ZENITH PILOT Pilot Series Watches, Swiss Made Replicas Watches

ZENITH PILOT pilot series watches integrate historical genes into modern watches

Since the end of the 19th century, ZENITH has been active in aviation. As a pioneer manufacturer of aircraft instruments and flight watches, its accurate, reliable, durable, clear, and easy-to-read precision instruments have accompanied the increasingly prosperous development of the aviation industry. As the oldest series of the Zenith watch factory, the PILOT pilot series watches have been working side by side with brave aviation pioneers, including Louis Blériot, since the beginning of the 20th century, constantly pursuing the pursuit of flying in the sky. The lofty dream demonstrates the courage to challenge oneself and relentlessly explore the unknown and limits. The PILOT pilot series watches are innovative, inheriting the historical heritage while balancing with the modern atmosphere. They will present a new series of watches at the 2023 “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition in Geneva, absorbing historical imprints and innovating with modern aesthetics. Several PILOT pilot series watches have inherited the past and the new masterpieces in 2023. They all carry Zenith’s brand spirit of “Time To Reach Your Star” (dream on stars, walk with truth) and are also a symbol of human aviation and truth—the epitome of Lishi’s joint development process.

Accurate and reliable, soaring thousands of miles

ZENITH Type 20 aircraft watch, 1939

On July 25, 1909, Louis Blériot piloted the Bleriot XI across the English Channel, a 40-kilometer journey that lasted 37 minutes. Leo became a veritable “King of Breaking Limits,” and with the Zenith watch he wore, he witnessed the first leap in the history of human aviation. Among the many pilot watches, Blériot praised the Zenith Type 20 aircraft watch, also widely used in the French aviation industry. The watch’s small second hand, large luminous hands, and time scales at 6 o’clock are all straightforward to read. The design of the watch’s crown makes it easy to operate even when wearing gloves. This watch is equipped with a bimetallic balance wheel, an antimagnetic automatic compensation hairspring, and a Swiss fork escapement to ensure reliability and accuracy in the air. Swiss made replicas watches.

ZENITH PILOT pilot series Type 20 aircraft watch

Model: 95.2420.5011/21.C723, 2012

Retaining the iconic design elements of its predecessors, the PILOT pilot series Type 20 aircraft watch, limited to 250 pieces, was released in 2012 to pay tribute to the pioneers. The notched crown of the watch is reminiscent of the crown of old pilot watches, 57.5 mm. The diameter watch case is made of titanium to balance the weight of the 5011K manual winding mechanical movement. Its hand-stitched and rolled leather strap is consistent with the black dial style, demonstrating the heroic appearance. Its small seconds hand at 9 o’clock and the power reserve display at 3 o’clock achieve a perfect visual balance. It condenses the concept and function of early pilot watches and cleverly interprets the aesthetic style of flying thousands of miles. Patek philippe replica.

Solemn and classical, balanced and elegant

(From left to right) ZENITH hand-wound chronograph watch, 1960

ZENITH PILOT Big Date Special watch, 2012

ZENITH PILOT Big Date Special watch is in the same line as the chronograph watches produced from the 1960s to the 1980s, focusing on functional display. The 42mm stainless steel case alternates between polished and satin finishes, presenting a classic and elegant style. The black matte dial has been sandblasted five times, making it easy to read and showing excellent visual balance. The small seconds hand is at 9 o’clock, and the 30-minute indicator dial is at 3 o’clock. Both are dyed blue to form perfect symmetry, a very modern design ingenuity. The black ruthenium-plated hands covered with luminous paint show elegance and elegance. The dial is graceful and sporty, perfectly echoing the simple style of the Arabic numerals. This subtle and solemn design is reminiscent of the Zenith manual winding watch released in 1960—a tribute to the clock.

The highly historic 1960 hand-wound chronograph watch has a 146 DP movement. A total of 2,500 pieces were produced. Because it is clear, easy to read, and completely ergonomic, it has become a favorite among collectors as time goes by. It’s a police classic. Its black dial contrasts sharply with luminous digital time scales and hands. The case diameter is 45 mm, and it is equipped with a rotating bezel with a 60-minute scale, showing a retro and modern style.

Intelligent colors, pioneering timing

(From left to right) ZENITH PILOT Pilot Series Doublematic dual time zone watch, 2012

ZENITH El Primero Rainbow Flyback watch, 1997

Traveling in the blue sky, overlooking the earth, and making adventurous journeys across different time zones, the ZENITH PILOT series problematic dual time zone watch condenses the dream of traveling in the sky into a small space on the wrist. The 30-minute indicator dial at 3 o’clock is equipped with an extensive calendar window, and the central rattrapante needle is decorated with an arrow coated with luminous material. The design of the hour and minute hands fully demonstrates the sports style of the 21st century. There are two barrels, one for timing and the other for the alarm function. The button and crown can be used at 8 o’clock, respectively. Start and set alarms.

Like the PILOT Pilot Series Doublematic dual time zone watch, the El Primero Rainbow Flyback watch with a secondary color on the bezel is distinguished by its unique rainbow ring chronograph dial, second-hand scale display with color gradient on the bezel, and bright orange-coated center. The second-hand and minute-hand design extends the practicality of the chronograph function to a bright and eye-catching appearance. It has also become the source of watch design for the subsequent new PILOT pilot series large calendar flyback watch stainless steel model.

Wandering in the sky, freedom is yours.

ZENITH combines classic design elements with modern aesthetic concepts

Presented to the new PILOT pilot series significant date flyback watch

ZENITH has never stopped moving forward to break through itself. After accumulating experience in the bold design and pioneering technology of previous generations of watches, the new ZENITH PILOT pilot series watches incorporate modern innovative elements and open a new chapter in 2023. Soaring in the sky and clouds, it perfectly inherits the fearless spirit of pilots who dare to explore the unknown. The PILOT pilot series large calendar flyback watch combines concise and powerful modern aesthetic concepts. It is made of two different materials, ceramic and stainless steel, and has both practical functions and a dazzling appearance. The stainless steel model alternates with colored minute counter designs and bright orange central seconds and minutes hands. These classic design elements are instantly recognizable in the El Primero Rainbow Flyback watch, released in 1997. The design closely connects tradition and modernity, and at the same time, it revitalizes the historical heritage with a new look.

The new ZENITH PILOT pilot series watch adopts a straightforward black-and-white design. It chooses a more modern font as its Arabic numerals and luminous white time scales contrast sharply with the black opal corrugated dial. The word “Pilot” decorated on the dial tells the story of the indissoluble bond between Zenith and the blue sky since 1888. It also proves that Zenith is the first and only company with the right to design and display products on the dial of timepieces—brands using this technical aviation term. The new ZENITH PILOT series of watches combines the iconic features of PILOT pilot watches and flight instruments dating from the early 1900s. It also adds innovative, unique functions and aesthetic designs to this series of watches to appeal to the new generation of pilots. Spirit, inheriting the past of the previous generation of watches, accompanied aviation pioneers as they roamed the sky and, at the same time, marked the beginning of the next exciting adventure.