Use super-luminova®pointer,imitation Breitling easy for night watching

2017 years, in the Centennial Super Ocean Culture series of the anniversary of the advent of the brand of the series has been redesigned. In addition to the appearance of the case, disk elements, and other changes in the use of a new movement. After the introduction of this remarkable time meter, it has been warmly sought after by the watch-lovers and became a popular watch in the brand. 2018years, the brand again for the Super Marine Culture second generation series inject fresh blood, the introduction of a new super ocean second generation of time Code table, in the continuation of the series of landmark design, but also adopted some in the 2017 year of the new improvement , equipped with brand-made B01 timing Movement, is a simple and pragmatic exercise-style luxury wrist watch. Let’s take a look at the White Panel section below for an example: (Watch Model:AB0162121G1S1) We are a website that specializes in customizing imitation Breitling watches.

imitation Breitling
imitation Breitling

The first Super Ocean watch started in 1957 years, and the watch, built as a professional diver, was loved by amateur divers and deep diving enthusiasts for its superior performance and unique appearance. Subsequently, the brand retains the essence of the original watch in the Super Marine Culture series and blends it with the classic appearance and cutting-edge technology. In the 2017years after the year, the brand in accordance with the modern aesthetic and demand, the series again to design, but also carefully retained the watch highly recognizable features. At the same time for the classic form to inject the vitality of the times, but also the practical and aesthetic upgrade to become the contemporary watch enthusiasts eye-catching ideal choice.

This new product’s diameter is mm , the shell body is made from the stainless steel material, and the polishing finishes, enhances the texture and the impression, very beautiful. This time, the watch’s important innovation is carrying a new steel ring, and equipped with a hard, scratch-resistant and Super seismic High-tech ceramic ring, adding to the durability of the watch and practicality. It is worth mentioning that the bezel cancels out the ring of metal around the minute tick ring, making the bezel and the dial more visually fused, highlighting the overall aesthetic effect. The two stainless steel timing buttons and the crown are located on one side of the wrist watch, and also after polishing, bring a first-class feel, whether it is time debugging or timing operation are very convenient.

As the biggest bright spot of the new product, the Panda’s time plate added to the new century spirit Super Marine culture second generation chronograph table more attractive. Three contrasting functional discs at 3 ,6 and 9 o ‘ clock locations, corresponding to minutes, Hour time and small second disk three times conventional function, do not have the classic mechanical beauty. The super-luminova® luminous portion of the triangular hour and the diamond minute hand, and the tapered hourly tick end, is easy to view at night. Between the four or five points of the plate, there is a calendar display window, for this classic disk surface to add practical features.

Through the back through the cover, the Hundred -year spirit self-made movement will be vividly in front of the eyes, do not have a mechanical charm. The movement is equipped with a longitudinal clutch system and provides power storage for the watch over an hour. Certified by the Swiss Official observatory (COSC) To ensure the timing function and the precise operation of the routine travel time. In addition, this watch has the waterproof depth of meters, can be static and dynamic settings, I believe that both formal and casual dress can be easily steered. Pin-Buckle Black aero Classic Classic rubber strap, comfortable texture, sunny. Clasp on the logo with a brand name pattern, the display of the century-exclusive style.

New century Spirit Super Marine culture second generation chronograph not only will the hot “panda dish” into the design, a more condensed history of the centuries-old Ocean culture series, the introduction of back-penetrating design of the case and the brand of the B01 homemade movement, is a very worthy of the daily wear exercise wrist watch. Like its friends, may wish to pay more attention to it.

Finally, let’s take a look at the circumstances under which wearing imitation breitling most susceptible to magnetic field effects? Temporary will be engaged in the production or operation of electronic equipment professionals to include the greatest risk groups. Of course, there have been complaints about their own watches are often magnetic, and the cycle, the brand maintenance division to give the analysis is a luxury car configuration is relatively high, the number of speakers in the car reached the, plus he usually likes to put the table in the car, resulting in repeated magnetic conditions occur. The previous article has mentioned that playing Mahjong is also easy to make the wrist watch magnetic, because the automatic Mahjong machine card function is based on strong magnetic effect, until a circle of mahjong played, the wrist watch by the magnetic process has been completed almost.

How to Judge imitation Breitling is magnetic? What should I do with it? The easiest way is to go straight to the regular watch repair shop. Of course, there is also a relatively simple way to refer to: With a fully functional compass flat, and then close the wrist to the compass, in the process each circle will remember to change the direction of the watch, if the compass needle move, then the movement components are magnetic. Once the watch has been determined to be magnetically magnetized, the process is degaussing. Have a certain ability of the table friends can buy degaussing device, more secure approach is of course to help brand after-sales service point degaussing.

imitation Breitling
imitation Breitling

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