Athenian Watch Launched A Hollow Tourbillon Watch Replica Blue Gold Model.

Following the essence of the contemporary design aesthetics of modern design in the 21st century is precisely what the Ulysse Nardin Athens Blast series challenges. The newly launched BLAST hollow tubular watches of the Athens watch replica blue gold model are shocking and innovative. For the first time, the flame rose gold, and the classic blue color matching of the symbol of the brand DNA.

On February 13, 2023, the Lelock Athens watch BLAST series broke through the rules and forged ahead, replacing high-end watchmaking with a new aesthetic style. The new BLAST hollow Tusso flywheel replica watches for sale are Blue gold models with edges and corners that combine the dual “X” identification elements that represent the exploration and open the door that symbolizes the future watchmaking industry.

The modern case has a hollow flying tubal movement and a silicon escapement mechanism. The unique appearance of the watch is inspired by the line design of the stealth fighter. The exquisite craftsmanship of the Athens watch is fully displayed through the fusion of different color reconciliation materials and the assembly of the strict seam components. As the source of the power of the eye, the movement repeatedly designed and developed by the master-level watchmakers at the Athens watch is perfectly integrated into the two-color case, with a firm structure and extraordinary wearing comfort.

The exquisitely presented UN-172 movement with a transparent structure and mechanical level is equipped with an automatic lane silicon flight tubal wheel, a frequency of 2.5 Hz, and equipped with 3-day power storage. The light can penetrate the hollow case and go straight into the watch, which intuitively appreciates the extraordinary technical level represented by this precision timing work. In addition, the new look keeps the unique personality design elements individual to the BLAST series:

  • Rectangular border
  • Iconic three-stage watch ear
  • Color decorative bezel
  • The vertical design of the movement of rectangular frames
  • The vertical design

At noon, the flying tourbillon is located at six o’clock.

The diameter of the case is 45 mm, and it is built with rose gold and blue PVD coating titanium components. It is polished, satin -shiny, and the waterproof depth is 50 meters. The watch is equipped with a blue velvet rubber strap, which is folded with a folding surface made of rose gold and blue PVD coating titanium.

The new BLAST hollow tourbillon watch, the blue gold model, fully highlights the innovative strength of the Athens watch. As an independent watchmaking brand that dares to break through its leading watchmaking technology and explore the unknown path, Athens has continuously promoted the development of watchmaking technology and opened a new future for clocks.