De Bethune’s Newly Released Dbd Digitale “Season 2” Quality Replica Watch

Recently, De Bethune announced that it cooperated with the famous artist and music producer Swizz Beatz to launch the DBD “Season 2” watch. This is another cooperation between the two. The look is limited to 13 pieces worldwide, and on March 19, De Bethune and Swizz Beatz celebrated the launch of DBD “Season 2” at a brunch party in the Watchbox West Hollywood store. The participating stars also include Alicia Keys and LL COOL J.

From left to right: DE BetHune Global CEO Pierre Jacques and

Well-known music producer Swizz Beatz and WatchBox Global CEO Justin Reis participated in the event.

Grammy Award-winning singer Alicia Keys wore a DBD “Season 2” watch.

In 2021, De Bethune and Swizz Beatz reached a cooperation for the first time to jointly create a Dream Watch5 “Season 1”, a tourbillon watch. Through sapphire crystal, this show shows almost all the secrets inside, utterly different from the aesthetic style of the entire series. Nowadays, the DBD “Season 2” launched by Debethune also represents that they are loyal to their essence and unremitting pursuit of beauty and technology. This watch’s low-key aesthetic implies the complex mechanism behind it.

The DBD watch, equipped with a manual-chain movement, was first launched in 2006, configured with side-looking window calendar indicators and digital time indication functions. There are two versions of that quality replica watch, and 39 ros gold and platinum are released, a milestone set by de Bethune as the entire watchmaking industry. The DBD “Season 2” designed with Swizz Beatz uses a carbon-gray polished housing case, places the crown at noon, and uses torpedo-type ears. The wine-red dial is decorated with the Geneva line pattern, showing the subtle light and shadow effect of perfect coordination with the wearer’s wrist activity. This bold and modern DBD “Season 2” fully reflects the pursuit of aesthetics of multi-dimensional artists.

DBD “Season2” watch shows extraordinary aesthetics

Since the establishment of the brand, De Bethune has been inspired by the traditional fake watches of the 18th century. For the pursuit of complex mechanical engineering, the founder of the brand Denis Flageolet has also been seeking to carry forward the watchmaking art. The DBD “Season 2” is equipped with five discs inside, and the noon position is displayed on the week, date, and month through the side window, and the following are rolling minutes and beating hours in turn. In addition to the unusual movement, the most significant innovation of DBD is to decorate the Geneva lines on the dial. Due to the dual anti-glare treatment of sapphire crystal, you can see the excellent crafts brought by De Bethune’s latest technology through the back. This watch is equipped with Calibre2044, a manual mechanical movement of 2,8800 times per hour, and is equipped with the newest titanium strains and triple parachute shock absorption systems.

DBD “Season2” is a limited-edition watch available in only 13 pieces, each with a different number engraved on the back, a red fabric strap that matches the dial, and a replaceable super soft, super soft Black crocodile leather strap. This watch is a tribute to creativity, innovation, and watchmaking art. DE Bethune’s superb skills and outstanding quality in terms of watchmaking have once again collided with Swizz Beatz’s unique aesthetic phase, creating an impressive work. Essence

DBD “Season2” watches a global limited edition of 13 pieces