What Makes Rolex Quality Replica Watch So Accurate?

[Guide] As the saying goes, a good quality replica watch is inseparable from excellent movement. Movement is the heart of the watch. Rolex’s travel time accuracy comes from a perfect idea of the movement. The structure of the speed-regulating mechanism is reasonable. A few minor details have made Rolex reach the certification of the super observatory. The daily error of – 2/+2 seconds is quite tricky. A good watch is not accurate for a moment, but valid for a continuation; I think the reasons why Rolex is so precise and stable are the following aspects: Trimmer screw, no clamp balance wheel, 4hz frequency movement, Baoji hairspring, straddle type cycloid bridge plate, and Rolex specially made smooth oil. These details all determine the timeliness. Here are some essential points to analyze.

1) Rolex’s excellent speed-governing mechanism

Two pairs of acceptable adjustment weights

The most important thing for a quality replica watch to travel accurately and stably is the speed regulating mechanism, which includes an escapement assembly and oscillator, which shows the running speed of the replica watch, also known as the “time guard”. Rolex is well aware that any small parts in all movements are independently researched, developed, and produced by the group. Two pairs of gold weights without cardo hairspring are designed in this field. These four fine-tuning weights can adjust the speed of the pendulum wheel to achieve more accuracy. The commonly used movement is in the form of a screw knob.

Blue Parachrom hairspring

The unique blue silicon hairspring of Rolex is one of the potent symbols of Rolex. Such hairspring greatly enhances the diamagnetism of the quality replica watch and keeps accurate travel time under different temperatures.

2) Rolex’s idea of movement

Assumption of large protective bridge

The traditional idea of the movement is that the swing wheel is firmly under the splint and then firmly on one side of it. Rolex only uses the concept of crossing a sizeable protective bridge, which dramatically increases the stability of the speed-regulating mechanism. When the outside world influences it, it still keeps a stable travel time, which is also one of Rolex’s patents.

Cushioning device

Rolex has always adopted the KIF cushioning concept. It was not until 2005 that Rolex had the entire cushioning assembly of Paraflex, which was independently developed and obtained a patent. At a glance, we can find the strange features of this system. How many reasons were used to wrap the ruby firmly in it, like a spring, and the effect of absorbing internal impact has improved by 50%?

3) 4 Hz standard frequency

Watchers who can repair watches know that there is a vibration frequency in testing the performance of the movement. The more stable the vibration frequency, the more stable and accurate the travel time. The higher the other vibration frequencies, the more precise the travel time. However, the higher the wear and tear, the shorter the time for protection and care. Rolex found the most appropriate brand of 4hz frequency through testing, and the stable connection of this frequency delayed the watch’s accurate care cycle to five years.

4) Rolex’s Secret Recipe Smooth Oil

Mr. Baoji sighed: “Give me the perfect smooth oil in the world, and I can make the perfect watch.” The smooth oil is an essential part of small details. It is natural and accurate when you leave with good oil resistance and little friction. Therefore, I recommend that your quality replica watch friends send it back to the Rolex after-sales center for oil washing when recuperating. The strange smooth oil that Rolex applied for patent also makes the watch more accurate and abrasion resistant; in recent years, Rolex will improve the protection period of watches from 5 years to 10 years. I think it is also closely related to smooth oil (just a guess)

Tips Summary: a watch travel time accurate and comprehensive pneumatic dense ingredients is not precise to myth Rolex. Choosing a quality replica watch    needs to be examined in many ways, and natural is just one of them. More common sense watch can continue to pay attention to Xiaobian. Share your strengths and weaknesses in the comments.