Rolex Watch Replica Maintenance Common Sense You Know What?

Hello, everyone. Xiao Bian has met you again. Speaking of Rolex, the symbol of identity, “labor,” is always accessible. People who buy watches are pleased. The high-end is of the high class. But many people who buy Rolex, do you know how to maintain a watch replica? What should we pay attention to in daily life? Next, I will let you, “Lao people,” popularize the common sense of watches.

Watch replica Common Sense 1: Common Problems of Watch Errors:

  •  Automatic mechanical watch I (men’s watch)

The instantaneous error range of travel time is the error of superior products every 24 hours is – 20 -+30 seconds; The mistake of first-class products every 24 hours is – 30 -+60 seconds; The error of qualified products is – 50 -+90 seconds every 24 hours. The continuous travel time is no less than 36 hours.

  • Automatic mechanical watch replica type II (medium-sized watch)

The instantaneous error range of travel time is: the error of superior products every 24 hours is – 25 -+50 seconds; The mistake of first-class products every 24 hours is – 40 -+80 seconds; The error of qualified products is – 60 -+120 seconds every 24 hours. The continuous travel time shall be no less than 30 hours.

Xiaobian feels that if the error is almost the same every day, it can say that the quality of the table is better; you can go to the professional repair shop debugging, and you must go to the regular place debugging; the excellent table is not broken but repaired! Do you feel the same way?

Watch common sense 2: Precautions and maintenance for oil washing:

All watches need regular oil washing and maintenance. They are famous for their durability. Xiao Bian thinks the watch replica must do frequent oil washing and care because regular oil washing is essential to work in watch repair. The purpose of oil washing is to keep the watch parts clean and the machine parts lubricated to ensure the watch machine’s precision, improve the watch machine travel accuracy, and extend the watch machine’s service life.

Watch replica common sense 3: Treatment of watch water ingress:

  1. Method one: Table Meng Chao inside, the bottom shell outward, reverse worn on the wrist, then it will remove the water after two hours. If the water is severe, it is best to immediately send the local professional watch shop to wipe the oil, remove the movement’s moisture, and avoid parts rust, a small series of personal experiences.
  2. Method two: with granular silica gel and the watch watered into a closed container, 3-4 hours later, take out the watch replica, and the water is all gone. This method is not only simple and economical and does not have any damage or influence on the accuracy and life of the watch. The silica gel that has been absorbing water many times can be dried for several hours at 120 ° C, and the water absorption capacity is renewable and can be used repeatedly.

Here are Xiaobing’s friendship tips :(do not often take a watch, do not put the table in a humid place, also do not put around magnetic items, which will affect the watch’s accuracy. It is best to check them all so we can rest assured to avoid severe damage to the internal moving parts due to time delay. Wet weather quickly makes the watches internal oil condensation, which will produce when walking stop, slow or completely stop the phenomenon, resulting in the hardening of the waterproof ring, reducing the waterproof function. Special attention is that the sea contains salt, corrosive to the metal components, so when going out, wash the watch replica shell with fresh water to avoid corrosion.

Watch Common Sense 4: Treatment of Watch Ash:

Xiao Bian thinks that, in general, the tightness of the watch is very high, and there are two main reasons for the dust entering the watch:

  • First, check whether your watch replica cover is tight, whether there are cracks due to aging or whether it is loose with the watch case (ring). If the watch is not well sealed, it will enter not only dust but also water.
  • The second reason is internal wear because the dust on the dial does not come from the outside. watch replica into the ash, do not open the back cover cleaning promptly to the local professional after-sales shop for cleaning, but also timed to do waterproof test and travel time accuracy test, to ensure its regular operation.

At the same time, Xiao Bian thinks we should also pay attention to our watches and not touch chemicals daily. Please don’t take a bath with it to avoid water vapor to ensure its waterproof effect. Also, after adjusting the watch, remember to restore the head of the swiss models watch and tighten it to prevent dust from entering again.

Thank you for reading so patiently; Xiaobian here, thank you very much, the above hope to help you “Lao”, it is worth learning from, you have better suggestions can comment out, we learn from each other. Finally, Xiaobian said to you, love table is to understand it, cherish it!