Tudor Is Far More Powerful Than You Imagine Best Swiss Replica Watches

Having long been regarded as “Rolex’s younger brother,” the Swiss luxury watch brand Tudor seems to have been living in the shadow of Rolex.

With the same founder, Hans Wilsdorf, in the 1930s, in the European region centered on the United Kingdom, the price of Rolex was generally high, and many people needed help to afford the high cost of Rolex.

To grasp the market, Hans Wilsdorf decided to create a watch with a quality comparable to Rolex but at a more affordable price, and Tudor came into being.

Named “TUDOR,” the name translates to “Tudor Dynasty.” The early Tudor watch had a very distinctive Rolex atmosphere. It used the Rolex crown logo and shared parts with Rolex, even including the movement.

Because the design style is similar and positioned as practical and durable, in the eyes of many people, it is customary to think of the Tudor watch as a “little Rolex.”

When it comes to Tudor’s absolute separation from Rolex, it needs to be traced back to the Basel exhibition in 2012. People at that time were surprised to find a new pavilion next to the Rolex pavilion, an independent pavilion dedicated to Tudor.

So far, Tudor has become independent from Rolex and has gradually emerged in sports watches. In the same year, Tudor launched the Qicheng Biwan diving watch 79220R with the iconic ax needle, which is the kind of “little red flower” in the mouth of watch fans.

Completely different from the previous Rolex style, the appearance of the “little red flower” is highly recognizable. Later, the “little blue flower” and “little black flower” were launched successively, and Tudor-style watches began occupying people’s sight.

Since 2015, Tudor has launched two mass-produced self-produced movements, MT5612 and MT5621, and applied them to the leading and extreme best swiss replica watches.

Among them, the advent of MT5621 made Tudor show a performance level similar to Rolex’s. Certified by COSC, it is equipped with a two-way automatic winding rotor with dynamic storage of up to 70 hours and a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Because it is equipped with a balance wheel control with a silicon hairspring and fixed by horizontal splints on both sides, it has excellent shock resistance.

After 2016, Tudor no longer used rose flowers on the Qicheng Biwan dial but uniformly used Tudor shields, and the design elements of rose flowers were only kept on the crown.

Developed to this day, Tudor has become a leader in the 30,000-level selection. Both durability and practicality, rich in the spirit of inheritance and constantly integrated into modern design, today’s Tudor has become the choice of more and more people.

Tudor will present many new products at the 2023 ‘Watches and Miracles Haute Horlogerie Fair. In addition to continuous improvement in performance, and all of them are online, I want to make people all in.

First, what must be introduced is the highlight of this year- the third-generation Black Bay Biwan watch. Continuing the original burgundy bezel, the new Biwan has reduced the thickness of the case. It adopts a black dial decorated with sunburst patterns and the iconic snowflake hands. Many small changes have been made in shape so it looks more three-dimensional and compact.

Of course, the most eye-catching place is the movement. It has MT5602-U self-winding movement, dynamic storage for 70 hours, and waterproofing 200 meters.

More importantly, it has obtained the precision timepiece certification of the METAS Master Observatory. The travel time accuracy can reach within 0/+5 seconds and effectively resist the strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss. You must know that this is a configuration that even Rolex has yet to use.

In addition, Tudor also brought a new Biwan 54 watch in the field of diving luxury replica watches.

The size design of 37mm is simply the gospel for us Asians. Equipped with MT5400’s self-produced movement, it provides 70 hours of dynamic storage and 200 meters of water resistance.

Coupled with the appearance design of the first diving watch model 7922, which is almost faithfully reproduced, it is full of retro feeling. It is a series that watch fans who pursue small size and quaint feel can close their eyes.

Another new Tudor Greenwich watch is refreshing enough just in appearance.

The protein-colored dial is paired with the red and blue GMT outer ring, and the unique color contrast effect has a high degree of recognition. After the electroplating process, the deal presents a white-gray matte texture, and it can also faintly flash silver luster as the light changes. The surrounding hour markers have been deepened and decorated with robust luminous paint, which can provide an authentic reading experience even in dim environments.

Equipped with MT5652 movement, which Tudor specially develops for the GMT-Master, it combines multi-time zone function and retrograde date. With COSC certification, 70-hour dynamic storage, design, and performance are comprehensive.

As for this year’s hot “salmon color” dial, Tudor also applied it to its royal series.

The color is pink and orange. The color saturation called “salmon pink” used by Tudor is not high. It has a little gray tone, so it can present a softer visual effect and look warm. And retro.

At the same time, the Royal series also added a choice of chocolate dials this year. Using unique gold steel material can highlight the atmosphere and elegance of the dark brown tone dial.

As for the central Black Bay 31/36/39/41 watches, although Tudor has not made too many changes, it has added three dial designs of blue, charcoal gray, and champagne to the dial selection, so they are available for selection. The watch styles are more abundant.

There is a saying in philosophy called, “look at things from the perspective of development,” and it is the same for the watch industry.

From relying on Rolex, it has grown into an independent Swiss watchmaking brand in just over ten years. When looking at Tudor today, we can no longer use the label “Rolex’s xxx” to summarize it.

Reject the enduring vision; look back at the performance of Tudor in recent years; you will find that it not only has a self-produced movement and a highly recognizable design but also has a price advantage compared to watches of the same level.

Tudor is undoubtedly an underestimated watch brand and far more powerful than you imagine.