Rolex “Titanium Ghost King.” Replica Watches For Sale

In early November (2022), Rolex launched a new deep-sea challenge, namely Deepsea Challenge, a model of 126067, and breaking the record with a waterproof depth of 11,000 meters, becoming the diving watches with the most profound waterproof depth in the world of famous watches. In addition, titanium shells are named “Titanium Ghost King” among the players. The public price is 203200 yuan.

But at the same time, the size of the “Titanium Ghost King” reached an impressive 50 mm and 23 mm thick, which also caused widespread controversy among the players.

Rolex "Titanium Ghost King" deep-sea challenge 126067
It is not unusual to break the diving record of Rolex's "Titanium Ghost King."

It is reasonable that Rolex’s “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge and breaking the record is good because, in history, Rolex can already reach a waterproof depth of more than 10,000 meters. However, there is no mass production or a technical verification table. They are:

In 1960, the Rolex Deep Sea Special Technology Verification Form with the submersible was 1,0916 meters at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

In 1960, Rolex dived into the Deep Sea Special technology verification table of the Mariana Trench.

In 2012, Rolex Deepsea Challenge Technical Verification Form, with the submersible, dives at 10,908 meters at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

In 2012, Rolex dived into the DEEPSEA Challenge technology verification table of the Mariana Trench.

After accumulating two major technical verified table technology for over 60 years, Rolex finally achieved mass production of a waterproof depth of 11,000 meters and began selling. This is today’s “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge.

"Titanium Ghost King" is a profound sea challenge.
Rolex "Titanium Ghost King," why can waterproof reach 11,000 meters?

The core waterproof technology of Rolex’s “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge is the Rolex patent Ring Lock system. We can see that the word Ring Lock System will be written in the “Titanium Ghost King” and the conventional version of Deepsea’s disk surface.

Rolex's profound -sea challenge, with Ring Lock.
The Rolex deep-sea challenge, luminous effect

The Ring Lock system is a unique waterproof structure of Rolex. The sapphire mirror of “Titanium Ghost King” is 9.5 mm thick. Sapphire watch lock on the “compressed steel ring” (the dial is written with the outer ring of the Ring Lock System, which is the “compressed steel ring”) and uses the titanium bottom cover. When the watch sapphire mirror is suffered from colossal water pressure, the pressure will be transmitted to the “compressed steel ring” and the titanium bottom cover. The pressure resistance of “compressed steel rings” is three times that of Rolex 904L steel; the titanium base cover has certain elasticity and can be deformable under pressure. The two are common to solve and releasing water pressure.

Rolex Ring Lock structure.

Except for the Ring Lock system, other parts of the “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge are identical to the conventional Rolex Sea and Deepsea. There is an automatic discharge valve on the side of the case, and the crown is tightly locked. Although the official labeling of the “Titanium Ghost King” is 11,000 meters waterproof, according to the water pressure test of Rolex and COMEX, the actual waterproof of the “Titanium Ghost King” can reach 13,750 meters.

It can be seen that Rolex's deep-sea challenge is 9.5 mm thick.
Why does Rolex "Titanium Ghost King" use a titanium shell?

Because of the “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge, it is too big. The size is 50 mm and 23 mm thick. If you do not use titanium, use steel shell, the weight of this table, the wrist of ordinary people, really “can’t wear it.”

The size of Rolex's "Titanium Ghost King" profound sea challenge is too large.

The “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge is the first type of mass production and sale of titanium shell replica watches for sale in the history of Rolex. Rolex’s titanium is named “RLX titanium.” Although the “Titanium Ghost King” also exposed the 42 mm titanium shell yacht’s existence, 42 titanium shell yachts were just an “experimental table” and were not officially released.

Rolex's 42mm titanium shell yacht "experiment table."

In addition to light titanium shells, another feature is high hardness. Therefore, the “titanium king” case treatment method is different from ordinary steel shells and gold shell Rolex after using titanium shells. The general Rolex is all polished on the side of the case, and the issue of “Titanium Ghost King” is brushed in large areas, and the side of the matter is also drawn, which is very rare among Rolex. The reason is that the hardness of the titanium shell is higher than the steel and gold shells, and it is difficult to polish. Therefore, the available titanium shell swiss replica watches are brushed in large areas. But one of the details is that Rolex polished the edge of the case of the “Titanium Ghost King” and the shoulders of the crown, which increased the case’s complexity. Some believe that the satisfactory treatment of titanium shells also confirms the special status of the “Titanium Ghost King” from the side and the low output.

It can be seen that the side of the case is brushed, and the edges are polished. The middle dot is an automatic row valve.

In terms of movement, the “Titanium Ghost King” uses Rolex’s new 32 series movement. It is 3230, 70 hours of power without a calendar, keen observation, daily errors+2/-2 seconds. The Rolex 32 movement, everyone is familiar, and I won’t go into details here.

The bottom cover of Rolex's "Titanium Ghost King" deep-sea challenge was written with the date 1960 and 2012.

Can Rolex “Titanium Ghost King” be called the king?

Yes, but among players, there is controversy.

In terms of performance, with 11,000 meters of waterproof depth, the world’s number one, there is no controversy.

However, due to Rolex “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge, 50 mm size and 23 mm thickness have exceeded the size of the regular watch, and there is controversy among the players.

The deep-sea challenge of Rolex's "Titanium Ghost King" is the effect of getting started; it can be seen that it is too big and too thick.

Rolex’s watch has always been suitable for wearing as a design focus. Refrain from talking about the log, the water ghost, and Di Tong. Even the Rolex Ghost King Deepsea, 3900 meters of waterproof, controls the size to 44 mm and 17 mm thick and can be worn commonly. Rolex “Titanium Ghost King” is 50 mm long and 23 mm wide. You said you could wear it hard but need to be more suitable.

Rolex "Titanium Ghost King" deep-sea challenge, the effect of getting started.

Some believe that Rolex launched the “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge to fight Omega. In March of this year, Omega launched 6000 meters of the sea and horse marine universe. At that time, it became the world’s number one with a waterproof depth of 6000 meters. Now just eight months later, Rolex defeated the 6000 meters of Omega with the waterproof record of the “Titanium Ghost King” deep-sea challenge. But the same problem is that the Omega Ocean Universe is 6,000 meters, and the size is controlled at 45.5 mm and more than 17 mm thick. Omega 6000 meters, I have also seen all versions and started. I can wear it. Some players believe the comprehensive performance of 6000 meters of Omega is even better.

Rolex "Titanium Ghost King" deep-sea challenge
Omega Sea Horse Marine Universe 6000 meters, titanium shell model.

The deep-sea challenge of Rolex’s “Titanium Ghost King” is the world’s number one in the world. This is fine, but it could be better. I hope Rolex and Omega will continue to “hegemony” and force the two sides to make better watches. This is much more wonderful than changing the “dial paint color” yearly.