Mechanical buying replica watch why need daily maintenance?

People who love the table must also have doubts about why mechanical watches need daily maintenance; some say that mechanical watches do not require maintenance; most mechanical timepieces are to repair; in fact, they need clarification on the concept of maintenance and warranty; mechanical watches need maintenance. Xiaobian today to talk with you about why mechanical buying replica watch maintenance.

The mechanical buying replica watch’s waterproof rubber ring will be aging

For the value of the mechanical watch, waterproofing is essential. Most imitation watches are waterproof, such as 30 m and 50 m, 100 m, and so on. But some are not waterproof. For a waterproof watch, first to correctly understand the meaning of waterproof depth, such as 30 meters and 50 meters waterproof is just life waterproof, that is to say, you wash your face and other splashing water is no problem. There are some, such as diving watches, waterproof, high watches that can swim and dive, but also pay attention: There are some waterproof watches such as diving watches, can swim, diving, etc., but also pay attention to some high waterproof watches, such as diving watches can swimming, diving, etc., but also should note: not wearing a sauna and a hot bath, because mat glue after cold, hot air into the sealing bag, can’t come out, cause the fog is not handled in time, caused by corrosion and rust. It can be problematic over time, even if it’s OK once or twice.

The watch is waterproof mainly by several small rubber rings, a long rubber ring will be aging, and there is a crack after losing elasticity, which can lead to water, and air inlet, so be replaced periodically; sealing the rubber ring can ensure that watch is waterproof. It is why some people just bought a buying replica watch waterproof is very good, but suddenly one day, the reason for the water. Why do we have to change them regularly? Regular replacement is more to play a preventive role; waiting until after the watch rubber ring ages is not good, but how to judge aging is a problem; one can only wait after the watch water changes.

The oil will dry up

Like a mechanical instrument used for a long time will not be flexible, so is the watch because an automatic watch can be seen as a small mechanical instrument. Traditional mechanical watches are mainly composed of four parts; the first part is the original system, the simple point is understood as we often say spring part, the second part is the transmission, the main gear, according to a specific ratio, is used for measuring time, the third part is the escapement speed regulation system, this is the heart of watches, balance wheel, and hairspring, escapement fork, These parts of the escapement wheel are very crucial, determined mainly by the accuracy of the watch. The fourth part is the pointer indicating the system. If the above is the mobile part, this part is connected to the buying replica watch, and people need to use this part to wind or adjust the time.

The operation of the whole watch the need for all systems to cooperate; how to make them smooth? Here is a demand for lubricating oil, but for a long time, the amount of oil will be reduced or dry deterioration; at this time, give the watch new oil. And if you do not provide the watch oil in time, once the oil is dry, the power system is in dry wear, and a few years down, the life of the table is too. It must be noted that mechanical watches in oil had better choose a regular maintenance center because the actual place where the formal will be strictly according to the need for the watch in oil.

Buying replica watch the appearance of maintenance

As we all know, in the second-hand market, the quality of the product is essential. And even if not in the second-hand market, the appearance of the maintenance must be addressed, especially some watches using K gold, K platinum, advanced animal skin materials, and other materials. And even if it is not in the second-hand market, the appearance maintenance must be addressed, especially in some watches with K gold, K platinum, advanced animal leather, and other materials. It should be perfect to understand, especially since some beautiful women should be more or less to their gold rings or earrings and additional jewelry cleaning; the watch is the same truth.

Leather watchband, not to mention sweat corrosion, will make the belt premature harden and crack; regular maintenance should avoid sweating and rainy period wearing a belt table. If the watch is made of a steel shell belt, often polished renovation, more can reflect its value. Because the famous brand mechanical watch is worth a lot of money, belongs to the valuables, can not because it is not good looking old doesn’t want to. Even if it doesn’t matter to you, a poor-looking watch will never look good on you. Some people may feel at home cleaning their watch is OK, but it is best to carry out special appearance maintenance within a specific time.

Mechanical table maintenance mainly extends its service life and timely discovery of problems, and we feel about the same annual physical examination. In short, we should pay attention to the mechanical buying replica watch if it has yet to be maintained; one day, it will be wrong, this is certain.