edge technology with contemporary aesthetics.

On August 24, this orphan timepiece was auctioned at the Audemars Piguet and the 1017 ALYX 9SM collaboration conference in Tokyo.

The proceeds from the auction will be fully invested in educational programs focusing on helping disadvantaged children with the primary purpose of edutainment and entertainment, mainly used to sponsor the actions of the NGO Kids in Motion and the sports rights organization (Right to Play). Among them, the project supported by Kids in Motion in Lamu Town (Lamu, Kenya) is dedicated to helping residents improve infrastructure and provide support for campus activities. Sports Rights organizes the development of every child’s potential through physical activity. The supported educational and entertaining projects were jointly selected by the Audemars Piguet Foundation and Matthew Williams, who has supported vulnerable children for many years.

Seek Beyond.

Infinite, to no bounds

Technical Parameters

Bottom view of Caliber 5909 movement

Bottom view of Caliber 4409 movement

Bottom view of Caliber 4404 movement

Bottom view of Caliber 4404 movement

Glashütte Original Selects Excellent Timepieces To Remember Your Love, Knockoff Watches

Eccentric Annual Calendar/Eccentric Moon Phase

The moon tells romance, and eccentricity is preference. Glashütte’s original annual calendar and moon phase watch use a highly recognizable eccentric design dial. The right side of the dial. The bizarre yearly calendar watch is equipped with a unique month display ring. Under the curved sapphire crystal glass month window, the number of the current month is displayed in black, which is clear at a glance; the brand-new self-made Caliber92-09 self-winding movement provides up to 100 hours of power Reserve, and for the first time, silicon hairsprings are used on eccentric watches, so that the inner “core” has more vital anti-magnetic ability. The eccentric moon phase watch is equipped with a forest green dial and a Louisiana alligator leather strap of the same color, showing romantic feelings among the faint vegetation. This pair of watches integrate eccentric love into every moment, and the stars and the moon accompany each other every minute and second. Knockoff watches.

Go hand in hand.

SeaQ Chronograph / SeaQ Watch with Diamond Bezel

Glashütte’s original pioneering series of SeaQ chronograph watches and SeaQ diamond-encrusted watches show the bright romance of the star sea in deep blue. The SeaQ timepiece has an underwater chronograph flyback function and central stop seconds. The self-winding movement Caliber 37-23 combines durability, precision, and ease of use and has a running time of up to 70 hours. The silicon hairspring has strong anti-magnetic ability, achieving more stable oscillation and higher travel time accuracy. The rotating bezel of the SeaQ watch is decorated with 47 brilliant-cut diamonds and one sapphire. The diameter of 39.5 mm is comfortable and beautiful to wear. Both eyes use a stainless steel case and have a unidirectional rotating bezel. The hands and scales of the watch are coated with Super-LumiNova luminous coating so that the clock can keep a precise time in a dark environment. When the two people you love bravely walk forward side by side, this is where the romance in this world is written. Replica watch.

Sympathy and love are infinite.

Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase / Serenade Ladies

The combination of Glashütte’s original Senator Excellence Large Calendar Moon Phase watch and the Serenade ladies’ watch can be said to have their characteristics and complement each other. Senator Excellence Large Calendar Moon Phase watch follows the simple design concept of the Senator series. The 40mm diameter red 18K gold case is paired with a silver-white frosted dial, which is calm and capable; the blue moon phase display at 10 o’clock interacts with the blue steel hands. Echoing, elegant, and extraordinary, the brand’s unique large calendar display is set at 4 o’clock, and exquisite craftsmanship is everywhere in the beautiful details. The Serenade watch is presented in fresh and pure white, revealing its innate elegance; 52 brilliant-cut diamonds are embedded on the 18K rose gold bezel, shining dazzlingly. Choosing this pair of classic watches with good taste will make love never fade over time.

In the coordinate of time, love is endless. Glashütte Original hopes that you and your loved one will interweave precious time and deep affection, condense it on your wrist, and become the eternal witness of mutual respect and tacit understanding.

TAG HEUER Tanabata Selection, Who Sells The Best Replica Watches

Maybe it’s an unexpected encounter that touches the heartstrings,

Perhaps it is the same mind that rushes to each other,

Perhaps it is the time precipitation that has become stronger over time.

No matter what kind of love, at this particular time of the year,

A pair of watches will be an ideal choice to prove the uncontrollable heart, the courage to devote oneself, or the firmness of determination.

As the Chinese Valentine’s Day approaches, Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer’s selected masterpieces are conveyed in a circle with a pair of Monaco chronographs and Carrera watches. Yu’s love, witness every moment of daring to love. Who sells the best replica watches?

A pair of square watches with a distinctive personality, showing a fearless forward love. The TAG Heuer Monaco watch, born in 1969, stood out from the clockworks on the market with its bold square case design and innovative timing functions and quickly became one of the most iconic watches in history. A representative work that constantly breaks the new limits of innovation and design. Today, TAG Heuer has taken a step further based on the unique design of the Monaco series: incorporating a hollow dial. This marks the first time the series has lifted the veil on the watch’s internal mechanical structure. While showing a vibrant contemporary style, the hollowed-out design also implies a heart that can be seen at a glance.

These two TAG Heuer Monaco chronographs both use a 39mm case. The first TAG Heuer Monaco series’s blue dial inspires the original blue’s design (Original Blue). The watch’s overall design paid tribute to the 1969 TAG Heuer Monaco in 1990, and its initial success included blue and red features on the dial, blue column wheels, and engravings on the oscillating weight. The coastline of Monaco inspires charming turquoise (Turquoise), and the unique color matching makes this watch stand out from other iconic timepieces. Both eyes are equipped with the Heuer 02 automatic movement, and both can enjoy the rotation of the internal mechanical dial through the hollow window. Bell and ross replica.

Combining a brand new TAG Heuer Carrera series chronograph watch and the Carrera series calendar watch helps independent and mutually supportive lovers express themselves while interpreting love. The word “Calrera” has multiple meanings: “racing,” “career,” or understood as “road.” The pure, simple, practical, and beautiful design makes the Carrera series enduring for 60 years. This iconic watch from the track conveys the wearer’s courage and firmness on the wrist.

The 44mm Carrera series sports chronograph has extraordinary performance timing functions and a dynamic and stylish appearance, combining the style of the times and the classic style. The new version has an eye-catching green dial and the same color ceramic bezel. It is equipped with the brand’s own Heuer 02 movement inside. The sporty style and monochrome design add to its charm. Its functional and aesthetically outstanding design has been the core feature of the Carrera collection for 60 years. The TAG Heuer Carrera Calendar, with a diameter of 36 mm, has a new slim and sculpted silhouette, giving it a more dynamic and ergonomic shape. The dial is soft and elegant green with a sunburst frosted finish. A raised ring on the outside is marked with a quarter-second scale that symbolizes acceleration. It is decorated with the same color system that complements the dial. Make the watch more casual and elegant.

Love is a journey full of fantasy and the unknown. On the occasion of the Qixi Festival, TAG Heuer will help you move forward fearlessly and dare to go to your love.