Rado Swiss Radar Watch, Best Replica Watches Review

Tracing back more than 300 years of watch development history, metal materials have always occupied the mainstream position. However, the world-renowned Rado Swiss radar watch insists on continually exploring ceramic materials. As a “material master” in the watchmaking industry, Rado is one of the first brands to develop and use high-tech ceramic materials, and its history of getting involved in ceramic materials can be traced back to the 1980s. As early as the 1960s, Rado started with hard metals and explored how to make “hard-wearing” watches. The first watch in the brand’s history to use hard metals, DiaStar Diamond Star Series No. 1, was born. 1986, the Integral precision ceramic series watch with a high-tech ceramic watch chain was born, and Rado began exploring high-tech ceramic watches. As one of the most ideal watchmaking materials, high-tech ceramics have the characteristics of light texture, anti-wear, anti-allergic, and non-fading. Today, Rado is bringing the art of high-tech ceramics into a new era.

High-tech ceramic watch case production process

Start with the original intention and create a new trend.

In 1962, DiaStar Diamond Star Series No. 1, the first watch made of hard metal, came out. This landmark watch integrated a wear-resistant hard metal case with a sapphire glass mirror to create a look that is not prone to wear and tear. These materials were exceptional in the early 60s, and the production of these materials required huge innovations in themselves. The birth of this extraordinary and unique watch has laid the foundation for Rado’s innovation in materials and design. Best replica watches review.

DiaStar Diamond Star Series No. 1

High-tech ceramics, pioneering and innovative benchmark

In 2011, Rado developed and launched the one-piece high-tech ceramic case for the first time, again setting a new industry benchmark for the high-tech ceramic watchmaking field. The simple design structure of the one-piece suit subverts the traditional form of the high-tech ceramic case in the past. It endows the ceramic watch with a light and thin texture, which interprets Rado’s brand concept of continuous innovation. Since then, Rado watches have widely used one-piece high-tech ceramic cases. Today, Rado introduces high-tech ceramics, ultra-light high-tech ceramics, plasma high-tech ceramics, colored high-tech ceramics, and Ceramos metal ceramics into its series of products full of design sense, using its breakthrough and innovative Carve out an art world dedicated to “high-tech ceramics.” Swiss models replica watches.

One-piece high-tech ceramic case

In 2020, Rado’s first square watch with an integrated high-tech ceramic case, the Square series watch, was born, incorporating the brand’s classic square rounded corner design and durable high-tech ceramics. The look, with the automatic mechanical hollow movement of materials and excellent craftsmanship, embodies the watchmaking ingenuity and endless creativity of the Rado Swiss radar watch.

TrueSquare series “White Fang” open-core mechanical watch

TrueSquare series hollow mechanical watch “Wu Shuangbai”

TrueSquare Real Me series hollow mechanical watch “Wu Shuang Black”

Plasma ceramic technology shines with blazing light.

Although many achievements have been made due to high-tech ceramic watches, the Rado Swiss radar watch is still active. Still, it has launched a deeper exploration of “material.” The birth of the plasma high-tech ceramic watch is a new attempt by the brand. This material has an attractive metallic look while retaining its high hardness, resistance to wear, lightness, and hypoallergenic. Plasma ceramics can withstand temperatures approximately four times the sun’s surface temperature. It can be said to be sublimated in the “hot,” which once again demonstrates the superb skills of watchmakers. Among them, the TrueSquare series hollow mechanical watch “Unparalleled Gray” and the Captain Cook series skeleton watch “Blazing Cook” are representative watches made of this material.

True Square real self series hollow mechanical watch “peerless gray.”

Captain Cook Captain Cook series high-tech ceramic hollow watch “Blazing Cook”

Ceramos Cermet continues to write a new chapter in the legend.

To explore more possibilities of high-tech ceramics, Rado Swiss radar watches have taken great pains to improve the “solid core” of materials, so the innovative composite material Ceramos cermet came into being. It has the hardness characteristics of ceramics and the luster and toughness of metal alloys. The titanium carbide content of about 90% makes it lighter than hard metals, and its unique tone and brightness make it special. The representative new works of this material, the 60th-anniversary DiaStar Original series watch and the newly launched DiaStar Original series hollow watch write a new chapter in the legendary story of “not easy to wear.”

DiaStar Original 60th Anniversary Edition

DiaStar Original Diamond Star Founding Series Skeleton Watch

Symphony of high-tech ceramics, step into the colorful garden.

With a solid core and a dazzling appearance, Rado Swiss radar watches did not forget to expand the colorful possibilities of “high-tech ceramics” – thus, colored ceramics were born. The Rado TrueThinline series World Garden cooperation watch reflects natural and bright colors, allowing vitality and style to bloom on the wrist. It is colorful and breaks through the thicker appearance of metal watch cases. The Rado True Thinline series world phantom watch uses a high-tech ceramic case of no more than 5 mm thickness. It is thin and light, highlighting the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship. From the early classic black and white tones to today’s rich and colorful, the “material master” Rado Swiss radar watch gives the watch a richer look and feel, showing more possibilities for the eye.

Authentic Thinline World Garden Cooperation Watch

Accurate Thinline series fantasy limited edition watch

The “Material Master” Rado Swiss radar watch has spanned half a century, developing and exploring. With its top ceramic watchmaking technology in the industry, it continues to explore more possibilities of materials. In the future, Rado will also forge ahead to create more fantastic watch series and bring more timepieces with both design and practicality to most watch lovers.