Blancpain Understands Her, Betty Fiphit, And Marilyn Monroe Replica Watches Usa.

Marilyn Monroe

The legendary superstar of the Hollywood Golden Age

She is not just synonymous with sexy and beautiful.

It is also independent, romantic, and wise.

World Pioneer female producer

You don’t know her

Squeeze the actor for the traditional film factory.

Among the mainstream film and television works at that time

Tired of a shallow portrait of female characters

She founded an independent production company.

Promote the right to speak for women to grasp their careers.

She has always pursued spiritual self-sufficiency.

Keep a sober self in the complex Hollywood.

Although always sing “Diamond is the best friend of girls.”

But the romantic, romantic, and transparent Monroe rarely owns jewelry.

And Blancpain Blancpier cocktail watch

It is her most unique treasure.

This Monroe’s third husband, Arthur Miller

Gifts customized to Blancpain

Witness her romantic love for him.

It has contributed to a great friendship.

The tacit understanding deep in the soul

Switzerland in the 20th century

Women still have the right to be universal.

And Betty Ficht not only became

The first female head of the Blancpain history

It is also the first female head in the history of the world to watch

She uses her life course.

Show the possibility of another life for women of contemporary women.

She respects the ability and needs of women to appreciate the beauty of machinery.

Use a uniquely female perspective.

The mechanical movement and watch of the exclusive female

Designers think that female replica watches usa create a more elegant appearance.

I learned that Monroe would become the owner of the custom jewelry watch.

Betty is fascinated by creating this classic cocktail watch timepiece.

And give a letter to Monroe at any time.

“Dear Monroe, your beauty and courage

Encourage and lead women all over the world,

May this shining treasure box remember your best private time “

This letter is Betty’s praise of Monroe’s independent personality.

It is a reflection of the two people together.

Legendary return

In 2016, Blancpre

Take back this cocktail watch that belongs to Marilyn Monroe.

Create a rectangular case with platinum.

The layout of the natural square micro-movement layout

It is better to highlight the aesthetics and skills of high watchmaking than everyday circular movements.

Two olive-shaped cut diamonds and 71 round cut diamonds

In an unparalleled way

Perfect elegant romance with the avant-garde guard

Each inner desire

Every true self

It’s worth being discovered and respected.

In 2022 Belobe officially renamed the women’s series “Ladybird Women’s Series.”

It is to commemorate Betty Fishte.

She is in the name of independence, romance, and wisdom.

Delivery to create a unique design for women,

Elegant beauty and complex watch mechanisms with a beautiful fusion of timepieces

Since then, the new era of high-end women’s fake watches

Blancpain ladybird women’s series of memorable moments

Ms. Ladybird, a Blancpain lady who came out in 1956

The slightest mechanical movement of the first exclusive woman

The first lady’s automatic listing watch rolls

Auto-chain watch that controls time

Ladybird Women’s Series Moon Beauty Moon Moon Watch 3663

Ready for the complex function of high-level watchmaking skills

Ladybird Women’s Series Diamond Ball Colorful Watches 3660

Select the actual jewelry watch of pure shining diamonds.

Betty knows women’s ultimate pursuit of mechanical beauty.

Monroe appreciates the infinite romance of the Blancpain Watch.

The origin of Blancae and Monroe

In a unique way

Combining female charm, unique creativity, and charming temperament, inheritance, and blooming

I walked for more than half a century.

Two legend women

It was still shining deep in time.