Swiss Mido Helmsman Series Skeleton Watch, Replica Luxury Watches

Swiss Mido Watch has launched a new helmsman series skeletonized watch, which displays the exquisitely operating fully automatic mechanical movement through the delicate hollowed-out main plate, fully showing the mechanical aesthetics of gear transmission and making it unforgettable. The dark blue dial shimmers with metallic luster and complements the mercerized stainless steel case. The new watch combines technical prowess with sporty style. The dial design combines ingenuity and stands out with its unique and dazzling appearance. Replica luxury watches.

The new helmsman series skeleton watch is dipped in dark blue with exquisite artistry, revealing a precision-operated transmission system, boldly demonstrating its powerful functions and extraordinary temperament. The design elements of this new watch continue from the four best-selling models that first presented the appearance of a hollow dial since the birth of the Helmsman series in 1934, bringing an extraordinary visual effect – the vertical Geneva strip extends from the dial to the main plate. Amidst the surging ripples, the movement is looming and fascinating.

Extraordinary aesthetic design

Bold and assertive, but retaining a charming and mysterious atmosphere. The new helmsman series skeletonized watch brings together ingenuity in its aesthetic appearance. Vertical Côtes de Genève ripples extend across the dial to the anthracite gray main plate of the movement, creating an extraordinary visual beauty. The hour markers treated with Super-LumiNova white luminous coating shine against the blue dial and complement the anthracite gray minute scale. Swiss fake watches.

The new watch is made of stainless steel, uses a spiral back and crown, and is paired with a mercerized stainless steel strap and folding clasp. It is dynamic and breaks through the limits.

Strong momentum and vertical lines

Whether viewed from the front or back, you can discover the unique aesthetic charm of the new Helmsman series skeleton watch. You can observe its finely carved movement through the transparent sapphire glass back. The automatic oscillating weight is engraved with the MIDO logo and decorated with Geneva ripples, echoing the dial design. The new timepiece is equipped with Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement.

The new Helmsman series skeletonized watch inspires adrenaline with solid precision and uses mechanical aesthetics to burst the energy in the wrist.