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The Piaget Black Tie watch is a timepiece masterpiece loved by art master Andy Warhol. It interprets timeless style with elegant and smooth lines and still exudes charm today. This legendary masterpiece adheres to the spirit of contemporary watchmaking and continues to innovate and evolve, deriving a series of classic and handed-down watches. Each launch has its unique, mysterious charm, which attracts discerning watch collectors. Tracing its history, the first Black Tie series watch, which came out in 1972, already showed its avant-garde attitude in transforming the pattern of the watch industry with its large-size dial and iconic round mold carving decoration.

(PIAGET Piaget Metaphoria series of metaphors of all things

Terrae earth-themed Black Tie high-end jewelry watch)

Master’s handwriting, encounter with a confidant.

Black Tie watches were produced in limited quantities until 1977, including white gold and yellow gold styles. This masterpiece of Count Piaget immediately attracted the attention of Andy Warhol, a pioneer of art innovation at that time.

(PIAGET Black Tie Vintage Watch)

In 1973, Andy Warhol bought a black-tie gold watch in New York that he fell in love with at first sight. The watch has an electroplated anthracite dial powered by the Beta 21 quartz movement. This masterpiece, together with the previous 6 Piaget watches, was regarded as a private collection by the master of art. Four of these seven watches have now been included in the Piaget collection, and the Black Tie watch has forged an indissoluble bond with Andy Warhol that has lasted for many years. Top replica watch.

In 1979, Mr. Yves Piaget, the fourth generation of the Piaget family, and Master Andy Warhol were introduced by Gerry Grinberg, the exclusive agent of Piaget’s high-end watches in the United States. Andy Warhol immediately became a formal member of the Piaget Society and became a close friend of Yves Count. The two attended various events held by the brand in New York and Palm Beach in the United States and also spent many exciting times together at the 54 Club in New York and the Chez Régine Club in Paris. In 1983, Mr. Yves Count was invited by Andy Warhol to be a featured figure in the famous magazine “Interview” founded by him in 1969 and to accept the young artist and gallerist Robert Lee Morris. (Interview with Robert Lee Morris). Luxury replica watches.

Chic charm

In 2014, the Black Tie watch made an eye-catching return in the Extremely Piaget high-end jewelry series and has become unique in the watch industry.

(PIAGET Black Tie Vintage Watch)

Since its inception, the Black Tie Collection Watch has launched two designs, namely a white gold case with a malachite dial and a rose gold case with a deep black dial, which are very popular among watch collectors. The watch in the picture presents an elegant combination of a rose gold case and a malachite dial.

The Black Tie collector’s watch is designed with a 45 mm case and is embellished with the brand’s iconic decorative gemstones. When it was first released, it aroused intense interest among discerning collectors keen on rare timepieces. At the 2023 “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, the Society Bar area of ​​Piaget’s booth displayed ten unique custom-made watches from the private collection, showing the extraordinary charm of this watch. Its design inspiration comes from Ann Dee Warhol’s Piaget timepiece collection. The dial is decorated with rich and bright turquoise, magnificent and charming jasper, crimson and clear carnelian, and eye-catching electric blue lapis lazuli. They are all-natural gems that gem experts carefully search for to decorate precious timepieces.