De Bethune Launches The Db28xs Interstellar Sea Swiss Watch Replica

De Bethune always adheres to the concept of watchmaking with innovation as the core, is committed to integrating ingenuity and creativity, and pursues technological innovation, aiming to create timepieces that break the rules. De Bethune focuses on invention rather than the repetition of existing techniques. The brand-new DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch is more petite and adopts novel ideas. At the same time, it has been further improved in terms of accuracy, reliability, readability, and wearing comfort, officially opening a new era in the development of De Bethune. Chapter. The new watch is destined to go down in the history of the De Bethune brand because it marks a new stage of development in the fascinating watchmaking story that the brand founder and master watchmaker Denis Flageollet has been telling for the past 20 years.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch creates the world’sworld’s first random guilloche pattern.

The DB28 watch is the iconic Work of the brand, and the new DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch has a special meaning, so it has attracted more attention. Compared with De Bethune’sBethune’s previous works, the diameter of the new look has been significantly reduced to 39 mm. At the same time, it has followed the brand’sbrand’s unique and iconic design, creating a minor miracle – not only realizing key technological innovations but, most importantly, Redefining the superb advanced watchmaking technology with its excellent skills, injecting the watchmaking spirit of the Enlightenment Age into the 21st-century watch, and finally creating this unprecedented aesthetic masterpiece. swiss watch replica.

The creation process of the new watch is by no means a complete copy of history but the pursuit of arousing people’speople’s unique emotional experiences when facing extraordinary things. The original intention of De Bethune founder and master watchmaker Denis Flageolet is pure: he examines watchmaking traditions from an innovative perspective. He is committed to making contemporary mechanical watches a cultural wrist carrier for measuring time. replica watches review.

Proficient skills make perfect masterpieces.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch is an extraordinary feat of craftsmanship. It combines the solemnity of the timepieces of the Enlightenment Age and the precision of scientific instruments on the wrist. Its fascinating micro-mechanical structure and pleasing appearance design also vividly demonstrate the ingenuity behind it. Creativity. Behind the seemingly simple smaller size, the uniqueness of this watch and its design goes far beyond the size reduction and the way it operates.

“This project was born out of my cultural understanding between craftsmanship and objects. To create the DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch, I drew creative inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which is actually a pursuit of personal, An artistic conception of the harmonious coexistence of objects and environments.”

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch follows the brand’sbrand’s unique and iconic design.

The natural appearance design shows pure and harmonious beauty.

The wabi-sabi philosophy is a Japanese philosophy of authenticity that combines two aesthetic and spiritual principles that have historically been significant in Japanese culture. Wabi (wabi) represents the sense of abundance that people feel when appreciating the beauty of nature, implying loneliness and simplicity, accompanied by a touch of melancholy. On the other hand, Sabi is more concerned with time, referring to people’s feelings when they perceive time or human influence on things.

Inspired by the idea of wabi-sabi, Denis Flageolet longed for a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the city and found peace of mind in appreciating those things that became more beautiful with time. “We are committed to constantly exploring the possibilities of design, and despite the continuous development of industrial technology, this subtle connection between humans and nature traditionally displayed in the fields of art, literature, and craft seems to exist still and remain alive.”

The idea of wabi-sabi is comparable to Western civilization’s Greek concept of beauty and perfection. In the Japanese archipelago, this idea is not only the essence of many artistic fields, such as design and gardening but also leads the trend of simplicity and frugality. After consumerist booms and economic bubbles, the movement is coming back strong, as evidenced by the success of books on degrowth.

The quiet beauty of the world

Denis Flageolet generally knows how to stop the pace from going further. He is committed to pursuing excellence in creation and seeking perfection in imperfection. Over the past two decades, without even realizing it, these qualities have led him to shift his perspective from a culture emphasizing science and the rigorous aesthetics of the Enlightenment to a philosophy devoted to discovering the quiet beauty of the world. The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch fully embodies tranquility and peace and demonstrates the brand’sbrand’s pursuit of purity and serenity. It pays tribute to traditional art and adopts new technology to interpret the beauty of simplicity and simplicity vividly.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch demonstrates the brand’sbrand’s pursuit of purity and tranquility.

