“Flying Tourbillon” Master Top Replica Watch Exhibition

From March 2023, Glashütte Original, a German high-end watchmaking brand that originated in 1845, will open the “Flying Tourbillon” master watch exhibition in the newly opened Chengdu SKP store and will successively hold exhibitions in Xi’an and Beijing. Held in stores in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, and other places, leading high-end watch connoisseurs to appreciate and explore the charm of Saxon precision watchmaking up close, pay tribute to the excellent watchmaking tradition, and promote the essence of German watchmaking craftsmanship.

The traditional tourbillon watch has always represented the high precision and complexity level in the mechanical top replica watch manufacturing process because of its exquisite design, complicated production and aesthetic, and artistic sense—an important symbol of the technical status of the watch factory. In 1920, Alfred Helwig, a master watchmaker from Glashütte, developed the epoch-making ‘flying tourbillon.’ Unlike the traditional double-sided fixed tourbillon, the tourbillon designed by Helwig is only set at the bottom so that the tourbillon looks as if it is “flying” in the cage full of elegance. For more than 100 years, Glashütte Original has innovated and produced many beautiful “flying tourbillon” wristwatches based on inheriting the tradition and practicing the brand value concept of “proud of originality.”

Glashütte master watchmaker Alfred Helwig and his invention of the “flying tourbillon”

Pay tribute to the master, save time.

Glashütte Original Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 Alfred Helwig 1920 Tourbillon Watch-Limited Edition watch, based on the classic look jointly created by Helwig and his students at the Glashütte Watchmaking School in Germany. For inspiration, the design is classic and elegant, limited to 25 pieces worldwide.

Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 Alfred Helwig 1920 Tourbillon Watch – Limited Edition

The watch adopts sophisticated advanced technology and extraordinary craftsmanship. The case is made of rose gold, and the dial is made of pure gold, then treated with frosted silver plating. The orbital scale ring, exquisite rose gold rod-shaped hands, and inlaid hour markers give the watch an elegant and classic appearance. The famous flying tourbillon is hidden on the back of the movement to inherit the traditional style of the antique clocks of the Helweig era, low-key and elegant. Steady. The highlight of the watch is the seconds display at 6 o’clock, decorated with the words “Tourbillon” .

The rotating cage of the “Flying Tourbillon.”

Flipping the watch, you can see that in an open design cage, the balance wheel and escapement rotate smoothly around their respective axes, rotating 360 degrees per minute with precision. With this design, the tourbillon can effectively counteract gravity’s negative influence on the watch’s accuracy.

At the same time, the sunburst pattern on the barrel cover, the Glashütte column pattern on the three-quarter plywood, the blue steel screws, the screw-fixed gold chatons, and many more polished steel parts all make this watch a representative of Glashütte. The masterpiece of watch art is increasingly charming, and it has become a well-deserved masterpiece of the “flying tourbillon” watch.

Eccentric moon phase carved aesthetics.

Glashütte’s original PanoLunarTourbillon eccentric moon phase tourbillon watch combines superb craftsmanship, precision technology, and outstanding aesthetics. It is unique and is limited to 25 pieces worldwide.

The electroplated silver surface on the pure gold dial and the back of the movement is decorated with exquisite hand-engraving, flying tourbillon, hollowed-out hands, and sapphire-inlaid crown, giving the watch an elegant, refined and elegant taste and style as a whole. The intricately decorated and engraved dial adopts a unique eccentric layout, with a platinum case, the hour and minute sub-dials, and the “flying tourbillon” equipped with a small secondhand set on the left side of the dial. At the same time, the blue night sky is on the right side—the precision moon phase display as the background and the brand’s iconic large calendar display.

PanoLunarTourbillon Eccentric Moon Phase Tourbillon Watch – Limited Edition

Extraordinary products made of rare materials

As an excellent representative of European porcelain, Meissen Porcelain Factory has been producing white porcelain painted dials since 1998, exclusively for Glashütte’s original and exclusive limited edition imitation watches. The dial of the Meissen Tourbillon Mason Tourbillon watch is made of pure white and bright Mason porcelain. The shiny luster looks relaxed with a warm rose gold case and anti-glare sapphire. The glass mirror and case back make the whole watch appear elegant and artistic. The Glashütte original logo on the Mason porcelain dial, the Roman numerals, and the “Blue Sword” logo at noon were all hand-painted by Mason painters in 8 hours. The exquisite “flying tourbillon” mechanism with small seconds is located at 6 o’clock. A round hole must be cut out on the fragile porcelain plate to reveal the internal tourbillon structure. This process is carried out by the most experienced and skilled masters in the Meissen porcelain factory to retain the unique properties of porcelain and jointly create The extraordinary aesthetic qualities of the dial.

Meissen Tourbillon Mason tourbillon watch

Inheriting the long history and traditional watchmaking concepts in Glashütte (Glashütte), Glashütte Original has always been committed to carrying forward this exquisite German craftsmanship. Today, the tourbillon has become display equipment for advanced watchmaking brands’ top craftsmanship and technical capabilities. Master Alfred Hewig’s ‘Flying Tourbillon’ demonstrates the brand’s ongoing exploration of professional watchmaking and the concept of ‘proud of originality.’