New Panoinverse Limited Edition Edit Ecact Movement Poly Watch Replica

Urban Canyon, skyscrapers, billboards, and graffiti artists: Glashütte Original Glashuti initially launched a new timepiece to invite you to go deep into the urban jungle and explore the source of vitality -discovering unlimited possibilities. However, as well as, it is even more critical. No concrete and asphalt, only precious metals and precision machinery, are printed into the eye; the noise and commotion in the city are not the soft ticking sounds passed into the ears. The precision laser carving of Huamei City is reflected in the original homemade movement of Grasuti.

Urban jungle -produced

PanoInverse Limited Edition Edition Polying Motor inverted watch replica Limited Edition presents the beautiful scenery on the dial. Taking the movement as a canvas, the new interpretation of street art is that the front and the back are decorated with charming urban decor, like an obsessed mirage. Deep into the streets and alleys, find new things everywhere, and create a sense of immersiveness -from the simple lines of urban architecture to the production of murals. On the front of the movement, we climbed to the distance, a bird’s eye view of the city’s prosperity and thoughtfulness. On the back of the movement, urban exploration continued. Not only can you enjoy the skyscrapers close up close, but you can even see the inspiring slogans on the billboards; you can see the window cleaning staff working hard and the graffiti artists drawing a familiar double G logo on the wall. In the end, a resident stood on the balcony as if looking at us.

Exquisite craftsmanship can be seen.

The reason why the streets of urban streets are chosen as the theme of the new limited edition watch is thoughtful. The outline of the city symbolizes modernization, technological progress, and a shared vision -Panoinverse’s eccentric movement inverted best replica watches. The unique structure will usually be seen through the bottom cover of the table and OK -the tuning mechanisms of the two goosenecks. To this end, a watched plant has developed several movements and parts and adopted an inverted assembly.

On this limited edition watch, an exquisite laser carving black -plated black -plated skyline runs through the surface of three-quarters of the splint and the butterfly bridge plate and continues to the back of the watch. The sapphire crystal glass mirror, bottom cover, and some hollow movement design present a visual feast of street art: the wrist of the watch wearer has also become part of the watch, and it is integrated with it. One.

Elegant architecture, wisdom to see the ingenuity

An elegant city, carefully outlined by the original designers of Grasuti and watchmakers, was unforgettable. This watch has a 42mm polishing/satin frosted platinum case. The building layout in the dial follows the golden ratio and realizes the beauty of harmonious balance. The proportion of careful calculation is fully reflected in the asymmetric design displayed in the hour, minutes, and small seconds, and power storage is shown at 2 o’clock. This watch is equipped with a gray Louisiannana crocodile leather strap with a platinum butterfly buckle, which is comfortable and elegant.

Urban holiday shooting, jump more than moving.

The city’s heart pulse is endless, and the traditional decoction of relaxing and pleasant. The Calibre 66-12 manual-chain movements are stabilized with a frequency of 4 Hz, and the running time is 41 hours-enough to complete the fast urban journey once. The movement, which is carefully crafted, exquisitely decorated, and precisely adjusted, is Glashütte Original Glashte’s original craftsman’s ingenious crystallization. Many details show that PanoInverse Limited Edition Edition Polying Motor’s Purple Watch Limited Version: Screw Fixed Golden Set, Ruby Bearing, Blue Steel Screw, Faltering Edge, Polish Steel Parts, etc. The powerful proof of the original masterpiece!


The new PanoInverse’s eccentric movement inverted watch will be released worldwide on March 23, 2023, with a limited edition of 50 pieces, and launched in China in Beijing SKP, Chengdu SKP, and Xi’an SKP.