The three principles of the wabi-sabi concept interpreted by the DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch:

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch uses the world’sworld’s first random guilloche pattern to present the baked blue titanium metal corrugated dial that symbolizes the bright starry sky to show one of the three principles of the Wabi-sabi concept: the beauty of impermanence and incomplete imperfection.

Its small size, and new silver scale ring and movement interpret the second principle of the wabi-sabi philosophy: the beauty of simplicity and simplicity. Or at least a deceptively simple design because in miniaturized watchmaking that requires superb craftsmanship, this watch is undoubtedly a technological innovation, mainly reflected in the miniaturization of the DB28’s patented floating lug system.

Ultimately, the brand created a distinctive and unique watch that embodies the third principle of the wabi-sabi philosophy: the beauty of impermanence.

The passionate collision of art and science

The geniuses of the Age of Enlightenment aimed to create scientific instruments that expressed aesthetics through functionality, simple mechanics, and minimalist design. At that time, the powerful and prominent people invited skilled artisans, including cabinetmakers, bronze artisans, and enamellers such as Boulle, Caffieri, and Coteau, to transform these instruments into true works of art.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch was finally successfully released, which shows that Denis Flageollet’s team fully understands and implements the spirit of De Bethune derived from this culture. Under continuous optimization and upgrading guidance, they constantly questioned and re-examined existing skills during the creative process, relying on traditional watchmaking skills and new technologies to promote improvement. De Bethune has always adhered to this concept of continuous improvement because it is the cornerstone of the brand’sbrand’s development.

Denis Flageolet said: “Work is meaningless unless you want to make progress, and the only way to make progress is to keep questioning your assumptions. We need to keep going back to the starting point, rethinking the current Work, by changing one element , processes, and techniques to optimize, and the result is sometimes only small improvements that are difficult to detect.”

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch reveals its fascinating micro-mechanical structure.

A lighter, more shock-resistant DB28 watch

For centuries, watchmakers have eliminated external influences on timing accuracy by placing timing mechanisms on towers, tables, and universal joints. As timekeeping accuracy improved, people began to aspire to wear these timepieces. To ensure that these timepieces maintain outstanding timekeeping accuracy in various extreme wearing environments, they must be able to withstand the effects of shock, acceleration, and magnetic fields. However, these issues require dedicated research and are closely related to the smaller design of watches. The DB2005 movement has been optimized and adjusted to meet the needs of this miniaturization design trend without compromising its excellent timekeeping accuracy. Even better, the lighter design improves the watch’swatch’s response efficiency in the face of acceleration shocks.

Regarding aesthetic design, choosing blue is not just for considering visual beauty. On the one hand, blue symbolizes the wisdom and tranquility of the sky, the sea, and the entire universe, echoing the wabi-sabi philosophy that inspired this watch; on the other hand, blue has great technical value in De Bethune’sBethune’s mechanical watches. In fact, during the development of the new De Bethune balance wheel, Denis Flageolet, initially attempting to solve the technical problems of stability and precision, created a ground-breaking new oscillator whose color combines the white metallic paint of palladium with titanium. Metallic vivid blue. Since then, this blue color that emerged in technological innovation has become a central symbolic element of the brand. Through the reflection and refraction of light, this color can shine brightly on different materials and finishes, creating endless subtle tonal changes.

The DB28xs Interstellar Sea watch echoes the concept of wabi-sabi with a blue dial.

The purpose of De Bethune is to continue the relentless pursuit of impeccable precision and stunning aesthetic design by the great watchmakers of the 18th century. Using the latest achievements of modern science and technology, the various teams of the brand are committed to finding unique and innovative efficient solutions. For over 20 years, De Bethune has always adhered to this principle: to create excellent timepieces that inherit the watchmaking tradition while integrating modern mechanical, technical, and aesthetic innovations.