With So Many Famous Reddit Replica Watches, Why Is Rolex The Most “Sturdy And Durable”?

If you ask what kind of impression Rolex has left on us, apart from being famous, it should be durable. Everyone knows that Rolex is of good quality and not prone to problems. Why are there so many favorite watch brands? Everyone makes reddit replica watches, but Rolex is the only one whose quality is excellent and recognized by the world. Many reasons determine this. Today, let’s talk one by one.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 126000

1. Rolex does not make complicated watches, and the functions and styles correspond one by one.

Rolex has never made an actual complex watch since ancient times. Rolex has never done the three primary complex functions of traditional Swiss watchmaking, minute repeater, tourbillon, and perpetual calendar. Although some data show that Rolex has relevant patents in complicated reddit replica watches, Such as tie rods and constant force devices, it has yet to be put into production.

Rolex yacht jelly bean ring full of stars 116695

The most complicated watch in Rolex history is the full-calendar moon phase watch (Weeks, calendars, months, phases of the moon), which was represented in the 1950s by 6062 and 8171; Skywalker), the annual calendar and timetable, nothing more. Otherwise, it is a “simple table”. There are only simple hour, minute, and second hands, or add a calendar, clock, etc. The more complicated the watch, the easier it is to go wrong. Even if it is a Longines 8-pin full-calendar moon phase, eight hands, two windows, and a moon phase, they all turn on the dial. Rolex is simple. A calendar, rubbing hands, Calendula, and Rolex, will not give you this opportunity.

Rolex Full Calendar Moon Phase 6062
Rolex Full Calendar Moon Phase 8171

Furthermore, each series of Rolex strictly implements a sequence corresponding to a professional function and does not go out of the circle. For example, Daytona is an experienced timekeeper, a function of timekeeping, and there is no additional calendar; Greenwich is a two-place time watch, a two-place time hand, and a calendar; the journal is a formal luxury dress, just a calendar, nothing else. Relatively simple functions are the foundation of Rolex’s durability.

Rolex Skywalker

2. Unified watch structure and production method.

Rolex reddit replica watches, all of which use the same watch construction (except for Cellini), use an Oyster case. Whether it’s a diving watch Submariner, Dayton chronograph watches Daytona, formal log type, or a weekly calendar. The main structure of the matter is the same.

Rolex Green Ghost 116610LV
Rolex Daytona 116519

The Oyster case, the core structure of a Rolex watch, was invented in 1926 (a technology in which the bezel, crown, and bottom cover are all locked in the middle case). The Oyster case shape of modern Rolex was established in the 1940s and 1950s. Today, over 70 years, there has been no essential change, only fine-tuning. All the problems that should be solved have been solved, and the mature ones cannot be more mature. In addition, the basic structure of all reddit replica watches is the same, so it is difficult for you to make it go wrong.

Rolex Oyster case body
Rolex Oyster case

Rolex is produced industrially, and most of the processes are completed by machines. The dial assembly, movement assembly, etc., are all done manually. There is not a lot of manual participation, and there is not too much detailed and complicated parts grinding and assembly (complex functional parts, etc.), which reduces the chance of problems.

The Rolex 4130 automatic chronograph movement is being assembled.
Day calendar dial mounted crown

3. All components are self-produced and do not depend on suppliers.

Rolex is one of the few “top-to-bottom integration” luxury watch brands in the world of luxury reddit replica watches. What does it mean? Rolex starts from metallurgy and steelmaking raw materials to the case, dial, movement, and bracelet. A watch goes up and down, from the inside to the outside, all produced by itself. Rolex has a complete set of industrial chains. Like Rolex, there are very few famous watch brands in the world of favorite watches that can control the production of all parts by themselves and do not rely on the outside world. Most famous watch brands need to rely on external suppliers to provide components. For example, you need to buy the dial from a particular dial factory and the movement from a movement factory.

Rolex produces gold cases

Rolex’s “top-to-bottom integration” is all self-produced. The advantage is that it can control the quality of all links and components without compromise. At the same time, you can put forward your quality control and quality standards. For example, the waterproof test of Rolex diving watches is different from that of ordinary famous watch brands. It is reported that the waterproof of Rolex needs to be pressure tested and tested in natural water to see if there is any water vapor infiltration. Out of about 1,000 Rolexes tested, one will fail. For other watch brands, there is no such intensity.

A Rolex Date just underwent a water resistance test

At the same time, everyone is familiar with Rolex’s super observatory standard. The standard is an error of +2/-2 seconds per day. It is the highest travel time standard in the world of famous reddit replica watches, and no travel time standard published by any brand exceeds the Rolex Super Observatory.

Rolex is selling the green tag of the Super Observatory

4. The operation mode of the foundation.

Rolex is not a listed company. Rolex belongs to the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. The foundation’s business form also has a subtle and positive impact on watch quality. Most of the famous watch brands are listed companies.

Rolex Rainbow Circle Week Calendar 18058

The foundation’s operation prevents Rolex from being affected by shareholders and short-term interests. As we can see, Rolex will not say that this year the tourbillon is famous, and our Rolex will also come up with a tourbillon; Everyone knows that the replacement of Rolex is very slow, and even in 10 or 20 years, only minor adjustments and changes are made. For example, Rolex’s first self-produced automatic chronograph movement 4130, which came out in 2000, launched the Daytona 116520. Established in 2016, the Rolex Daytona 116500 that is now on sale is just an upgrade to a ceramic ring, the movement, etc. In other parts, no change. In contrast, other famous watch brands update new models twice a year or launch various special and limited editions.

Rolex Daytona 116520
Rolex Daytona 116500

Because there are indeed famous swiss fake watches with new “turnovers”. For example, a particular brand replaced a hairspring made of new materials and vigorously promoted it. The slow style change of Rolex will not cause quality problems due to the application of large-scale new processes and new technologies.

Rolex red and black circle 16710

The above four significant factors have created Rolex's "sturdy and durable". But it is divided into two; behind the "sturdy and durable" is that the watch is entirely satisfactory, without outstanding technical and technological characteristics. Therefore, choosing Rolex's "sturdy and durable" or selecting the complex functions and specialized craftsmanship of other famous watches, different players will make different choices.