The Second Name Of Rolex Exact Replica Watches Is “Antique”?

There are thousands of people who love Rolex exact replica watches. You must also know that Rolex has a saying about “antique labor”. If I meet antique labor that excites me and can bear it, I will not hesitate. So today, I’m sharing a detailed list of new skills to recognize the “antique labor” watch fans who must get the gist!

Ten things we need to do to buy vintage Rolex

1. Judge the authenticity of the disk

The disk surface is proper, only to continue to check the other items necessary, this is the premise, and there is no trick to this step, only meticulous inspection. Carefully observe the disc surface of the crown logo and printing words, compared with the relevant model, and through the authoritative books or pictures comparison; For example, should the crown be stereoscopic or printed? Is the crown-shaped correctly? Is the font of the line print consistent with the reference target? Is there any rewriting or face-swapping? Once this step is done, move on to the other items.

2. Determine the year of the disk

For antique workers, whether each part is the same edition directly affects its overall value. And the disc year period usually checks its luminous material can be. Different periods of bright material are qualitatively different, such as a laser used to the early 60 s tritium in use until 1998, Luminova used in early 1998-1999, and the back are the Super Luminova and Chromalight.

How to judge? Through the six-point time mark below the plate, we can distinguish. For example, early watches SWISS represent radium, T Swiss T or T Swiss T<25 embodies tritium, late exact replica watches SWISS represent Luminova, in the future is now newly installed Swiss Made.

3. Evaluate the status of the disk

If the first two items are okay, you can evaluate the status of the disk. At this stage, we can learn some exciting nouns. For example, if the dial is faded to an even brown color, the cognoscenti would say: tropical dial; And the disk surface has a uniform crack, called spider surface (spider). While only some are keen on such plates, they have their fair share of fans. The critical point of evaluation is whether the disk surface has hard damage and severe deterioration, such as stains, scratches, time labels, etc., and whether the “service dial” recognition degree of the labor service surface is low.

4. Check the table between the ears

On the top of the watch case, the table between the ear of 12 points, we can find the watch models, usually 4 to 6 digits. In Tanyi’s case, the model could be 6610 or 1016, or a five-digit 14270, then a six-digit 114270, and the current model 214270. There are also calendarless water ghosts, such as 5513/5512, to the current 114,060.

Once the model is determined, you have a relatively accurate reference target. Again, we can find the watch’s serial number between the six-point ear. From the serial number, we can roughly determine the year of production of Rolex before 2010 (after 2010 is garbled). A serial number beginning with 44 is usually a service case.

5. Check the bottom cover and movement

Usually, the lettering inside the bottom cover (if not polished off) can confirm our judgment of the previous steps. Note that the model and year shown on the bottom surface may differ slightly from the information obtained in the earlier stages as long as the model corresponding to the structure of the watch is the same. Or take the water ghost as an example, 5513 May has a 5512 lettering back cover, and the only difference between these two exact replica watches is only the latter for the Observatory certification.

In addition, some parts need to be assembled into a table immediately after production, and usually, the one-year error is understandable. Of course, opening the bottom cover can be one end of the movement; combined with the reference materials we searched, we can judge the plate path and lettering of the action.

We can also judge whether the table is open for special tools from the back cover and check whether there are traces of a violent available body. In addition to the apparent damage, such as scratches and scratches, the violent cover opening may cause deformation of the rear surface, affecting the watch’s waterproof performance. Therefore, you need to be careful when checking.

6. Check the crown

The crown, another critical component for water resistance, also needs extra scrutiny. First, check the authenticity; the height should have the word “brevet” or a double or triple lock logo. In the case of antique steel, the double lock is a horizontal bar, and the triple lock is three equal dots.

Second, you need to check whether the double-lock crown has been replaced with a triple-lock crown. Although the latter water resistance is more robust, it does affect the whole table coordination; And the latter is more significant and doesn’t match the crown shoulder of the earlier Water Ghost. Of course, we consider whether to accept according to the collection or daily needs.

7. Check the strap

For the identification of antique Rolex, a strap is a good clue. From close to the ear of the first section on the watch chain, we can find the chain type and query the production s. For example, the 7206 is a riveted belt with a link width of 20mm from the 50s and 60s, while the 7205 represents a model with a link width of 19mm.

In addition, the end chain joint (arc mouth) is also engraved with a model number, which should be appropriate for the specific watch. For example, in antique Dittona, all end chains end with 71 digits. If you are still looking for one, you can renegotiate the price.

8. Check the attachment

In the camera field, we often say: the case is complete. And in the category of antique exact replica watches, love said: extensive set. A large group is undoubtedly more collectible and reliable than a single watch. But then, is that foolproof? There’s a lot of access to antique boxes and blank documents. It’s impossible to prevent, but we can at least focus on the details we can.

For example, an antique claw with a modern green case number does not correspond to the document. Although straightforward, people may ignore these details in exciting moments. In addition, if, in addition to the warranty documents, there are other supporting documents, such as manuals, product brochures, shopping invoices, official maintenance, etc., it will be more convincing.

9. Evaluate the look

Regarding the three essential criteria for evaluating vintage swiss replica watches, connoisseurs always say Condition, Condition, and Condition. That’s fine, but phrases like “new in stock,” NOS, “unpolished” unpolished, “mint” may have gone too far. Exceptionally rough, this description has been overused. Because it is difficult to verify and has a certain degree of controversy, the foreign antique trade forum trading board has been banned.

For connoisseurs, the natural way to tell if it has been polished is to examine the case from all angles, looking for signs of polishing and sanding. Among them, the surface ear is the easiest to find clues, especially the side and the primary ear hole; if the lines are clear, it is fortunate. The second is the thickness of the ear; in most cases, the plumper, the better; we may wish to compare with the reference standard.

10. Get to know the seller

Reputable merchants, and authoritative collectors, both of which may be the most reliable antique labor sellers. We can learn more or less about the creditworthiness of the table from various forums and previous trading records, or we can consult the table directly and then make a judgment. The experience of dealing with a seller is essential. Their answers and pictures are usually a good reference and judgment basis. If something is reliable and reasonable, sellers are always willing to provide details. But it is also essential for buyers to learn to respect each other. After all, for a good business, there is no shortage of buyers.

Tips: To buy an antique Rolex, first pay attention to the plate and then obtain information from the parts; careful viewing, comparison, judgment, and careful trading, an antique watch picky a little, is a good thing. Thoserested in antique Rolex will be delighted at an early date.