Blancpain’s New Ladybird Women’s Series Diamond Prom Colorful Best Replica Watch Site

When spring triggers inspiration, and everything is full of colors, Blancpain started a creative game of “color combination,” renewing the brand’s two classic and timeless diamond prom women’s watches-the moon phase complication watch and the small seconds best replica watch site. The unforgettable “beauty mole” moon phase face and the delicately rotating small seconds dial, surrounded by precious metals and diamonds, fit right into the dazzling halo of the Ladybird women’s diamond ball dazzling jewelry watch middle.

The sun is growing brighter, calling loudly for color. We selected the most exquisite colors in the wardrobe. We matched them with the Blancpain Ladybird Women’s Diamond Prom Colorful Watch and put on “new clothes and new clothes,” blooming colorful and dazzling light in the sun. Two new works——Diamond Ball Moon Goddess Watch and Diamond Ball Small Seconds Watch, present timeless time with delicately textured mother-of-pearl dials. On the mother-of-pearl dials are 70 4C-standard VVS-level pure, flawless, and beautifully cut diamonds. Choose diamonds to guard the flow of time. After a “color game,” the Roman numerals and strap change to midnight blue, malachite green, forest green, dreamy purple, or turquoise green, harmoniously blending with the precious red gold or white gold materials.

Blancpain Ladybird Women’s Diamond Ball Small Seconds Watch 3661

Blancpain Ladybird Women’s Diamond Ball Moon Goddess Watch 3662

When you look closely at the dial, you will find a subtle asymmetry, creating a visual experience that breaks the traditional sense of balance. All the elements on the dial have irregular gradients, whether the Roman numerals or the precious metal rings surrounded by diamonds. And this design is also applied to the moon phase display and small second-hand display area. The beauty of this “moving in stillness” design has become a signature expression of the diamond prom colorful watch to highlight its personality.

The Blancpain Diamond Prom colorful watch highlights the signature expression of personality, creating a visual experience that breaks the traditional sense of balance.

The brand-new Ladybird Women’s Diamond Prom Colorful Watch is made of VVS diamonds, inlaid with 138 brilliant diamonds over 2 carats. The 34.9 mm diameter case is the main “space” for carrying and expressing the beauty of diamonds—59 them Diamonds shine on the bezel, lugs, and crown, achieving a pleasing and luxurious proportion on the wrist. When Blancpain created the Diamond Ball series, it used colors and diamonds to interweave to express the beauty of women. It insisted on the high-end jewelry inlay process where each parameter must be finely adjusted by hand, and it was hand-polished and highly polished with advanced watchmaking techniques. The precious metal sash of diamonds makes diamonds over 2 carats burst into flames several times, and “beauty and light” finally coexist harmoniously with “advanced watchmaking.”

The new Ladybird women’s series diamond prom dazzling watch uses VVS-grade diamonds.

The new Ladybird Diamond Ball works are equipped with pure mechanical movements: the goddess watch is fitted with 1163L conditioning, and the small second’s watch is equipped with 1163 movement; both have a power reserve of up to 4 days and are equipped with anti-magnetic silicon hairsprings, aims to create a unique, precise and worry-free wearing experience for independent, romantic and intelligent noble women. Due to fine polishing, every component is a functional necessity and worthy of aesthetic consideration. The gold oscillating weight of the Diamond Ball watch is decorated with a circular hollow pattern, which echoes the dial design positively and negatively. Every time it is turned over and played, it can confirm that Blancpain is a genuine “advanced watchmaking” brand.

Diamond Ball Small Seconds 3661 Front and back of the 1163 movement equipped

The front and back of the 1163L movement are equipped with the Diamond Ball Luna to watch

Both pure mechanical movements have a power reserve of up to 4 days and are equipped with anti-magnetic silicon hairsprings.

Gold oscillating weight with circular openwork

About Ladybird

The Ladybird women’s collection shows Blancpain’s pioneering role in the history of women’s watches. Whether it is the first self-winding ladies’ watch that came out in 1930, or the minor circular mechanical movement at that time, which was born in 1956 on the ladybird watch, and the exquisite and modern contemporary design that continues to this day: Blancpain Ladybird women’s clothing series all reflect the brand’s enthusiasm for advanced watchmaking and extraordinary quality.

The glorious history of Blancpain women’s watches is inseparable from the firm determination of the then-brand leader, Ms. Betty Fiechter. Betty became brand manager in the early 1930s and became the first watchmaker—a female company executive. Betty’s ingenuity and foresight paved the way for Blancpain to enter the field of jewelry and replica watches review, which greatly enhanced Blancpain’s international reputation.