How To Properly Maintain A Luxury Replica Watch

Many replica watch collectors have a common problem: how to care for many expensive watches properly. These watches are costly; if they fail due to improper daily maintenance, it is a troublesome problem. The following editor summarizes a few tips for maintaining expensive watches, hoping to help you.

Daily maintenance

1.Replica watch seal problem:

Most watches are waterproof, such as 30M, 50M, 100M, etc. There is also a part of the note that is not waterproof. Although noted is waterproof watch, but absolutely can not wear to take a sauna and hot bath, because cold pad shrink, hot air into the sealed bag, can not come out, resulting in fog is not timely treatment, resulting in corrosion, rust, so people can only wear the replica watch under normal circumstances. Watch waterproof mainly depends on a few small rubber rings; a long-time rubber ring will age and lose elasticity after a gap, which may lead to water, and air intake, so regularly replace the sealing rubber ring to ensure a waterproof watch.

2.Mechanical operation problem:

Famous watches are generally mechanical watches that rely on gears to operate. The watch will indicate how many diamonds are on the watch. This number of diamonds does not mean how many diamonds the watch has, but how many gear shafts are drilled on the replica watch. Artificial diamonds generally replace it because they are wear-resistant; the more drill holes on the watch, the longer its life. However, the watch’s gears cannot be processed with hard materials such as diamonds. It can only be made of steel as the axle. The smaller the buy replicas watch is, the thinner the axle is. The number of tens of thousands of revolutions per day depends entirely on the tiny amount in the drill hole. Oil to reduce wear, once the oil is dry, the axle is in dry wear, and after a few years, the life of this watch will come.

3.Replica watch appearance maintenance:

The appearance of famous watches is generally made of K gold, K platinum, and high-grade animal leather. Although the primary raw material of K gold is gold, the sweat on people’s hands is acidic and corroded by air. It will not be as beautiful when it is new for a long time, requiring frequent cleaning and polishing to keep the famous watch looking new. If it is K white gold, the silver-white layer on the outside will wear out over time, and the gold inside will be exposed, so it will not be as white as before. Not to mention the leather strap, the corrosion of sweat stains will cause the belt to harden and crack prematurely. Regular maintenance should avoid wearing a belt watch during sweaty and rainy periods. If the watch is made of steel, it is often polished and refurbished to reflect its value better.

Professional maintenance

As a luxury watch, it is recommended to carry out professional maintenance regularly in addition to daily care. Generally speaking, mechanical best replica watches need to be maintained once in 2-3 years in everyday use, cleaned, oiled, and tested and adjusted. Quartz watches must replace the battery every two years and maintain their movement.

The famous replica watch repair center technicians give the maintenance price of the watch after testing. I don’t think the price is unreasonable. The structure of many watches determines it, and the maintenance of watch movements of different brands is also other. The care of the general high-end watch movement ranges from 300-3000, and the time is generally one working day. Of course, it does not exclude that some watches need to be returned to the original factory for maintenance. The maintenance price of a quartz watch is 3-500 yuan.

Replica watch professional maintenance generally includes:

  • Disassemble the watch and check all parts
  • Clean and replace essential movement parts
  • Oil and adjust
  • Replace the crown if necessary
  • Replacing the bezel connection
  • Replacing the back connector
  • Routine quality inspection

Recommended time for professional maintenance of individual expensive brand watches:

  • Patek Philippe: Customers wash and refuel their watches every 3~5 years. The maintenance threshold for a simple, functional watch is about 6,000 yuan, and this price does not include the polishing cost of the strap, which costs more than 1,000 yuan.
  • Cartier: It is recommended to go to the Cartier after-sales service center to check the watch every five years. Maintenance includes movement cleaning, waterproof rubber ring replacement, etc. Leather strap products start at 3,000 yuan, and metal strap products will be more expensive due to refurbishment, polishing, and maintenance.
  • Rolex: It is recommended to carry out maintenance every four years. The maintenance fee depends on different styles. The price is about 1000~3000 yuan.
  • Omega: Customers generally enjoy a 2-year warranty after buying a watch. The period of regular maintenance is usually every 4~5 years. It is recommended that customers regularly take a year or half a year to test once. But for the care of the quotation, the other insisted that people must try the price to provide the theoretical maintenance cost and the watch price into a certain proportion.