Rado Swiss Radar Fake Watches Exhibition 2023 China International Consumer Products Expo

Swiss Pioneer Watch Brand Rado Swiss Radar fake watches bring a variety of newly listed watch works to participate in the 2023 China International Consumer Products YYY Expo (from now on referred to as the “Clean Expo”). This is the third time the Rado Swiss radar watch has participated in the Consumer Expo. This time, with the modern booth image, the new and unique watch works show the extraordinary charm of “Master Master.”

Rado Swiss radar watch hall

The Rado Swiss radar table presents the exhibition hall in a modern and straightforward style. The intense and geometric booths are combined with the authentic and comfortable modern charm of the True Square series and interpret the CAPTAIN COOK Cook The Captain Series as an exploration of retro sports style without fear of the wave.

Rado Swiss radar watch hall

Ms. Paprisa, Vice President of the Rado Swiss Radar, said: “The successful holding of the Expo helped the deepening development of the brand in the Hainan market. This year is our third consecutive year to participate in the Consumer Expo. It comes to our most distinctive and latest watch series. I look forward to everyone to the exhibition platform and feel Rado’s watch with both materials and design aesthetics. “

Rado Swiss Radar Watch China Vice President Ms. Bablisa

New Watch New Fragments

The Rado Swiss radar watch presents the brand’s iconic True Square’s true self at the Expo, expressing freedom, personality, and self-interest. It stands out with the unique silhouette design of the square and round, showing the beauty of machinery with the creation of the hollow movement, and the perfect wearing experience of warm skin and not easy to wear with high-tech ceramics.

The newly upgraded Centrix Crystal Extraction series is also one of the highlights of this exhibition. The mirror shows the smooth and simple lines of the watch. The dial scales’ diamond and solar pattern design interpret the elegance and gorgeous temperament. The high-tech ceramic material combined with the bracelet best expresses sensual and gentle female characteristics.

Captain Captain Cook Cook series shows the brand’s endless exploration of life and the spirit of a fearless adventurer. This series combines a retro appearance with modern design styles. From the complete ceramic product series represented by “Black Cook” to the professional diving watch, “Black” and other professional diving watches certified by ISO6425, in the watch model, The application of high-tech ceramics in innovation iterative iteration has continued to push to a new height.

TRUE SQUARE Real Series Hollow Mechanical Watch “Wushuang Bai,” “Wushuang Gray,” “Wushuang Black”

TRUE SQUARE Real Series Cycling Mechanical Watch “Black” and “White Fang”

True Square True Sepa

CENTRIX Crystal Extraction Watch

Material master

Rado Swiss radar watch has always enjoyed the reputation of “Master Master.” The exhibition site presents a full range of brand products collected by many clocks created from different materials such as colorful high-tech ceramics, ultra-light high-tech ceramics, and Ceramos metal ceramics. , Show the brand’s outstanding material and craftsmanship. Rado Swiss radar watch is one of the earliest batches of luxury watch brands that enter the Chinese market and enjoy a high reputation in China. Rado Swiss models radar watch has been committed to expanding the Chinese watch market for many years and is loved by Chinese consumers. In this Expo, the brand also lived up to the new ideas that combined innovative design and material expression. Each watch is a time planning with countless ingenuity of watchmakers. Through the platform of the Expo, it can fully show the brand’s excellent watchmaking technology and pioneer spirit to consumers who love the brand.

Rado Swiss radar watch hall

Layout Hainan and explore the future

At present, the RADO Swiss radar watch and Zhongluo Group work together. They have deployed five duty-free shops in Hainan Province: China Exemption Group Sanya International Duty-Free City, China -Demu Group Haikou Sunyue Plaza Duty-Free Shop. Store, China Exemption Group Haikou International Duty-Free Shop, and Zhongli Sanya Phoenix Airport Duty-Free Shop. Among them, Haikou International Duty-Free Store has a new design image and is also the most extensive boutique in Hainan. The RADO Swiss radar watch will continue to deepen the brand’s layout in Hainan. While presenting more prosperous and diverse time-planning products for consumers will provide better service and brand experience. In addition, the RADO Swiss radar watch will increase investment. While continuing the deep accumulation of the brand, it continues to refine the design and material innovation, creating more forward-looking works.

RADO Swiss Radar Watch Free Group Haikou International Duty-Free City Store