Omega Seamaster 75th Anniversary, We Launched 11 New Knockoff Watches

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of establishing the Seamaster series, Omega recently launched 11 new Seamaster series watches, distributed in 7 sub-series. These include the Aqua Terra 150, Worldtimer, Seamaster 300, Seamaster Diver 300 Special Edition, Planet Ocean 600, Ploprof 1200, and Ultra Deep 6000.

It is extraordinary that all new models use “ice blue” dials. An interesting finding is that the higher the waterproof level, the higher the gradient of the blue ice surface, just like the Ultra Deep Seamaster 6000, which has only a tiny piece of ice blue cover in the center of the dial, while the Aqua Terra Seamaster 150, which is water resistant to 150 meters, The entire disk is bright ice blue.

In addition, the bottom cover of the new watch is all designed with a dense bottom, and laser engraving or embossing technology is used for engraving the image of Poseidon holding a trident and the seahorse logo on the bottom cover.

AquaTerra Seamaster 150 Series

The Aqua Terra Seamaster 150 series has been updated with three new models, including 38mm steel and 42mm steel with rubber straps.

38mm hippocampus 150

Among them, the 38mm Haima 150 adopts the 8800 movements, and the disk surface is radial. The foreign price is 7,000 US dollars, which is about 50,000 yuan.

41mm hippocampus 150 (rubber belt)

41mm hippocampus 150 (steel belt)

The 41mm Haima 150 uses the 8900 movements, and the dial uses a classic horizontal “teak” textured surface, which contrasts sharply with the 38mm surface. The price of the steel belt model abroad is 6,600 US dollars or about 47,000 yuan. The rubber strap costs US$6,400, or about 46,000 yuan.

Worldtimer seahorse World time

The Worldtimer seahorse, world time series, has updated two products this time, and the laser ablation technology is also used to carve out the outline and color of the land. There is a 24-hour scale ring outside the inner dial to distinguish between night and day, and a blue ocean is added to match the main blue dial and blue city ring around it.

The world time on the ice blue surface looks refreshing, with the 8938 automatic mechanical movements. The price of the steel belt version abroad is 9,400 US dollars or about 68,000 yuan; the blue rubber strap version costs 9,200 US dollars or about 66,000 yuan.

Seamaster Seamaster 300

The Seamaster Seamaster 300 series updated style as a member of the Omega 300m professional diving watch in 1957. A retro minimalist style has always characterized this series.

The appearance and size of the new version have mostly stayed the same. It adopts the 8912 movements and has a diameter of 41mm. The price abroad is US$6,700, equivalent to RMB 48,000.

Seamaster Diver Seamaster 300 Special Edition

Like the Seamaster 300 series, the overall update of the Seamaster Diver 300 is minor. It is mainly reflected in the change of the color of the dial. The dial also adopts wave texture + gradient ice blue dial.

Seamaster Diver Seamaster 300 (rubber belt)

Using the 8800 movements, there are steel and rubber straps. The price of the steel model abroad is US$6,300, equivalent to RMB 45,000; the cost of the rubber model is US$5,900, equivalent to RMB 42,000.

Planet Ocean Ocean Universe 600

The most significant change in the appearance of this update is the Planet Ocean 600 series, which uses a new 39.5mm case. Compared with the original 43.5mm, it is a boon for players with thin wrists, and the thickness is also reduced to 13.9mm. Using the 8800 movements, the foreign price is 7,400 US dollars, equivalent to 53,000 yuan. Rolex replica watches.

Ploprof Hippocampus 1200 Series

As a professional-level diving watch, the Ploprof Seamaster 1200 series has also ushered in many changes. The design of the 1200’s colossal bridge guard and helium exhaust shell once dissuaded many players and should have been addressed by many people. Still, it is undeniably one of the unique dive knockoff watches.

This time its size has been reduced from 55✖48 to 55✖45, using Omega’s self-developed steel alloy, which has improved scratch resistance, wear resistance, and gloss. ‍‍‍‍‍

The gradient color in the dial’s center is more prominent, and only a tiny conspicuous ice blue is in the middle area. It uses a unique perforated blue rubber strap. The foreign price is 14,300 US dollars, equivalent to RMB 100,000. ‍

Ultra Deep Seamaster 6000 As one of Omega’s highest waterproof dive watches, the Ultra Deep Seamaster 6000 is legendary. In 2019, the Omega “Ultra Deep” watch dived to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, setting a watch deep diving record.

In 2022, Omega will apply this deep-diving technology to the new Seamaster Ocean Planet Ultra Deep 6000-meter professional diving watch, officially released to the public. ‍‍

The dial of this update is fascinating. In addition to the unique design of the dial similar to “quicksand,” the designer also prepared an easter egg for the player. When the dial is illuminated with a purple light, exciting graffiti will show the breakthrough of Omega—a 10,000-meter-deep diving feat.

As a major update of the 75th-anniversary series of Haima, is there anything you like?